Killer7 – Reign of Destiny

Action, Adventure… might laugh at some parts….maybe.


Every good story has one.

The Irish descendant sat in the beautifully lit restaurant. "It feels nice to be able to stretch my legs again." He groaned as he looked up to noticed a waitress holding his drink that he'd previously ordered.

"Thank you miss." The man smiled politely, for him, it had been something new, but the women didn't take much to it as she walked away.

"This isn't so bad, feels weird though, I've always worked alone when I had others to help me. Guess this is true independence. From Union7, to Blackburn, to Assassin, always someone there. But, I've never truly worked others right? Everything I did was alone, I fought alone, worked alone, died alone. I can't remember much, though. I remember one thing though. I remember fighting some dead guy, yeah, he was hung in a gymnasium, and he had a golden gun too!" He almost muttered out loud. "He started to make noises as if a smile had possessed his dead body. I shot at him until his dead body swung, then….then….his pants freakin' flew off. Ahh what the hell. That was a bad memory, because either he was damn smile, of he had one monstrous ass STD. Tch, no point looking into it. I give myself a damn nightmare like that….shit." The man reached up to grab his drink. He clutched it in his right hand; cold water sweat ran down it onto his fingers. The feeling relaxed him as he lifted it up to drink, forgetting the cold world in around him. He looked up to see art on the ceiling. "Fancy" He thought. He bought his head down to see something that wouldn't ruin all this for him but steadily, and maybe completely, bring down his whole evening. He saw a very familiar woman in a full red dress, she had definitive brown hair and unforgettably cute puppy dog eyes, and she was obviously Asian. The man almost choked up his drink as she walked over to his lone table, she sat.

"Dan" She let out toward the Irish, assuming the man was the one she once knew. She was right.

"Kaede." The Irish, Dan replied. "Seeing you here is no surprise."

"This is where it started, and where it ended." She let coldly replied back.

Hope you enjoyed it. There should be more soon. Tell me what you think!