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The Samba Epilogue

[Opening Song]

We fight, we make up

We kiss, we break up

You! You don't really want to stay, no

You! You don't really want to go-o

Hot N Cold, Katy Perry

If one would to ask Hibari Kyouya what he loathed the most in this world, he would probably tell you (providing that you get out in one piece) that it would the Vongola Mist Guardian, Rokudo Mukuro. The source of extreme dislike had stemmed from the humiliating defeat (Mukuro used illusions-and in Hibari's book, that was called cheating) he had suffered all those years ago and also the very fact that Mukuro had tried to possess him, gave Hibari enough reason to justify the murderous intention he felt towards him.

Therefore, it was certain that Hibari had made it as one of his personal missions to be the only person eligible to hunt, maim and finally, kill that bastard mind whore one day--nobody was allowed to go after his prey but Hibari Kyouya. Nobody.

Kufufufu~ My dear Kyouya, are you still angry with me about the pictures?

A feral growl rumbled from Hibari's throat. That filthy herbivore was invading his mind again. Fuck, why wouldn't he just go away?

Screw you.

"It would be my utmost pleasure to accept your offer, Kyouya, however my hands are pretty much full at the moment, so I will have to unfortunately, decline."

Hibari turned to the source of the voice, his cool grey eyes narrowing into silts.


Mukuro countered it with his ever mysterious smile, which only served to annoy Hibari even more.

"Yes, me. I am disappointed with your less than enthusiastic greeting, Kyouya. Are you not happy that I hadn't gotten myself killed inside there, hmm?

Hibari's lips thinned into a straight line, his jaw tightening in rapid annoyance and fury. Even after so many years, the amount of tolerance he had developed for that lowlife illusionist was only that little.

"I am going to bite you dead now, Rokudo."

Hibari jammed the ring into the box, releasing both if his tonfas as he gripped them tightly, preparing to charge headon. However, he stopped short when he noticed that a certain unconscious Vongola Boss was lying quietly in Mukuro's arms.

"....You cheating bastard."

Mukuro smile grew larger.

"I simply can't just leave the Vongola Boss lying unconsious like that on the floor, can I? We can't have him ending up gettng injured or even dead. It would cause so much trouble for this family and the rest of the Mafia if it was the latter, kufufu..."

Hibari stared at Mukuro. What exactly was that mind whore scheming? Personally, he hated mysteries, and Mukuro was definitely on the very top of 'to-kill' list right now.

"...Isn't destroying the Mafia your ultimate goal in the first place?"

Mukuro gave a mock sigh. Laying Tsuna onto the ground gently, he stood up and shook his index finger dismissively.

"Ah, but Kyouya, what fun is that when everything could be so easily accomplished? I'd like to let this go on little more-Tsunayoshi-kun hasn't been possessed by me yet. Besides, I haven't got the chance to..." Mukuro trailed off and walked forward to Hibari. Swiftly grabbing both of Hibari's wrists tightly, Mukuro closed in the gap and leaned in, his mouth mere inches away from Hibari's and whispered. "Fuck. you. yet."


Before Hibari could speak, Mukuro smashed his lips into Hibari's. The skylark's eyes and mouth widened in surprise and shock. Taking advantage of the opening, his tongue pushed swiftly through Hibari's surprisingly soft lips and explored every nook and cranny, all signs of protest effectively suppressed. Almost instantly, the furious skylark clamped his teeth down, biting into Mukuro's lower lip, barely missing the illusionist's tongue. The familiar metallic taste filled Hibari's mouth, bringing a sudden rush of adrenaline was pulsing through his veins, his-

-A push, a shove, Mukuro jumped back, wiping off the speck of blood. The mind blowing kiss was broken. Hibari panted slightly, his thin frame leaning against the wall for support.

"Don't. Touch. Me."

A bemused smirk appeared on Mukuro's face.

"But isn't it obvious that you'd like me to touch you? Kyouya...I wish you would stop being so indecisive and make up your mind-"

A snarl resounded down the corridor as Hibari hurled one of his tonfas at Mukuro. In one graceful move, Mukuro avoided the flying projectile and simply melted into the shadows, fading into nonexistence.

"I'll be waiting for your answer, Hibari-chan~"

As a fuming Hibari made his way down the corridoor, venting his anger on those poor unfortunate lower ranked mafia members who were in his path, Mukuro grinned like a Cheshire Cat when he reappeared. It only grew bigger when he heard a satisfying 'boom' from the direction of the conference room. Picking up Tsuna, the elusive illusionist continued his journey to the Vongola Boss's bedroom while humming a whimsical tune.

Everything was just as planned.

[Closing Song]


(You selfishly tame me)


(The likes of you is what I hate)


(You degrade me as I fall for you)


(And it's so wrong that I want to be hurt by you)

SPELL MAGIC, Acid Black Cherry

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