9 years later…

"I'm home…"

A handsome black and white haired teenager entered the door.

"Good evening, Kuroo. Why did you come home so late?"

Dr. Pinoko asked, while cooking in the kitchen.

"Stuck with piles of lab work…"

The boy said as he loosened his necktie.

"I'll be home late again tomorrow. Got another pile to finish…"

"I think that won't be necessary, young man."

"What?! Why?"

He asked.

"You're going home to Japan, for 3 days. You're stressing yourself out with all this work! You can still study for the licensure exam there without any worry at all…"

"Gee thanks, doctor… But, I'll be going there alone, right?"

"Yeah sure, why not?"

The next day, he found himself at the Osaka airport.

"Japan hasn't changed at all ever since I left it…"

"BJ!!! Over here!"

He looked towards the voices calling his name.

There was a boy there with curly black hair, deep black eyes and a slightly brown complexion. He was waving towards him.

Beside him was a lady of maybe 15, with brown curled hair and brown eyes, wearing a baby pink blouse and matching skirt with fair skin.

"Takahashi! Michelle!"

He said as he ran to them.

"BJ!" they said in reply…

So ends this story!

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