Before I start, I want you to know I don't own any Astroboy and I believe I'll never do. But please enjoy this story!

Chapter 1

"Astro, would you like to join us later?" Tamao asked the robot. "Where are you guys going anyway?" he asked them as they made their way into the school. "To the arcade! I'm gonna try and beat Kenichi's high score at Alien invader II, and today's gonna be my lucky day!" Tamao said, a proud grin gleaming on his face. "Don't get your hopes up too high, Tamao… don't wanna disappoint yourself later on!" Kenichi taunted as he removed his shoes and put them into his shoe locker. "And what is that supposed to mean?!" Tamao exclaimed, banging his locker door.

Astro felt a sigh escape his lips.

Then he felt someone calling him via radio frequency. It was coordinates 122-34-867, the Ministry of Science. "Hello?" Astro called out and went outside to get a better signal of the frequency. "Astroboy?" a voice called. "Yes Professor Ochanomizu?" he said, recognizing the man's voice. "Come over to the Ministry of Science right now! We've got a very important job for you!" and with that, the frequency died away. "Sorry guys…" Astro apologized to Kenichi and Tamao I'm afraid I can't come with you. I've got an important job to do!" he blasted off with his rocket-powered feet, towards the Ministry.

"Yes? Oh! He'll be right with you!"

The receptionist was busy talking to another person on the line.

Astro was standing at the window, patiently waiting his turn to get attended to. As he stood there, he caught a glimpse of a lady in all Black clothing and red hair, neatly clipped with 4 ribbons.

"Please wait, there's an incoming call…"

She said as she pressed a button to connect the pending call.

"Good morning welcome to the Ministry of Science, how can I help you? What? You need… yes. He is here. Ok. He'll be there in a moment Professor…"

She placed the handset back and turned to Astro.

"Astro, the Professor needs you in lab number 509 on the double!" she instructed.

"Ok." Astro replied and got into the elevator, going up to the 5th floor of the Ministry.

Ding! The elevator went, signaling he was already on his chosen floor.

"Ah! Here we are! Lab number 509!"

Astroboy entered and saw many lab workers and of course Professor Ochanomizu monitoring something inside the containment chamber.

"What's up Professor?"

He asked him as he approached the chamber, trying to look at whatever was inside it.

"You're about to witness Astro one of the many miracles in the field of Cybernetic Science!"

The Professor proudly exclaimed.

"What's that supposed to mean?"

Astro asked, rather confused.

"Maybe you'd understand it better this way. Do you recall the incident a few days ago that swept the newspapers?"

"Ah! The one about the air crash wherein more that 2,000 people got killed?"

"Yes. That one. A survivor from that crash lost her loved one since he sacrificed his life to save hers. That survivor is currently known as Dr. Hazama Pinoko and her loved one's name is never known and he is referred to as Black Jack. She went over here 2 days before and asked me to create a human-like replica of Black Jack."

"So now, he's all metal, huh?"

"Not at all Astro! Dr. Pinoko had a patient who was so willing to donate all of his organs to a dying girl who needed them. So she brought the corpse here and what we did was insert a microchip into his brain that will allow him to think like the old person, who died. His body is still 100% flesh and blood."

Their conversation ended when one of the workers announced:

"Professor, we finished all the details on him, should we thaw him out now?"

"Yes." Ochanomizu nodded. "Do it and let's see how well he can react like the old Black Jack."

The glass sealing the chamber close was opened up and now Astro could see a better look at the Cyborg. It was definitely a little boy and when Astro held his hand,

"You're right Professor! He is still a human!"

Little by little, he began to wake up and looked around his surroundings.

Astro smiled at the sight of him. Somebody once dead was brought back to life by the means of Cybernetic Science. So then in a very hushed tone, he whispered…

"Welcome to the world… Black Jack II…"