The ride to the Firefly house consisted of Baby and myself singing tunes from the radio, and R.J. rolling his eyes at us. Baby was some character. She had a high pitched voice, great looks, and a great sense of humor.

"Hey May," I turned and looked at her, "What's the difference between some guy and a sandwich?" I shrugged my shoulders, "I don't fuck a sandwich before I eat it." We both laughed our heads off.

The Firefly house was a big place. The front yard was littered with junk, and it had a giant wooden archway with a hogs head on it. The inside was decorated with candles and Halloween decorations. To some, it might have seemed like an odd place, but to me, I felt like I was home.

Baby grabbed my hand and decided to drag me around the house and introduce me to everyone. We were walking through, no one in sight. Baby got annoyed and yelled, "Mama!"

A woman walked down the steps. Her hair was long and blond, falling neatly on her breasts. She had big round brown eyes circled by purple eye shadow and mascara. She also had bright pink lip stick and deep pink blush. She had a big grin on her face, bright yellow teeth caught me by surprise. She was wearing a purple corset with a leather mini skirt and heels.

She saw Baby and rushed over to her hugging her tightly, Baby returned the embrace. The woman stared at me with a welcoming smile, "Well hello there, you must be May. I'm mama Firefly, it's great to have a new addition to the family."

I smiled back, "Thank you, I'm sure I'll enjoy myself."

Mama Firefly laughed loudly, making myself chuckle. "Oh goodness dear, you need to see grandpa, Tiny, and of course Otis. That's if he's not busy."

Mama crossed Baby and myself quickly to grab a pack of smokes. She ran back over holding the box open for us, we both grabbed a cig. She handed us a lighter which we both used. They took me up the stairs showing us each room, "This is Grandpa's room,"

She banged on the door loudly, "Grandpa! I have someone I need you to meet!" We heard a ruckus from behind the door. The door opened violently and showed an old man with food all over his mouth. "Grandpa, this is May, she's going to stay with us."

Grandpa looked at he T.V. screen, then back at me. He rushed over and gave me a hug. I patted his back, Baby giggled at me. Grandpa pulled back and wiped the food off his face with his sleeve. I took a drag of my cigarette and flicked it. "Well, it's nice to meet ya little lady," I smiled, "Great t'meet ya gramps." He smiled and went back in his room. We walked away taking the last puffs of our cigarettes.

"Now, it's time you meet my baby Tiny. He's real shy, so don't be surprised if he doesn't do much."

We met Tiny, he was nice. Mama told me how he got all burnt, it was pretty sad. "Well, only one more person to meet, but I can tell he's busy."

I could hear screaming coming from down the hall, we all smiled, "You can see him at dinner." I said, "Would you like some help? I used to always help my ma with supper."

Mama and Baby's eyes widened. They both had big smiles, "Hon," Mama started, "I would love that." We all smiled, mama pulled us in for a hug.