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Sawada Iemitsu, honorable Consigliere Esterno, had a hitlist.

Every assassin in the business knew about it. After all, Iemitsu-san often sent them updated versions of it. With pictures. In-color. Often with a newer, more complete account of their various misdemeanors towards Iemitsu-san.

Really, it contained only about a dozen or so people. An easy enough number to nibble on. The problem lay in the fact that each target was a massive powerhouse in the Mafia. Ruthless and violently destructive juggernauts were just a few words often associated with them.

Another were possessive, jealous perverts.

And that was the root of it.

Sawada Iemitsu considered each and every single target a drooling, dangerous, depraved pervert out on the loose to debauch the very sanctity and chastity of his precious little baby, Tsuna-chan.

Really. When he'd first seen the newly born Tsuna-chan, he'd breathed a sigh of relief. Being a father to a daughter meant eventually beating off prospective suitors with a stick. Of dynamite. But, here, here was a strapping young baby boy. Who would be one of those prospective suitors to someone else's daughter.

For a couple of years, out on his assignments, he waited for the baby fat to fall off, for the slim slender physique to bulk up into muscles from the various pictures sent to him of his darling little Tsuna-chan.

Then he'd had to come home for the rings and the tournament and he didn't even mind that Tsuna-chan was still a little bit tiny for a boy his age. He'd grow, eventually. Right?

So, off he was again, off to Italy for matters of Mafia Men.

Then, he started to hear rumors. Disturbing ones. Especially to a father of a Mafia heir.

He flew home as fast as he could gut his nagging secretary.

He came home to find the same slender Tsuna-chan, who he realized, really had inherited most of his mother's features and shy personality. But, that…that was okay, because Tsuna-chan now had a core of steel strength, that Iemitsu recognized, that the Vongola bosses had prided themselves on, that Reborn had forged with grueling training and hard-earned lessons and friends.

And Iemitsu was proud of his son.

Only after this, did he stop and start to look around at the people who called themselves Tsuna-chan's famiglia. Even those bastards who allied themselves with the Vongola.

And then, there at that moment, did the Impossible Hitlist was born.

Forged with the Vongola's trademark hyper-intuition and every father's Alarm System, Sawada Iemitsu created the hitlist that no one could complete.

And the Arcobaleno, who could have done something about it, found another source of gambling and betting on.

At the very least, Tsuna-chan was still painfully oblivious to it.