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Chapter 1

Walking out of the alley way, Ianto realized just how tired he was. He hadn't slept in 20 hours and had gone out on two weevil huntings. He was never a man that needed much sleep, but he was just plain tired.

Jack, Owen, and, Tosh were talking about the recent uptick in weevil behavior while Ianto zoned out. Suddenly he heard his name being called from an oddly familiar voice. Then he was being pushed up against the brick wall behind him, while his mouth was assaulted by a woman wearing jeans and a fit cut leather jacket.

Letting Ianto go the voice said, "Ianto, Ianto Jones. I have not fucking seen you in forever. God I missed you," she said re-claiming his mouth while her bright red hair swayed from side to side.

"Ahem…" Owen coughed very subtlety.

All of a sudden Ianto had regained his composure and stopped snogging this seemingly strange woman. His face had turned a bright red.

"What? I didn't bite too hard, did I?" she said jokingly.

"Arwyn. I, uhhh…wow. Uhh," Ianto tried to respond but his blood wasn't flowing towards his brain at this moment and needed a second to calm himself. He was so surprised to see his previously blonde haired ex-girlfriend, that he just stared at her blue eyes for a moment.

"I usually leave 'em speechless, anyway," Arwyn said. Reaching her hand out to the rest of the group, "Hi. I'm Arwyn Nance, Ianto's …well, just in general, I'm Ianto's."

"Arywan is an… old friend," Ianto said finally, the blush never leaving his face.

"I am a lot more than that," she said, feeling put out. "I haven't seen you since you went off to join Torchwood? How did that go?" There was an uncomfortable pause. "That's what I thought. Blew up right in your face, just like I told you it would. The rest of us miss you. You could always come back."

"The rest? Who are the rest?" said Owen, very much enjoying making Ianto squirm.

"The band," she said as if it was obvious. "He has an amazing voice, he even writes…."

"Excuse me, sir." Ianto suddenly pulled her away from the group and began talking to her with his back to them.

The last thing the group heard was, "Sir? Oooh, kinky…"

A couple minutes later Arywan handed something to Ianto and gave him another not-so-chaste kiss. He began walking back to the group when she called out, "By the way, love the suit Yan!" Ianto's blush, if possible, turned even redder.

The whole time Jack never made a move. The printout of rift activity that Tosh had handed him before was crumpled to oblivion in his hand. His knuckles were as white as Ianto's checks were red.


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