Deep inside Ruggsville Asylum for the Mentally Ill was a girl. Her hair was greasy and disheveled, covering her eyes. Her lips were in the shape of a faint smirk. She licked her chapped and dry lips and her whole body shook.

Her shaky hands reached up and scratched her head. She pulled her hand back and clawed and the walls. The white walls had stains of blood on them. Same goes for the floor and the sheets on the bed. All covered in red. A bandage was lying next to the bed.

The girl's body was still shaking. Her arm had dried blood and ink on it. She raised her arm up and licked off the ink and blood, she stared and the tattoo she had received the day before. It was a clown crying, it was shaded giving it a more dramatic look.

The door to her padded room opened, making the girl instantly draw her arm back. She hid her arm underneath her white and blood stained shirt. The nurse took a look at the chart, then back at her.

There was a picture of a girl, 18 or 19, in the photo the girl had soft brown wavy hair, full pink lips, a cute button nose, and steel blue eyes. Her skin was tan thanks to the sun's UV rays. She was wearing a blue t-shirt and a pair of daisy dukes with cowboy boots. Underneath the picture were her facts.

Name: May Lynn

Birthday: June 13, 1959

Birth place: Unknown

Family: Unknown

Found: In a Warehouse smothered in blood, lying over the body of Denis Williams. The corpse had a guitar string around it's neck, May was laughing and screaming, "Not the fastest rabbit!"

Notes: Aggressive, very violent, somehow sneaks in dangerous weapons. No visitors. Confessed to killing more then 23 people.

Patient since: October 24th.

The nurse shuddered and glanced up, May had disappeared. Her eyes widened in shock. She felt breathing on the back of her neck. She dropped the clip board and syringe as she slowly turned around.

Her dull brown eyes met with clod steel blue orbs. The nurse felt like she was shrinking, she felt so small. May's cold gaze was piercing straight through her. She stayed completely still as May bent down and picked up the syringe.

"Sharon," her sweet voice spoke, "what did you think you were going to do with this?"

The nurse, known as Sharon, tried to speak. Her mouth opened and shut, but no words came out. Although May was only 5'2 and Sharon was 5'8, she still felt like dirt. Sharon was scared of little old May.

"Were you going to do this?" May stabbed the syringe into Sharon's neck, making her gasp out in pain. The two crashed to the floor, May was on top. Sharon's eyes slipped close.

May smiled and grabbed the keys out of Sharon's pocket and ran for the door. She ran out of the building, no one even knew that Sharon was injured. She escaped, and she found Sharon's car. It was a green Volkswagen bus. May hopped into it and drove off. She noticed that the gas tank needed to be filled up. She cussed silently and turned off the car.

May knew that it'd be awfully suspicious walking around in a Hospital outfit. She raided the back of the car and found black Chuck Taylors, jean shorts, and a white tank top. They all fit her perfectly. She was about to drive to the closest gas station, when she found a cowboy hat on the dashboard. She smiled and placed it on top of her head. She started the car back up and headed towards Captain Spauldings.