Molly's Diary Author's Note:

I have had a few people PM me or put in their review that they were confused because Bella died in this story. This is an alternate ending to Best Friends Forever – or Not?

When I first had the idea to introduce Breast Cancer into a Twilight Fanfiction I had every intention of Bella dying but somewhere along the way it changed, not sure if it is because I introduced another deadly disease as well with Macy and HIV.

With that being said, Bella lives, receives the miracle of a lifetime.

Molly's Diary is my alternate ending, the first one that I planned out. In the end of BFF or Not, Molly screams out "Daddy!" This story is went inside the head of Molly and told from her as well as what "Daddy" really meant to me.

So, yes, Bella dies in this one, as well as giving a gift that only she can give to her children with a personal walk down memory lane. I have a bad habit of making many of my stories come full circle, especially the novel that I just completed.

I want to thank all of you for reading this small story as well as all of my other's. I have had a couple people say that they have noticed that I do better with angst, hurt; pain, emotional, ect stories and I have to agree.

Will I be writing anymore Fanfiction like this? Not right now, I have one story that I need to finish before I move onto anything else; as well as my personal novels that I am perusing but keep me in you your Alerts because you never know.

I hope that this cleared some of the questions that been asked!!