Here kittkittkitty...

Chapter 5

A Kim Possible Fanfiction


beginning note: Well, I did say POSSIBLY that chapter 4 was going to be the last chapter... but I felt like this well ain't drying up yet so might as well, right?



"You idiot." Kim just shook her head, looking around the ruined lair. She was amazed. Amazed at the sheer stupidity of the man called Dr. Drakken.

"I only wanted her to overcome her fearrrr!" Dr. Drakken whined, clutching the remnants of his clothes to himself. As soon as Shego had turned feral, she had used the cerulean man as a human scratching post. Thankfully, he still had his tightie-whities on. Shego had at least forgone destroying THAT article of clothing.

"HSSS!" Shego leaned against Kim, holding out a claw in warning. She *hated* the blue man! HATED!

"Shh, baby, it's fine." Kim patted Shego's head soothingly until the catwoman was purring like a well-tuned engine.

"The plan was perfect!" Drakken bent over to pick up two of the cats he had brought to the lair. Two of more than a dozen. "The way to overcome her fear would be to--"

"Make her face her fear? Uh-uh, she's tried that once, twice or actually LOTS of times already. Didn't work." Kim shook her head dismally.

"Well, one more time--" Drakken held out the cats towards the villainess. Shego's back arched and she started hissing and spitting up a storm.

"Stop! Dr. Drakken, STOP!" Kim held on to Shego, petting the woman's trembling side desperately. "Shhh... Shego, callllm. Calm down. I'm gonna take you home with me."

"What?" Dr. Drakken lowered the cats he was holding. "Kim Possible, I'll have you know Shego is on the clock right now and doesn't have time for sleepovers--" Shego slashed out at him as he came a bit closer, managing to put another four lines of blood across his thigh.

"--OW! Or-or she could just take a vacation. PLEASE, Kim Possible, take her away!" Dr. Drakken begged pathetically.

So here they were now, hopping back into the stealth bomber Team Possible had hitched a ride on with Ron and Rufus as far away from Shego and Kim as possible.

"Purrrrr...." Shego rubbed her head against Kim's belly affectionately. She LOVED her mate! LOVED!

"This is SICK and WRONG!" Ron muttered lowly, but Kim caught what he said, even over the whine of the aircraft.

"Ron," Kim shot him an exasperated look. "It's not like I *want* her to be like this! But if she's like this and her mother's still away, we have to make sure Shego doesn't actually kill Drakken!"

"But what about Rufus?" Ron asked, holding a protective hand over the lump in his breast pocket. "What about Rufus?!"

"Shego's not going to eat him!" Kim groaned, trying to feel as sure of that fact as she sounded. "Ron, just give her some time! Maybe she'll grow on you--Shego, NO!"

Ron looked down at the sudden draft he felt.

"I'm so glad I wore my nice boxers." He muttered.

"Bad kitty!" Kim scolded the big kitten. Shego just gave her an innocent look that screamed 'who me?', but the expression was slightly marred by smirk that was pulling at a corner of Shego's black mouth.



"--back!" The tweebs ran for Shego but skidded to a stop when the woman-turned-kitty raised one hand threateningly.

"You can't hog her--"

"--all to yourself!" The twins protested.

"As if I am!" Kim knelt down and hugged Shego closer to her, feeling a little bit smug. "She just likes me better!"

"Oh yeah?!" Tim reached into his pocket and held out a tiny packet. Shego's eyes locked on to the packet, curious as to what it was. A tentative sniff and suddenly her eyes glazed over and a lazy smile stretched across her face.

"Prrrrrooowwww..." Shego purred, padding her way over to the twins.

"Tweebs!" Kim felt a sudden twinge of jealousy as Shego pawed at the packet they had playfully, still purring.

"Shego want the nip?" Tim held it just out of Shego's reach. The woman herself was sluggishly trying to bat it out of Tim's grasp, acting almost like she was drunk.

"Jim, Tim, you're giving Shego catnip?!"

"We just want some of her fire for some tests!' Jim protested. "All in the name of science!"

"Yeah! And it seems she likes US a lot better than you right now!" Tim pointed out. The dreaded supervillainess was indeed being quite playful, claws sheathed and the very definition of cute as she rolled around in front of the boys, eyes on the catnip. However, Kim couldn't appreciate how docile Shego was being at the moment; she was too wrapped up in feeling overwhelmingly jealous and hurt.

"Here kitty, kitty, kitty!" When that drew no response from Shego, Kim tried to be stern and called out, "Shego, come here!" pointing at the ground in front of her. Shego, completely in the thrall of the catnip, continued to ignore the redhead.

"Shego---fine!" Kim huffed at the smug looks on her brothers faces. "If you wanna stay with them, see if I care!"

Storming up the stairs in a huff, she practically ran to her room, slamming the door shut and throwing herself on the bed. She listened carefully, hoping to hear Shego outside her door, scratching at it and begging to be let in. When Kim didn't hear anything except for the boys downstairs discussing their experiments, she wanted to scream with frustration.

Shego was hers!


Where the hell had that come from?

Kim blushed and jumped out of bed, pulling out her homework from her bag, hoping to distract herself from looking further into that line of thought. And that worked for a bit, until the shouts of her brothers caught her attention.

"No! Shego, don't--"

"--touch that! It's highly--"

The tweebs were cut off by a little explosion that shook the house slightly. Kim walked out of her room and down the stairs, catching sight of the tweebs in the kitchen covered by what looked like... blue and purple whipped cream. This same substance was also splattered all over the kitchen, in fact, the only place where it hadn't landed was under the table where Shego was currently playing with her little packet of catnip.

"Better clean up before mom gets home, tweebs, or you'll be in trouble again!" Kim snickered in a sing-song voice, before heading back to her room to continue with her studies, a little bit smug that they Shego had inadvertantly got the tweebs back for taking the thief from her!


Possessive much?!

"I gotta get back to my homework," Kim muttered.

'But I'm almost done...' Kim looked down at her completed homework. 'Make that completely done.'

Casting around her room for something to do, she caught sight of one corner of a book, peeking out from under her bed. She picked it up and flopped back on to the bed, flipping to the page she had bookmarked for later.

'The queen will signal her willingness to mate with a unique posture: head down, forelegs bent, rear quarters raised to expose the vulva ( this raised posture is called lordosis), with the tail raised and held to the side of the body, all designed to accomodate entry by the tom cat's penis. Her rear legs will tread rhythmically, as if walking in place.'

'Oh my GAWD.' She had read this part before, but it didn't stop the hot flush of embarassment that she felt. After Shego had left the Possible house, Kim had gone out and bought a book on cats, just in case something like this should occur again. She had flipped through it quickly and found out exactly why Shego had been doing her funny dance before.

'Shego was in heat,' Kim blushed at the thought. 'THAT was why she was acting so weird!'

Looking at the picture of the cat in the book, Kim blushed again at the position the cat was in. In her head, she couldn't help seeing Shego again, her ass raised in the air, treading in place and looking at her with bedroom eyes--

The sound of the front door opening and her mom calling out to the people in the house made Kim shut the book immediately, guiltily almost, as if she had been looking at something she shouldn't have.

'But I'm not!' Kim argued with herself. And to prove it, she put the book on her nightstand, in plain view. Kim Possible had nothing to hide!

"Oh, Shego!" Mrs. Possible's voice floated up the stairs. "You're back! And what do you have there--boys! Did you give her catnip?!"

"Uh-oh." The boys could be heard running for it.


Dinner had been uneventful, with Shego sitting next to Kim and demanding to be fed by the redhead. Bath-time had also been tame, with Shego sitting very quietly and letting Kim and Mrs. Possible scrub behind her ears.

"She's probably coming down from her catnip high," Mrs. Dr. Possible pursed her lips in disapproval. "Honestly, the boys should know better than to give her any of that. It's like... your father after two mojitos."

And now, it was bedtime. Shego was back in baggy sweatpants and a t-shirt. And back on her bed, looking expectantly at Kim.

"I should make you sleep in the basement." Kim muttered, remembering how Shego had snubbed her for the Tweebs. Of course, it had been the catnip's fault, but Kim still felt a bit hurt.

"Meow." Shego pawed the air, as if telling Kim to come to bed. With a sigh, Kim walked over to the bed and slipped under the covers. Shego quickly followed suit as Kim turned off the bedside lamp.

"Good-night--hey!" Shego had grabbed on to Kim's shoulders and was now licking Kim's cheek, purring softly.

"Ew, ew, ew, ew, ew!" Kim pushed cat-Shego away, not seeing the hurt and bewildered look on the green-skinned woman's face.

Her mate didn't want her to groom her?! What was going on?!

Shego tried again but got the same noise and the same rejection. Confusion and hurt quickly turned to anger. Kitty-Shego and Human-Shego were a lot alike.

"OW!" Kim couldn't help screaming as Shego bit down on the heroine's shoulder. HARD.

Down the hall, Mr. and Mrs. Possible were doing some reading before bedtime and heard Kim's exclamation. Mr. Possible chuckled.

"Oh, the joys of owning a pet."

Mrs. Possible raised an eyebrow at her husband's comment, not quite sure if he was being sarcastic or not. But he was probably not being sarcastic since sarcasm seems lost on the patriarch of the Possible family.

"Shego!" Meanwhile, Kim was scolding the kitten, who was giving her patented 'who me?' look again. "Don't try that with me! I've had about ENOUGH with the biting! That hurt!"

"Merowr." Shego licked softly at Kim's shoulder, which was bleeding slightly, trying to convey how sorry she was. She wasn't really sorry. But she had to PRETEND! The licking continued up to Kim's neck, Shego using long strokes of her tongue to lick at the sweet tasting skin, feeling slightly pleased that her pridemate wasn't objecting like before. Detecting a change in Kim's breathing, Shego looked up at Kim's face curiously.

Her mate had her eyes squeezed shut, like she was in a lot of pain!

Panicking a bit, Shego got up on all fours to stand over Kim, looking over the redhead's body frantically for any more signs of injury. She hadn't bitten THAT hard! So Kim must be hurting from somewhere else! THAT'S why she didn't want to be groomed! She was hurt!

"Mrowr! Meowr!" Shego nosed up Kim's tank top, licking over Kim's stomach in a bid to find the site of the hurting.

"Mngh!" The noise Kim made meant that she was close! Shego's head now fully under Kim's tanktop, she continued to eagerly lick upwards, worried her pridemate was--

"OOooookay!" Kim stopped Shego's head from going any further upwards, holding it right where it was. "I'm okay, Shego, but YOU have to stoOOo--mmmgh!"

Kim had stopped her, so this MUST be the spot where she was hurting! Shego licked the spot furiously, not really sure exactly where it was so made up for it by trying to cover the general area in her kitty kisses.

"No, Shego, stop.." Kim gritted out, even though she held Shego immobile at that spot, hazily aware that the green-skinned woman was licking the underside of her breasts and making her feel just so--

"No!" Kim pushed Shego's head out of her shirt. "Shego, I-I'm fine!"

"Proww?" Shego leaned down and licked the side of Kim's mouth worriedly. Instead of drawing away, Kim felt herself arch up to kiss the big kitty on the lips.

"I'm," Kim gulped, wondering what she was doing. She was WAY out of her league here! "I'm fine, Shego. C-come on. Lets get some sleep."

Satisfied that everything was alright, Shego curled up next to Kim, purring, still a little bit worried but reassured by the heroine.

'I can't believe I'm taking advantage of her like this!' Kim thought in a daze of guilt and confusion. And a little bit of lust. No! Nonononono! No lust!

'I'm... I'm scum!' Kim held Shego close as the kitty snuggled closer with satisfied mews and purrs. 'I can't control myself!'

Kim was forgetting entirely that Shego had been the one initiating EVERYTHING. And the kitty would have done her best to reassure Kim if only the kitty was a mind reader. But unfortunately the kitty was not and just continued to nuzzle her nose against Kim's collarbone, perfectly happy where she was.

'It'll all be over in the morning,' Lulled by Shego's warmth and tired out by all the thinking and the emotional turmoil she went through today, Kim Possible went to sleep.


Kim woke up with a start and scrambled out of bed and away from the arms that had been clutching her.

"Mm?" Shego, hair tousled, got up to a sitting position. Blinking blearily at Kim, the green-skinned woman's lips started to part in a grin.

"Okay, now that you're back to normal, you have to get out!" Kim started pacing. It had felt good to wake up in Shego's arms. Maybe a little bit TOO good. "And you gotta try to stop going all cat-fu on me! It's... this... this isn't working out. I can't have you here all the time, you're... you're confusing our relationship! N-not that we have a relationship-RELATIONSHIP, but our-our working relationship! How am I gonna arrest you if everytime I look at you I can't help but think you're just so incredible--I mean, incredibly cute--no, wait, you--ARGH!"

While Kim had been pacing back and forth, ranting and wearing a hole in the carpet; Shego had been sitting on the bed patiently, waiting for the woman to stop.

"So, do we have an understanding?" Kim breathed out through her nostrils, standing in front of Shego with her arms crossed.

Shego rolled on to her back, hands pawing in the air, eyes locked on Kim's.

"Merrrooowwww..." Shego mewed, hoping that acting cute and looking at Kim with her kitty-eyes would be enough. Cuz she had absolutely no idea what the redhead had been saying. She didn't speak human!

Kim's jaw had slackened at the display. A feeling of dread slowly filled her completely.

"Please, Shego. PLEASE tell me that you're just joking!" Kim begged.

"Mew mew! Rowr!" Shego continued to paw the air playfully, hoping that her mate would rub her tummy. So Shego had NOT reverted back to snide, snippy Shego. Human Shego. That was... that was not good. Not. Good. At. All.


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