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Lindsay was now doing more than just tearing up, a few tears leaked from her eyes as she looked at Danny.

He remained on one knee, and knew that an answer may take a little bit as she'd probably want it to be clear but she was somewhat not in a speaking state.

Jasmine and Jasper sat looking intently upon the scene in front of them.

Jasmine was so happy for them, she already knew her mother would say yes but she just wasn't sure how soon she would.

Lindsay finally spoke, "Yes, Dan," she smile so big as he slipped the ring onto her finger it was a perfect fit.

Jasmine now started to tear up, this move to New York had been the best decision she and her mother had ever made. She'd found out who her father was, they'd moved in with him, and now they were engaged. She didn't care what people at school said about it all happening too fast, it'd all happened over a few months which in her opinion was perfect.

Danny stood up and kissed his now fiancé on the forehead.

"I love you Montana"

"And i love you Messer"

And the two kissed for what seemed like forever.

Jasper reached and grabbed Jasmine's hand, and smiled at her as he lifted it to his mouth and kissed it.

She smiled, and leaned in to kiss him on the lips.

Back at the lab Stella's phone rang.


Just as she answered it she saw Mac in her doorway.

She signaled to him to wait a minute.

"Stel, guess whose engaged now?"

It was Lindsay.

"Oh my god he didn't, he did!"

Lindsay giggled, "I'm now to be Mrs. Messer in a few months," she smiled.

"Aw congrats kiddo," Stella beamed, she was so happy for her friend.

"Well I'm gonna let you go for now but come over later and see me and Jay?"

"Of course I will," Stella said, and with that she hung up.

She now turned to look at Mac, she waved for him to come in.

"What's up?" she asked.

Mac Taylor took a deep breathe in and slowly released it.

"Well I had a question for you…."

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