Here kittykittykitty...
Chapter 1
Kim Possible fanfiction

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I'll try to update more often but real life is a 24-hour bitch that never stops nagging on you :( This is set in the world of the Valentine's Day KP fic I did. :D


It all started with a call.


The usual call for Kim on her site. But the identity of the caller was what caught Kim by surprise.

"COME QUICKLY!" Drakken shrieked, his normally blueberry blue face a sickly milk colour. There was a loud yowl, like there was a big angry cat in the background. Then the transmission went dead.

"Do we really want to go?" Ron glanced at Kim. He had a dubious look on his face. Kim mirrored that look.

"Well, it's possible that he doesn't really need our help. But the possibilities of him getting into some kind of trouble that he can't get out of is also pretty high."

"Do we really want to get him out of it though?" Ron was already taking out his mission gloves and pulling them on, knowing his best friend's answer before she gave it.

"Have to. It's part of the whole being a hero thing." The redheaded teen hero smiled fondly at the blonde then turned her eyes back to the Kimmunicator where Wade was waiting patiently after relaying the news of the distress call. "Wade, could we get a ride?"

"Already called one for you. And sending you a map to Drakken's place."

"Please and thank you."

"Wanna go to Buenos Nachos after?" Ron rubbed his hands together in anticipation. "2 for 1 nacho sale!"

"Nachos!" Rufus popped out of Ron's pocket and gave Kim a pleading look. When Kim nodded, both boy and molerat threw up their arms in unadultered joy.

The ride to Drakken's new lair was quite uneventful. In fact, it was pretty run-of-the-mill. When they had arrived at Drakken's lair, that was when things started getting really weird.

"Are they expecting you, Ms. Possible?" Mr. Johnson, a small-aircraft pilot, asked.

"They should be."

"Are you expecting a warm welcome?"

"I'm expecting a trap." the redhead was confused by this line of questioning.

"That's what I thought you said before. But look down."

Ron, Kim and Rufus looked out the helicopter windows. Drakken had made his new lair on an uninhabitable island. Though it was said to be uninhabitable, the shiny new lair Drakken had in the middle of the island told the passengers of the helicopter that it was uninhabitable by NORMAL people. Villains seemed to find a way to live in every nook and cranny. They seemed to prefer it, in fact. This wasn't what was surprising, though. What was surprising was that they had a welcome party. It seemed that a lot of the henchmen had taken it upon themselves to make sure someone, ANYONE found them. Some were waving franctically at the helicopter with white flags while others were shooting distress signals into the air. There was even an 'SOS' written with coconuts on the rocky beach!

"Oh look, they have a poster!" Ron pressed his face against the glass excitedly. "And look! They got my name! My name!"

Kim looked down. And yup, there was a poster. It lay flat on the ground so the helicopter could see it.


There were even henchmen at the helicopter pad waiting to direct the aircraft!

"Whatever happened can't be that bad, right?" Ron asked a bit apprehensively. Kim opened the helicopter doors grimly when the landed.

"We're going now, Ron. This can't be good." Kim turned to the pilot and gave a cheery smile. "Thank you for the ride Mr. Johnson!"

"Don't mention it Ms. Possible! It's the least I could do after you saved me from the those flying monkeys!"

"Sick and wrong," Ron shuddered at the thought of monkeys with wings. The henchmen lead the way, as courteous as courteous could be. And, now that Team Possible could get a closer look at them, they noticed something quite curious. All of them were injured in some way and their clothes were torn. As if by the claws of some wild animal.

"Dude," Ron looked at one of the bigger, burlier henchmen. The man was covered in scratches and the top of his uniform was completely bloodied and shredded to bits. "what happened to you?"

The man suppressed a shudder. "You'll find out. And God help you when you do."

Kim and Ron exchanged looks. When they got to the entrance to the lair, Ron took a visible step back while Kim squared her shoulders.

"Kim, this looks like it came straight out from Aliens!" Ron whispered. The hallway leading deeper into the lair was marked with deep gouges and claw marks. Some of the lights hanging from the ceiling flickered or sparked. It looked like an earthquake had decimated the place.

"Dr. Drakken's still in there." The henchmen that had been brave enough to accompany Team Possible to the entrance muttered amongst themselves and tried to shuffle backwards without Kim, Ron or Rufus noticing. "We had to lock him in. IT seems to like... hurting him most."

"Hey, where do you guys think you're going?" Ron's voice came out a bit more high-pitched than usual.

"Um... we didn't... go... anywhere... we didn't move from this spot..." As the henchmen said their bit, it was pretty obvious that they were inching away as they spoke.


"RUN!" The henchmen all ran screaming away, back to the relative safety of the helipad.

"Okaaaay..." Kim blinked, then stared back into the hallway. She almost took a step back herself when a loud, ghostly yowl echoed down the hall.

"Can we not?" Ron pleaded.

Kim's face hardened to an expression Ron recognized. Determination. He sighed and after a few seconds hesitation, followed Kim bravely into the depths of the lair. Where Kim went, Ron Stoppable definitely followed, if he had any say in that matter.

As they travelled deeper into the abyss, the signs of destruction grew in number. Some hallways that they walked through were mangled beyond repair, as if a giant hand had compressed said hallway. Machinery was left in mangled, smoking heaps. In some rooms, it looked like a tornado of sharp blades had rend everything in the area apart.

"Cat!" Rufus was quivering in Ron's pocket as he caught that familiar scent. "CAT!"

"We got cat in here, Kim!" Ron echoed nervously then pushed Rufus gently back into his pocket. "You stay in there little buddy, we don't want you getting hurt."

A thought suddenly occured to Kim and a feeling of intense dread and worry coursed through her. "Ron... did you see Shego anywhere outside?"

Ron stopped and blinked, catching on to Kim's line of thought.

"Oh man. Whatever took out Shego must be BAD."

Kim's thoughts drifted to her and Shego's Valentine's Day date. Ever since then, Shego had upped her game, getting away most times and ending almost every battle, whether she won or lost, by shaking her fists at Kim with the most intense, sullen look she could manage. It was the look of one ROBBED of the high score they deserved.

Kim would almost feel a pang of regret. The date had actually been one of the best ones she'd ever gone on. Actually, THE best one. When Ron and her had still been dating--they broke up a while ago on good terms--a good date meant anywhere but Bueno Nachos. And those were few and far in between and usually consisted of another run-of-the-mill chain restaurant/bar/pub. Kim knew Shego was angry but for a good while now, Shego hadn't even talked to Kim or even given the customary villain/hero banter when they fought!

"Oh, come on, Shego! Will you get over it? I already said I was sorry!"

Shego's only reply had been a deep snarl and swipe that almost seperated Kim's head from her body.

"THREE. OUT. OF. TEN!!!!" howled Shego. That fight, Shego had definitely won.

'Stay focussed.' Kim berated herself as they entered the main chamber of Dr. Drakken's lair. Like the rest of the lair, it had been reduced to smoldering ruins and since it had been built into the rocks of this uninhabitable island, it was the darkest part of the lair. Even with the flashlights they had, Team Possible was surrounded by darkness.

But there was a light. A bit further in, they could see it emitting from behind an overturned desk. The light was weak, wavering, but still it was light in this dark hole.

"Should we?" Ron asked nervously.

"Let's do it." Kim crept towards the desk cautiously. As Team Possible approached, they could her a frantic murmuring accompanied by an occasional barely audible rumble. Peering over the desk, they could see the mad doctor hiding there with several burnt out candles. The one that was lit in front of him seemed to be his last candle he had. Rocking back and forth, he seemed to be cradling something in his arms...

"Dr... Drakken?"

"GAH!" The mad scientist screamed.

"AHH!" Ron responded in kind.



"GUYS!" Kim's voice stopped the their screaming. Rufus jumped out of Ron's pocket, jumped onto Kim's arm and scurried onto the redhead's shoulder, tsking angrily at his master and the blue man. His ears were sensitive!

"Kim Possible, thank god!" Before Kim could react, the doctor had wrapped his arms around Kim's leg and refused to let go. "SAVE ME!"

"Dr. Drakken... let go... what... is that a kitten?" The thing Dr. Drakken had been holding sat on the floor, looking up at all of them balefully and gave a loud meow before bounding away into the darkness.

"NO!" Dr. Drakken let go of Kim's leg now and jumped for the kitten. Unfortunately, it was long gone and swallowed up in the darkness. Turning wild eyes on Team Possible, he grasped Kim's shoulder and shook her til her teeth rattled. "We have to get out of here! That was the only thing keeping us SAFE!"

A very close and very loud yowl was heard. The sound bounced off the walls and made Dr. Drakken quiver in his tightie-whities. Because that was all he was wearing.

"It's here." Dr. Drakken squeaked out.

"Why don't you have any clothes on?" Ron frowned. "And why were you holding the cat if you're afraid of the cat?"

"What we're hiding from is not the cat!"

"Ron, take Rufus and find the lights." Kim instructed, ignoring Dr. Drakken's quaking. "I'll deal with this."

"Gotcha, KP." Ron was gone, racing off with a flashlight and his pink pet.

When Ron was gone, Kim turned to Dr. Drakken while trying to make sure she wouldn't be surprised by anything jumping out at her from the dark. "Dr. Drakken, what's going on here?"

"I just.. I got a kitten. Cuz they're so cute," Dr. Drakken blubbered, gesturing with his hands to show how small it had been. "And then, and then I w-wanted to show Shego... and she, and she.."

A piercing screech ripped through the room and the lights came on just in time for Kim to see a wild-eyed Shego, claws extended, aimed straight for her.

'Too little too late!' Kim thought as she braced for the attack. It was all she could do and she hoped her arms would protect her from those razor sharp claws of Shego's. Upon impact, the two rolled across the room, tumbling end over end until they came to a stop with Shego, lying fully on top of Kim and... purring?

"Purrrrrr..." Shego rubbed her cheek against Kim's. She was in her trademark green and black one piece suit, but the villainess' usually immaculate appearance was... lacking. Her hair was a mess and she smelled slightly. But it was Shego. On top of her, rubbing against her and still purring.

"Shego, what--get off!" Kim tried to push the woman off but she was firmly latched on.

Dr. Drakken inched forward, a hopeful look on his face. "Shego..?"

"Sssss!!" hissed Shego, baring her teeth in a warning. She would have torn this stupid blue person apart if that other cat hadn't been in the way!

"Dr. Drakken, what happened?" Kim asked, helpless, as Shego turned back to rubbing her head against Kim's in a very feline way.

"Well, she-she saw the cat..."

"Nonsense Shego! You can hold her!" Dr. Drakken held out the kitten to Shego as she backed away slowly, her eyes wide.

"No Dr. D, I can't h-hold the c-ca.. the c-ca-ca.."

"Cat?" Dr. Drakken was puzzled. Shego was acting like she didn't want to hold the kitten! And it was sooo cute!

Shego flinched violently at the word. "Keep that away from me!"

"Now you're just being mean! Look at the kittyface," Dr. Drakken nuzzled the kitty and advanced towards Shego until she could back up no longer and was trapped in a corner. "Aren't you so cute little Selina? Kitty-kitty-kittyface. Hold her, Shego--"

"And that's when she started yowling." Dr. Drakken recounted. Shego hissed at him and flexed her fingers threateningly.

"Kim! Kim, I got the lights on!" Ron was running towards them. As he got closer, he noticed the green and black villainess on top of his friend and panicked.

"Ohmygod, KP! Don't worry! I'll save y--" The rapidly approaching young man had unnerved Shego apparently and she narrowed her eyes, the only warning she gave.

"Ron, watch out!"

Shego slashed the air in front of her with her claws and surprisingly, Ron backflipped out of the way expertly... almost like a monkey.

"Cat-Fu!" Ron whispered as he flipped away to safety. His Mystical Monkey Powers allowed him to understand what had happened and had kicked in in time for Ron to avoid the attack. He knew what this was with a truly deep understanding.

He was faced with another master of a secret art.

And he felt a breeze.

"Aw, man!" Ronald looked down and realized his pants had been shredded to nothing. He looked back up to see Shego approaching on all fours, menace radiating from her body.

"Shego, no!" Kim called out. Surprisingly, the pale woman paused in her footsteps and looked over her shoulder at Kim.

"Mrow?" Shego blinked.

"Um..." Kim held out her hand to the other woman. "Here kittykittykitty... kitty?"

"Mewwwwrrr..." Shego's meow petered off into a satisfied rumbling purr as she trotted back to Kim and wound herself around the heroine's legs.

"Ok. What happened to Shego?" Kim looked from Ron to Dr. Drakken, as if expecting an answer. The two guys shrugged.

Kim let out an all-suffering sigh. "I so don't want to deal with this right now."


endnote: and more to come! ...I hope :( Ahahaha... please don't kill me. I'm sorry it's not much, but it's the most I could do with my quickly drying creativity :( I'm getting old...