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Chapter 5

Walking back towards the Hub, Ianto was upset with Jack, but he took what Arywan said to heart. Maybe I did overreact. Maybe Jack was just being jealous. Ianto liked the sound of that, secretly of course. But then he quickly came to his senses. Him jealous of me? He doesn't care about me like that; he doesn't love me. Maybe Jack was just being protective. At that thought Ianto got even angrier. I am not some little boy. I survived Canary Wharf! I can take care of myself. And on top of that I can kiss or fuck anyone I want! The more he thought about it the less the calm he had gained from Arywan slipped away. He quickly changed his route and once again started off for his apartment.


Jack was sitting at his desk with a glass of whiskey, imagining it was hyper-vodka, so it could get him drunk. His piles upon piles of paperwork were sitting on his desk with a bright orange post-it on top.


Do this and I will take out the stopwatch…

x I

It was supposed to be an easy night. Go weevil hunting and work up a sweat. Get Ianto to stay in the Hub and work up a sweat. However that went to hell when that wench came on to his Ianto. Shit! He fucked that one up. There is no reason this night has to go to complete waste. Maybe Ianto was in a better mood, or maybe they could just have really dirty angry sex. After all, angry sex is the best….


Ianto finally finished walking home and got all the way to his front door before he noticed that his door was open a jar. He quietly pulled out his gun and used it to slowly push the door open. He walked through the short hallway with his gun drawn until he made a sharp right and pointed the gun into his living room. There he saw Jack sitting on his couch with his head in his hands. He then realized that Jack's coat was hanging up next to the door – something he should have realized earlier.

"You can put the gun away. I promise I'm not here to attack you," Jack said wearily but still with his ever present smile. However the gleam in his eyes was markedly diminished.

"You are breaking and entering, though. I am well within my rights to shoot you," Ianto replied with edge.

Jack smiled a full blown real smile at that kind of deadpan comment that was so intrinsically Ianto. "Ah, but you see I had a key," he said getting up from the couch and walking slowly but with purpose towards Ianto, "so there was no breaking. However if you really think shooting me is the right punishment for my actions today, go ahead. But I was thinking of something a little more…fun." Jack finished his sentence by placing his hands on Ianto's hips and grinding his forward and nipping at Ianto's ear, panting out the last word.

Ianto fiercely pushed Jack back after holstering his weapon. "Jesus, Jack! Is that all you think about? You can't fuck your way out of this argument! Sometimes grown-ups have to use real words and talk to one another to work things out, you arsehole," Ianto finished with a growl. He pushed himself past Jack and fell on to the couch running his hands through his hair, eerily reminiscent of Jack's earlier pose. "Look, I am sorry about the way Arywn acted. It was totally unprofessional, but I haven't seen her in years. However you have no right to pick and choose who I am with. I am not some little boy who needs protecting, ok?"

Jack growled at Ianto, "Who you are with? You are with me and with me alone Ianto. Do you hear me? Mine." He stalked to Ianto about ready to pin him to any available surface and reclaim him.

Ianto looked up incredulously and whispered, "Yours? Jack…" he coughed and his raised his voice's volume. "Jack, you go out at night and fuck whomever you find. I have not said a single word about it because that is who you are. I understand, and I accept it because I want to be with you. But if you think you one fucking second that because I happen to bend over every once and a while for you that it makes me yours, you have a rude awakening." Of course Ianto had not actually been with any one other that Jack in their time together, but that defeated the purpose at this particular moment. "If I choose to fuck Arywn or some random guy on the street or even, fuck, Owen, it is well within my prerogative." Suddenly, at the feral look on Jack's face, a lightbulb went off for Ianto. "Holy shit," he said standing up with a gruff laugh, "you actually are jealous. Arywn was telling me, but I thought…. Jack, what the fuck? How can you be jealous, but I have to watch you come back from the pub smelling of sex?"

A gobsmacked Jack just spluttered at Ianto's conclusion. Jealous? Him? "Jealous? Me? I'm not…I mean, I can't be jealous."

Ianto got right in Jack's face, "Then what is it Jack? Because it sure as hell isn't professionalism! What? What is it?"

Jack just looked at him unsure how to answer Ianto. He took a deep breath ready to refute the claim, but maybe he actually was. He let breath go and looked down at his shoes.

"Get out. Don't come to me until you can answer the question. As a matter of fact I am taking tomorrow off. I am going to go see an old friend," Ianto finished with a sneer. Jack obviously wasn't going to answer his question tonight, and Ianto wasn't sure if he could spend all day tomorrow with Jack moping around him.

Jack looked like a kicked puppy when Ianto shut the door on him without either of them saying another word. Serves him right, thought Ianto. Gallivanting about with countless others and getting pissy when I snog an old friend. The nerve.

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