Rating: PG

Characters: Dean, Sam, Jamie

Spoilers: General season 4, so far

Words: 100

Summary: Sam said he'd stop. But he can't stop watching out for Dean. Just a drabble.

Disclaimer: Don't own. No profit. No defamation intended.

A/N: Written after Monster Movie but before Yellow Fever or the Halloween Epi. Just a little running joke I've had in my journal.


Jamie catches him around the corner, where Dean can't see. She looks like she cares. Most of them don't.

"It's none of my business, but is he okay?"

"Yeah, sure," Sam lies. "Why?"

"Does he ever sleep?" She blushes. "I don't mind guys watching me sleep, you know, after, but... he seems so tired himself."

Sam smiles. "Sure. He sleeps. I make sure of it."

He doesn't say how.


"Give me the keys, Dean."

Dean does.

"Now go to sleep."

Just that easy, slack against the window. Sam makes sure.

He said he'd stop using his powers.

He has.


A/N: Yeah, I know Dean would be so pissed if this were true. But this is Sam's POV. I let him think it's for Dean's own good. *pets him* My own little explanation for why Dean's always falling asleep with his clothes on in this season. I doubt it's true.