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She sat at the red light, today was the day and her nerves were....well she was nervous. She knew how to do the job, she'd been doing it for three years already, why should doing the same job in a different state be any different.

The light turned green and she pushed on the gas pedal and soon reached thirty miles per hour. As she drove along she began to think again, about the interview, it'd gone well. She'd talked to Mac Taylor, the head of the team, over the phone and he had sounded impressed.

She began watching for the turn off, it would lead her to the lab's check in facility, the main office.

"Mom, right there, the next left," her daughter's voice rang through the quietness.

She nodded, "Alright, now remember when we get there....."

"I know, ask where the lounge is," Lindsay Monroe smiled to herself. She loved her daughter and was glad at how she was on top of things as she had been since forever.

"Now, Jasmine, please be polite," she glanced at her daughter in the mirror, and then she turned into the parking complex.

"Hey, what can I say, if you give me attitude you get it back."

"Hello Miss, do you have an appointment?" the security guy leaned out of the window.

"Uh, yeah, Jay you have the paper?"

"Here," Jasmine said giving the item to her mother.

"Yes, Sir here you go," and she handed him the slip of paper that had all the information he needed.

He nodded, handed it back to her, and pushed a button to lift the gate.

She pulled the car through and handed the paper to Jasmine.

"It says to go to level A and park in the guest area until you receive a sticker," Lindsay nodded to let her know she'd heard and headed around to the guest area.

She parked, killed the engine, and unlocked the doors.

The two exited the car, grabbed their purses and folders and headed toward the elevator. They got in and pushed the button for the correct floor.


The elevator doors opened, and Lindsay felt her daughter's hand grab hers, not their floor yet.

A man entered, he had to be about Lindsay's age, maybe a few years older. He had light brown hair with some blond and bright blue eyes. He had a lap top in his arm and was typing with one hand.

He backed into the elevator, "Hey, could ya hit a floor for me?"

He was a native, Lindsay thought, that accent she could live with.

"What floor?" she asked. He stopped typing and looked up.

"Probably the same one you're goin' to," he smiled, and then coughed into his hand, "New girl."

She knew she "wasn't supposed to hear that" but she couldn't stop herself.

"What gave it away, the accent?" she smiled back.

"You're the one we're expectin' from Montana, aren't ya?"

She nodded, and the elevator binged again.

"Here we go," Jasmine said, and she led the way out.

They began to walk down the hall to the main desk, "So what's your name?" he asked.

"Lindsay Monroe, and that," she pointed to Jasmine who was now way ahead of them, "is Jasmine."

"Niece?" he asked.

"No, daughter"

" my name's Danny Messer," Danny said.

"Danny or Daniel?"

"Everyone calls me Danny," he smirked, he already thought she was ok; she knew how to stand on her own feet.

They got to the desk and Lindsay handed the lady her slip of paper. The woman nodded and began to tell her directions, "Go straight down the hall then left....." she trailed off as Lindsay rose a hand to signal her to stop.

"Daniel can show me," she said and she waved a hand to Jasmine to follow them.

"Hey Danno, who's this?" a man with dark hair and bright eyes walked up to them.

"Lindsay Monroe, from Bozeman," she answered.

"Nice to meet ya, I'm Flack," he extended a hand.

"Is anyone going to tell me their full name in this lab?" she chuckled.


Lindsay spun around to face the voice, "Stella Bonasera."

"Good, for a second there I thought I was going to be the only girl," Lindsay said smiling.

"Eh um," Jasmine interrupted, "where's the lounge?"

"Here, I'll show you," Stella said, and the two walked away.

"Who's the girl?" Flack asked.

"My daughter," Lindsay said.

"She's a nice kid," Flack said.

"Yeah, once you get past the attitude," Lindsay sighed.

"Hey, just ya average teen," Danny said closing the lap top.

"Hey, Danny, I need you to come with me," an older looking man, with a stern face appeared.

"What for boss?"

"We need to wait for the new girl I hired, she should be here in twenty minutes," Mac said.

"We don't need to, 'cuz she's been here for twenty minutes," Mac stopped and looked at Lindsay.


"Lindsay Monroe?"

"Yes...yes," she heard Danny whisper into her ear.

"Sir, call him sir."

"Yes sir"

"Alright, then I'll need you to come with me and we'll go through the basics."

"Yes sir"

"And don't call me sir," he said as he began to walk in the direction that must have been towards his office.

She turned to Danny, who was trying hard not to laugh, "I'll deal with you later, Daniel."

As she walked away he couldn't restrain himself anymore. He let out a snort of laughter.

"I think somebody's likin' the new girl," Flack said.

"Shut up before ya get yourself killed, ya big goof," Danny smacked his friend in the back of the head.

"Ow, real nice Messer, real nice."

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