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Set 5 mos. After the dark tournament…

The sound of an alarm clock disrupted the dreams of a certain fox as he lazily hit the snooze button and looked up to the ceiling. It was Saturday today, which is really good considering that he had not the enough amount of rest for the week, due to work, reikai tantei and his family. And considering that he was always the good son who would be more than willing enough to sacrifice sometime to tutor his little brother. He thought it would be ideal to sleep more but now he lost his sleepiness. He got up and threw his boxers at the floor and then proceeded to the shower.

'What happened yesterday again? Oh yeah I had to manage some clients, do financial reports, some paper works and had to go to reikai because of some minor contamination on the styx' He pondered

'come to think of it, I didn't see the blubbly ferry girl yester day. Just Ayame-san and Hinageshi' He thought and reached to the soap. He looked at the lilac bar.


"Thank you for helping me with some demon attack, Kurama-kun, Specially when you're busy with your father's business." the ferry girl said smiling a sheepish smile

"Oh it was nothing, Botan-san, I finished all the papers already anyway. And I couldn't afford to see my good friends in trouble" ha said

'That's right, a very very good friend indeed' Youko smirked

'Stop it, I know that's all we'd ever be ' Kurama frowned

'Oh? Do you want me to handle this lover boy? After all I have not bedded anyone for some time now…. And I'm sure you're up from some pleasure from such a sweet virgin like Botan here hehehe' Youko countered.

'Look just shut up okay and I don't think of stuff like that, why do you even know of her virginity? You are disgusting'

'Say what you want, But I know you want it to….. And for someone as smart as you, I can smell it……. heck I can even smell fear and both are delicious hahahah But I'd guess you'd like the first option more?' Youko laughed

'Just shut up, okay?' Kurama was a bit flushed. 'Come to think of it, she was always the object of my dreams perhaps I should… Ah!! Stop it Kurama, you're thinking like a hormone driven… horny……. Like youko in heat!!!'

'Remember you are me as I am you. You know you want it hahahah' Youko laughed again

"Uhhm Kurama-kun" Botan said

"Huh? Oh yeah, I'm sorry I just spaced out"

"Your shoulder is bleeding" Botan said with worry in her eyes

"it's okay they were just B-class demons anyway. They didn't really hurt me just my shoulder" Kurama replied.

He caught that when he got an attack meant for the deity. He was already in lower S-class level so the fight didn't really last long. I might have even taken seconds if he used youko who is upper S-class, but decided against using Youko after the tournament. He wants to excel more now…… When he has enough time he'll train again.

"I'm sorry Kurama-kun, If I weren't so clumsy. Please, at least let me heal it later so I don't feel that bad at least" Botan pleaded

"Well I guess that would be nice" Kurama said 'that way I can spend more time with her'

It wasn't long till they reached Koenma's door. After they have reported the damages and the attackers and the involved, they were dismissed. The attack wasn't really that big but some innocent spirits were involved. They shrugged the thought out of tiredness and just went to the deity's room.

When they entered, Botan asked for Kurama to wait for her on the bed as she gathered some medicine and bandages from her bathroom. So Kurama looked around the room. It was pretty colorful and clean. He can see her closet a bit opened, which just justified the deity's love for kimonos. He chuckled at how the room was so girly from the canopy bed to pink walls striped with blue. It looked so cheerful. He can also see some of the group pictures on Botan's night table which caused a smile to him. Until his thoughts were interrupted by a playful youko.

'hmmmm….. nice bed, comfortable to do stuff in…. I can just imagine her walking out that door in the smallest of fabrics and walking seductively or us making advances as we chase her to bed and make her willing to do it and later hear her cries…….' Youko was cut by Kurama

'Stop it!! Stop ruining my moments of peace!!' Kurama said 'sheeshhh I don't want to get a hard on here!! What would she think' But before He could finish his thought

"Kurama-kun!! Heheheh I'm sorry I took long…… I forgot that I put it in my closet hahahah" She sweat dropped

"It's okay I'm not in a hurry" He said smiling; still embarrassed of his thoughts. It's good that he can still control himself not to blush. So there was good with hanging a lot with Hiei after all. He watched her fumble at her closet and almost saw her drawers so he looked away or else Youko would come out already.

"Here it is!!" She said smiling as she walked up to Kurama

After Botan finished wrapping the bandages she smiled although there were different thoughts in both their heads due to their closeness. In Botan's case she was kinda nervous and conscious of herself. For Kurama's case……. Well….. You know….

"There finished, arigatou for saving me Kurama-kun" Botan said

"It was my pleasure, thanks for tending my wounds" Kurama smiled back. 'finished?!! That fast? Why don't you ask her to kiss it like in those commercials you humans watch!! ?' Youko said 'here we go again' thought Kurama.

"Well, I've got to take my leave it's been nice Botan-san but I still have to tutor Shuu-kun" He said remembering that he still has his brother.

"Oh sure hhehehe I hope you the best for your family, By the way here is a soap I made for you for your wounds, I've been wanting to give it to you since the dark tournament but I just always forgot hehehehe well off you go now!!" she said smiling as she handed him a package in a beautiful wrapping.

"Thank you very much Botan-san. I am really grateful for it" He said and hugged her but before anything else, he disappeared

:::::::::::::::End of Flashback:::::::::::::

'why did I hug her again? Jeez she must have thought I was a pervert' Kurama thought as he turned off the shower and groomed himself in front of the mirror. 'I haven't seen her for three days now……… I wonder how she is…… what would I say? arrrrgh.'

He stepped out the bathroom and saw how dirty his room is. It's not Yusuke or Kuwabara dirty but it's not exactly what you'd think when you look at Kurama. There were Boxers "here, there and everywhere" some dirty clothes…… clean clothes…….. CD's…….. Some bottles of soda and Jagermeister from when He and Yusuke drank a bit after a party….. and some other stuff…… Okay so it was really messy. And so was his whole apartment, but it was pretty hard since he went home tired every night ever since he lived on his own, He always just ate out or order and He wasn't able to clean. Perhaps he should hire house cleaners but it would be pretty embarrassing to have them see his boxers with "stuff". So he decided He'd clean up. But he checked his calendar and remembered he was gonna hang out with the YYH gang today and is scheduled 30 mins later at the park.

'I guess I'd just have to clean tomorrow' so he looked at his closet and decided to just wear some black skinny jeans, a blue graphic shirt and a white belt. His hair is now just bellowing his nape so it won't take much to dry.

He proceeded to the kitchen and drank some milk off the carton since there were no clean glasses or cups. 'Talk about responsible' Kurama chuckled at his irony then went out and locked the door. When he got to his car he remembered his father who gave it to him. He was also happy his mom was happy with Hatanaka. But his father overdid it with this Bentley which was really cool. It only took him 5 mins to get to the park. Considering his car was pretty fast and the park was not that far. A bunch of girls honked at him but he gently rejected them.

"What the hell is wrong with you woman?!! Can't you see that I have 9 tickets?! We can't let them go to waste so we have to wait for Kurama!!" Yusuke shouted which immediately caught Kurama's attention.

"I'm just saying that maybe he's too tired from work and it's not like him to be late, you stupid oaf!!" Keiko spat back.

"I'm here sorry if I'm late by 10 mins my bad" Kurama said

"See!!??" Yusuke shouted and Keiko just shook her head

"Wow everyone is here huh?! Even Hiei, hey guys!!" Kurama said

"Hn. I'm just here for the sweet snow"

"Yo!! Fox boy!!" said Kuwabara. A smile from Yukina, a puff of smoke from Shizuru then a grin, a nod from Koenma and Botan….. 'what will she say? Especially after I hugged her? Will we get closer? Or be farther? Or the same? I don't know….'

"Hi Kurama-kun!! How's your shoulder?" Botan said in her bubbly way.

"Ahh that, I'm okay… thanks for the soap" He said

"Anyway here's the plan, guys! We go to the movies first, then to the amusement park, then the ice cream parlor, and after hearing of Kurama's fancy new rich apartment, to Kurama's!! That's right it's a sleep over!! Heheh" Yusuke said

Kurama just nodded until his apartment registered to his brain "what??!! my apartment?? Why?!" he asked Yusuke.

"Don't be selfish man, we know it's big enough to fit for all of us and that it's high end!!" Yusuke retorted

"But it's messy there right now and I don't know how to cook" Kurama said in exasperation

"Ah!! It's okay we'll help you clean up, and the girls can cook… jeeez that's why women are made anyway" Yusuke coolly replied 'tch, I bet by Kurama's standard, messy is probably just one misaligned chair or something' Yusuke thought.

"Women are made to what?!!" and with that Keiko punched his face

"Okay it's decided then Kurama's house it is!!" Koenma said

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