A/N:This is a really fic I decided to write! As per usual, it is slash! And it's another poem! I know how much you people love my poems!

Disclaimer:I do not own the WWE or the superstars (sorta) mentioned! I only own the plot!

Pairing:John Morrison/??? (You have to guess who Morrison is writing about! It's kinda hidden but kinda not!)

- - -

I hate the way your hair falls over you face

After a work out

I hate the way your tanned skin shines bright

In the lights around you

I hate your glasses with the red licorice-colored rims

And the way they never seem to stay on your nose

I hate when you have a bod attitude

But love when you have a good one

I hate when your always right

When I'm always wrong

I hate the fact that both your hands and heart are warm

Just like your hot head

I hate your little quirks, the good and the bad

So I love when you try to fix them

I hare your beer can-less hands

And your cigarette-less fingers

And the way your so persistent to keep it that way

I hate who you hang out with

And love when they talk about you behind your back

I hate how your the best cook, breakfast, lunch, and dinner

And your cleanliness, morning, noon, and night

I hate the fact that your so random

Whether you like it or not

I hate the music you listen to

And when you want to destroy mine

I hate how your always late or always early

Never on-time

I hate how you love the sound of nails on a chalkboard

And when you want to kill the birds that sing in the morning

I hate when you act so emo at any given moment

Whether someone upsets you or not

I hate you lack of maturity

And all the childish games you simply love to play

I hate when you love what I hate

But you hate when I hate what you love

I hate when you make me make no sense

While your gabbing to me

Or yelling at your crappy TV

Or even just by snoring

I hate when you make me think of you

And all your little attributes that drive me crazy

I hate when you say you love me

And still hang out with me

But I especially hate when you say everyday is opposite day

So I have to change hate to love

And love to hate

Which means I hate you with every living fiber of my being

And every inch of my soul

So I know that you really hate me too


- - -

A/N:I hope you enjoyed this wonderful piece of hate (love) that I created for you, my fans. I hate (love) you all! ~ KC3