Molly's Diary

A Compliment to Girls Just Wanna Have Fun and Best Friends Forever or Not? If you have not read the other two, you will not have any idea as to what is going on in this diary.

I came up with the idea of Molly's diary while sleeping and how I felt like Molly was left out hugely in the story. When I first outlined BFF or Not, I had every intentions of it ending differently. So this is how Molly's Diary came to be. It is a dark side (yes, it can get darker) to BFF or Not, but it is also being told from the eyes of a pre-teen watching her mother battle breast cancer. This is going to be written in a diary format and I am aiming for the tone of a 12 year old. It will not be grammatically correct, because we all know that is not what a diary is used for. You will also be reading the alternate ending as well. So all of your questions on the "Daddy!!" at the end of the BFF will be answered.

This will be updated on a daily basis and will be the only Author's Note that you will get.

This is Molly's story of the final months leading up to …well the end....

I hope that you all will enjoy reading this, I feel that is just somethign that I needed to write and I can promise you it not be easy to read....Be sure to have tissues lined up and ready to go. No warnings will be given.

Sara aka luv2beloved