The party was Raging. Drinks where being splashed everywhere, jokes where being told, merriment was evident everywhere. Eragon had had his fair share of ale, and Saphira was nagging him to leave.

Just a moment! He mentally shouted. I'm having a great time.

Eragon. She said firmly. The noise is making my head throb. Cannot we leave?

...Okay. Eragon finally gave in. Just as he was about to leave, someone shouted:

"Tell a story, Eragon!"

"Yes, a story of your adventures!" another man agreed.

Eragon turned around slowly. Can't Disappoint, can I? Eragon asked Saphira.

Saphira growled, but came lumbering over to the table. Eragon jumped up. And grabbed everyone's attention with a quick voice enhancing spell.

"A story you want, is it?" Eragon asked. The crowd cheered. "Then a story you shall get! But not one of me... One of a man who was a scoundrel, a highwayman with no honour." Again, the crowd cheered.

Saphira sighed. She was going to get Eragon back for this.

Eragon quickly willed the magic to make his voice a suitable level.

"Let me tell a story, that was told one time to me, by people who had had it told to them! By their Four-Fathers."

And four Mothers. Saphira projected to everyone. They burst out laughing.

Eragon glared. "What's important is the story of a stranger, who came riding on his horse, on a dusty trail."

He's embellishing by saying that it was a dusty trail. Saphira added again. But I think it's pretty safe to assume.

"No one knew where he came from! No one knew who he was!"

But presumably his parents and a few child hood chums, knew him.

Eragon sighed. "He rode a horse, a great black stead, and spirit was his name!"

The horses name, not the bloke.

"The finest gambler in the county! He broke all the ladies hearts!"

He's still talking about the horse. Saphira added.

Eragon smiled. "The man rode round performing acts, that may have broke the law!"

Or angered someone, in some other way.

"So subsequently he was inevitably caught up with by some state or county appointed local figure of authority-"

Or local strong man.

"One faithful day."

Or night.

The crowd was in hysterics. "But before a judge or jury, he may have been put to death! Or he may have escaped in some exciting way!"

Or boring way. Said Saphira. Like a legal loophole.

Eragon was laughing too, now. "There he goes! Riding into the sun!"

His skin burns off his bones as he nears the glowing flame!

"No, It's a metaphor!" Eragon yelled.

No it's not. You said he was riding into the sun.

"Yes, a Metaphor!"

Saphira turned her head to the crowd. What say you?

The crowd, who were listening intently, all at once, said: "Yes, Definitely a metaphor!"

The Sapphire Dragon rolled her Eyes. Humans and their words.

"And they called him, The Lonesome, Gregarious Cowboy!"

The Crowd madly applauded, still laughing, and drank some more.

Can we go now? Saphira asked.

Eragon smiled and leapt to her back, landing softly. "Aye, time for bed." Saphira made her way outside, before leaping into the cool, crisp night and gaining altitude with each massive wing beat.

They soared for a time before Saphira Folded her wings in and dived, pulling up at the last minute. She landed with a short thump. Eragon jumped down.

Eragon walked to his tent flap, before mentally deciding something and turning around. "You know, it's such a nice night tonight I think I might sleep out here." He walked back to her and lay down beside her.

She curled her tail around him.

Eragon let out a brisk laugh. "Well that was exciting, to say the least."

Actually strictly speaking to say the least would be to say nothing.

He smiled. "Aye, it would. Goodnight, Saphira."

May your dreams be well, little one.