Hey, everyone! I have decided that I really need to practise my smut... so for this one you can expect smut in the beginning, middle and the end. I don't know yet how long this one will be... It's supposed get my head off things a little since I have some trouble with my other multi-part stories. It's not exactly a writer's block but I only get everything rather slowly written (thus the long time between the "30 things..." chapters among other things). Well, what's better than smut for that? ;)

And it plays somewhere in season 2. There won't be real spoilers though... maybe for the first season and christmas special, but nothing after that.

Next chapters will be longer... and please tell me what you think afterwards. Have fun!

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Rose moaned when the Doctor finally thrust into her. He moved slowly but precisely, leaving her begging for more after every single stroke. Whispering sweet words, Rose couldn't comprehend in her heights of pleasure, into her ear, the Doctor's hands explored her slightly sweaty skin driving her even more to completion. When his tongue explored her mouth like it was trying to taste every little part of it, Rose knew she had to get active before the Doctor's caresses overpowered her completely. She pushed him back a little to invade his mouth instead and taste his sweetness. Moaning his approval, the Doctor pulled her up to sit on him without pulling out of her hot body. His breathing came in short gasps now, announcing his oncoming orgasm. Being also close, Rose screamed out in pleasure when they sped up their pace. Her entire body was shaking. She was close... so very, very close and-

Rose was violently waken by a bouncing sensation under her. Glaring sidewards to see the reason for the rude interruption of the best dream in her life, she looked right into the Doctor's beaming face. He bounced, fully clothed (which was a pity), up and down on her bed, like a kid does to wake his parents on Christmas day... and looked just like one.

"Wakey, wakey sleepy head! You have slept for-" He looked at an invisible watch. "-six hours precisely. We have landed on a wonderful planet for a brilliant new adventure. Ready?" The Doctor grinned broadly at her, like he had no care in the world.

Rose groaned, turned around and put her pillow on her head. "Go away."

The Time Lord looked completely shocked at her behaviour. She reacted the same whenever he woke her like this, but that little fact didn't keep him from being amazed. "Rose Tyler, out these doors... well, not these doors exactly, outside the TARDIS of course... Wouldn't do to have a complete civilisation in front of your bedroom door. Not that they wouldn't fit inside the TARDIS... of course they would, but imagine their reaction when you leave your room on a bad hair day! Wouldn't do to begin the day with an arrow inside your head... really not..." He cleared his throat after this acute attack of meaningless rambling and continued, "Anyway, outside the TARDIS there is a completely new planet, a human from your time has never ever seen before and you want to sleep?" The Doctor wasn't able to understand humans' need for sleep. In his eyes, it was utterly ridiculous that they slept half their life away although they had a rather short one to begin with.

"They won't be gone in two hours... and even if they were, you have got a time machine. We can go back." Her still drowsy voice was muffled by her pillow, but she was sure he would catch every single word. Superior Time Lord physiology... he loved to remind her of that one.

"But I want to go no-ow!" the Doctor whined in response. "You are my partner! Companion! Side-kick! I can't do it without you!"

Thinking about another thing, he couldn't do without her (at least not like that), Rose was reminded of the greatest of great dreams she ever had and groaned into her pillow again.

Because of whatever reason, the Doctor saw her groan as a sound of agreement. "Brilliant! Get dressed and be in five minutes in the console room." He dashed out of the room before she was able to utter another word.

Rose put the pillow down, turned around, and glared at the TARDIS' ceiling like all of this was her fault. "Two minutes... two bloody minutes longer and..." She sighed and decided to forget the dream. It would never come true anyway...


The Doctor looked at the TARDIS' screen when Rose arrived in the console room, half an hour later. She took an extra long shower to annoy the Doctor for the rude interruption of her fantasy.

"Ah, there you are!" he said when she was approaching him. "You are 25,4573 minutes too late. Blimey, you humans have no sense for time at all..."

Rose rolled her eyes at his remark. Normally, she would be returning it with a smart one of her own, but he wore those damn glasses of his, which made him look both nerdy and incredible sexy and made it utterly impossible for Rose to concentrate. So much for forgetting that dream...

The Doctor looked scrutinizing at her. "Rose, are you alright? You seem strange somehow... And before I woke you up today..."

"W-What was before you woke me up?" Panic was evident in her voice, making the Doctor look even more concerned.

"You moaned in your sleep... Did you have a nightmare?"

Rose swallowed. How long did he watch her? Did he hear something else?

"N-Nope. Everything is alright. Just peachy, really."

The Doctor squinted his eyes at her, obviously not believing a word she said. "But there was also this strange scent in the air... I recognize it from somewhere but I can't say-"

"Adventure, right? Let's go, Doctor! Exploring new worlds, civilisations and all that." She took his hand in his and pulled him to the doors. The Doctor knew, she only wanted to distract him, but didn't press the matter. He was sure she would answer his questions when she was ready.

Together, they stepped out of the doors. The light of a new planet and adventure awaited them together with a change neither of them would ever have expected...


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