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Rose prayed to God, the Doctor wouldn't notice how nervous she really was. Although she acted all confident and bossy before, that was mostly her anger speaking out of her. Now, when they were on their way to their bedroom... when she felt his eyes upon her, she realised what a step like this really meant for their relationship. Moreover, she just as good as confessed her undying love to him... 'My whole life'... why had she said something like that? What if he didn't feel the same? The Doctor was obviously interested in her body... but what if that was all he wanted? What if he chucked her out of the TARDIS, once he got it?

But no... he wasn't like that. Not like Jimmy... no, not him... not the Doctor.

Still, the uncertainness prevailed in Rose's heart and her hand tightened around the Doctor's.


The Doctor noticed a change in Rose's posture even before she nearly crushed his hand. Her shoulders stiffened, the confidence in her walk seemed to drift away and he even saw her shoulders shaking a little. Frowning, he stopped abruptly, making her stumble back a little because of their still connected hands.

"Rose, what's wrong?" he asked her concerned.

"Nothing... let's go." She didn't meet his eyes and tried to tug him along but the Doctor had none of it.

"I can see that something is bothering you, Rose. If you aren't ready for this, we don't have to do anything... I'm sorry for what I have done. If you feel pressured to-"

"No!" Rose yelled suddenly, making him jump a little. "I am ready. Have been for a very long time actually... Bloody hand holding and hugging..." She muttered the last words under her breath. "Do you have any idea how frustrating that was? Being allowed to touch but not to touch. You nearly drove me insane!"

The Doctor blushed at her words. He did smell an unusual amount of pheromones in the air when they were hand holding and hugging... naïve like he was, he thought it was normal for Rose. Healthy 21th century girl and all...

"But... what's the matter? You can tell me! You know you can, don't you?"


Now, he looked at her like that. All pleading doe-eyes and muffled hair. God... how she wanted him. And still... the fear of losing him afterwards was eating her alive.

"I know, I can... but..." Rose took a deep breath. She had to know how he felt... there was no way around asking. She turned her whole body around to face him and gently took his hand. When their fingers entwined, perfectly aligned like always, she began to speak, "It's just that... I don't want just one night, Doctor. If this is going to happen... if we are going to become more than friends, then I want more. I want everything. I want to spend the rest of my life with you-" When he opened his mouth to speak, she gently lay a finger on his lips. "I know you can't do the same. You are a Time Lord... you will live hundred of years while I will wither and die. I know, I'm being selfish. I know, it's unfair to ask you this... but... Will you spent the rest of my life with me? Will you... stay with me... forever? My forever?"

Rose looked fearfully to the ground, not wanting to see the answer, she already awaited, in his eyes... Not willing to crush that little tinge of hope, she still hold in her heart.

A Time Lord, the last Time Lord in existence... the smartest man in the universe and a twenty year old shop girl from London? Who didn't take her A-levels and greatest achievement it was to win a bronze medal in gymnastics? Alright, she did some amazing stuff after she met the Doctor but what was she without him? Nothing... absolutely nothing.


The Doctor looked slightly shocked at Rose. He expected the emotional stuff, of course he did... only not now. Not without warning and... and not now. He was a Time Lord. He didn't do emotions. Although he was always different from the rest of his people, he still wasn't one for talking about how he felt... couldn't really find the words. Or it was just the male part of him, that wanted him to run and hide... Either way, he was quite surprised by her sudden confession and couldn't find the right words to answer.

Though his silence seemed to do just that. "Alright, I understand," Rose said suddenly, letting go of his hand and looking into his eyes with tears shining in her own. "I know, I'm not good enough for you... I'm going back to the TARDIS and... and pack my bag."

The Doctor caught her arm when she wanted to run away. "Rose, you are being silly."

"I know, you don't have to rub it-"

"You don't know," he cut her off before she was able to belittle herself any further. "Whatever gave you that strange idea... it's quite the opposite: I'm not good enough for you!"

Rose eyes widened at his words. "Are you daft?"

"No... " he sighed in frustration. "Rose, I'm a murderer! I killed thousands, millions! I'm... I'm not a good person." He nearly choked on his words. Faces of people, killed because of him, invaded his mind. Things... terrible things he did... that happened, because he thought it was the right thing to do or he simply made a mistake, a flaw in his great plan. He saw his home planet burning at his hands, heard people screaming inside his head... and with a look at Rose, the Doctor noticed, she saw just the same.


Rose nearly screamed when the Doctor's memories coursed through her mind. Terrible, terrible things... She saw everything, heard everything and knew at once that the Doctor couldn't possible want her to see them. Rose tried with all her might to chuck the images out of her mind, not because she was scared or disgusted but because she felt for him... because she didn't want to see anything he wanted to hide... wasn't ready to share. But the stream was too strong for her and she was overwhelmed. Fresh tears fell from her eyes when she saw what he had lost and remembered in this very moment. And however terrifying everything was... it only made her love him more. To have endured so very much and still stay sane... still saving worlds over and over again, the Doctor had to be an even more magnificent man, than she thought.

She lay a hand on his cheek, so gently as if she could break him and at once the horrible images vanished. They were replaced by light, so brilliant and pure, it would be able to destroy every corrupted soul with ease. Rose suddenly saw, what she was to him... what the Doctor thought and felt when he looked at her and it nearly broke her heart, like only true love was able to do.

She was what kept him going... what gave him strength to go on after his people were gone... She was the reason, he didn't give up a life older than that of most others. She was his salvation... anchor to the world of the living.

All of these thoughts and feelings and impressions led to the one sentence that would change their lives forever. "Doctor, I love you."


The Doctor stared at her. He couldn't believe his ears... of course, he suspected Rose to have feelings for him and the attraction was obvious... but love? How could someone like her, someone like Rose, love him?

When he wanted to voice his thoughts to her, Rose lay again a finger on his lips. "I know what you want to say, but I saw everything that happened just now... and I'm still here, am I not?" She smiled gently when his eyes widened. "I'm still here and I'm telling you how I feel. How I truly feel. Now... what about you Doctor?"

He could feel the tears burning inside his eyes and instead of saying it, he sent pictures to her. Voluntarily this time. Of how they first met... how he took her hand... their first date... the dungeon in Cardiff... every time they hugged and hold hands and what it meant to him.

The Doctor's hearts fluttered when she showed him her most brilliant smile. "That's more than enough for me."

He grinned back and cupped her cheek with his hand. Gently, he brushed his fingers over her soft skin and took hold of her chin. The Doctor turned her head slightly upwards and met her lips in a kiss filled this passion and above all, love. It felt different, kissing her this time. So unbelievable right, that he couldn't believe, they needed nearly two years to get to this point. Their lips, bodies and minds fitted together like being made for each other and the Doctor couldn't wait to explore the rest of her body... couldn't wait to make her finally his.

"Rose Tyler, I think it is time for another adventure... and for that, we don't even have to leave the bedroom..." he whispered huskily into her ear.

Rose blushed and giggled, a sound he would never grow tired from, and together they ran back to the hotel... ready to explore an entirely new world of their own.


The hotel lay dark in the silence of the night. Only a few lights emitted the building, making it glow like a palace made of crystals and giving it a romantic and serene atmosphere. Music could be heard in the distance, reminding the few remaining guests and staff members of the dance they were missing... for one reason or the other.

Pama Mo sat bored on the front desk, trying to solve crossword puzzles in her favourite magazine. Of course, she had to agree working overtime... she needed the money to buy the Fantasy Cabin, she had her eyes on for ages. But that also meant, sitting bored out of her mind for another five hours on this very spot without anything happening at all.

Most guests would be dancing till morning, the euphoric atmosphere on their planet made sure of that, and the few who decided to remain would stay in their rooms for other activities...

Pama groaned at the thought of others enjoying themselves with their lovers... having extreme bad luck in her love life, she began to hate the happy couples, flirting and snogging in front of her... like that one right there.

Her eyes widened when she recognized Dr John Smith and his 'assistant' Rose Tyler, trying to get through the automatic doors without falling down while snogging wildly and touching every available spot of naked skin. She heard Rose giggling, when she did fall down and the Doctor tried to catch her only to land with her in a bundle of limbs on the floor. Both laughed hysterically when they finally managed to get up and noticed Pama staring at them.

"Oh, you are still working? So sorry to disturb you, Pama," the Doctor said, still grinning widely and his hand never leaving that of Rose. He looked so unbelievable happy that Pama couldn't help herself and smiled back. "Could we get our keys?"

"Of course, Dr. Smith." She reached under the desk to get the keys to their room and when she leant over to give them to him, she whispered. "And congratulations!"

His face lit up even more, if that was possible. He thanked her and the couple went over to the elevator, stopping only for a few more kisses now and then.

Pama sighed heavily when she watched them and decided to call her ex-boyfriend first thing in the morning. Maybe a fantasy couldn't beat the real thing after all...


Rose squealed when the Doctor threw her onto the bed only to jump up on it right after her. Before she could do anything else, he pinned her to mattress, crushing his lips against hers. It was a desperate kiss. He bit and sucked on her upper lip before plunging his tongue into her mouth to taste her. The Doctor rocked his body against hers and she could feel his need pressing against her stomach. Moaning into his lips, Rose returned the kiss with equal fervour. She caressed his tongue with her own and ran her fingers through his hair.

When the dishevelled Time Lord pulled back, Rose was able to see a sudden change inside his eyes. The mirth was nearly gone, replaced by raw desire and lust. The Doctor let go of her hands and sat back, letting his eyes roaming over her body. Although being still fully clothed, Rose felt naked under his gaze and blushed furiously. He looked at her like he wanted to devour her.

"Rose..." he said with growling voice, his eyes finally returning to her face. "Strip. Strip for me."

Normally, Rose would be dismayed at being ordered around, by a lover no less, but the look inside his eyes and the sound of his voice, sent a wave of heat right to her every core.

Rose stood up from the bed and positioning herself right in front of him, Rose let the straps of her dress slowly fall over her shoulders. After opening the zip at the back, the dress fell at once in a bundle on the floor, revealing her body to the Doctor's hungry eyes.

Now being completely naked, save for her panties, Rose gasped, when the Doctor's hands began to explore her body. He ghosted his cold fingers over her flat stomach. One hand went up to cup her breast, the other behind her, on the small of her back. Now sitting on the very edge of the bed, the Doctor's hand pressed against her back, causing Rose to step out of her dress and moving between his legs. She gasped when, the Doctor's mouth found the nipple of the breast, his hand already caressed. He bit gently on it before swirling his tongue around the sensitive middle. Moaning in delight, when his hands wandered down to get rid of her panties, Rose enjoyed the feeling of his strangely hot tongue on her breasts and ran her hands through his hair. Neglecting her breasts for the moment, the Doctor leant down to take the interfering piece of clothing off, that hid the last part of her body from him.


The Doctor breathed the scent in, that invaded his nostrils as soon as he pulled her panties down. He knew without touching her how very wet she was for him and wanted nothing more than to push into her blazing heat.

Not wanting to end this too soon, however, he told her to lay down and was once again surprised by the commanding sound of his voice. She seemed to have awakened something primal inside of him... an animalistic side, long forgotten by his race.

He was even more surprised that she did what she was told and was almost ashamed by the rush of pleasure coursing through his body when he saw her so obediently fulfilling his every wish.

The sight of her laying on the bed, body completely exposed to him and an unbelievable amount of trust inside her eyes, let his hearts swell with happiness and beside the primal want to thrust hard into her body, he just leant down to brush his knuckles gently across her cheek and kissed her softly. His other hand tried to explore every inch of her body, memorizing every little curve and saving her reactions, those little gasps and moans, she exclaimed when he reached an especially responsive part, to his memory. He pulled back and swallowed hard when he saw her looking at him with eyes full of desire and lust. The Doctor watched her reaction, when he moved one of his hands slowly down her body, right to the little bundle of nerves.

She gasped when he pinched it a little and panted heavily when his hand reached further down. Fingers sought out her slippery wet folds and Rose's head pressed down into the pillow, when he roughly pushed two fingers into her. Seeing her clenching her fingers around the blanket, encouraged the Time lord to no end and slowly he began to move his fingers in and out of her.

Curiously he touched her clit with the other hand and gently rubbed on it, while watching her reactions with the interest, a scientist had for a new project.

"Doctooor..." He grinned when he heard her scream his name in pleasure and felt Rose convulse around his fingers, feeling something he could only describe as 'male pride' at the thought that he was the one who made her come like this.

Feeling the beast inside him still roaring but being a little soothed by this first triumph, he removed his fingers from her hot body and tentatively licked some of her juice off of them. Grinning in delight at the taste, he leant down between her thighs and moved his tongue first over her clit and then right into her wet body.


Rose, still recovering from her first enormous orgasm, screamed when his tongue invaded her, feeling another climax quickly approaching. His pace increased and Rose, being reduced to gasps and moans, cried out when she came a second time that night. Her face flushed, when he looked up at her, eyes completely dark and a trace wetness still clinging to his lips. He moved up her body, pressing his still fully clothed form against her and she felt his hard member pressing against her. The Doctor dipped his head down to kiss her, his tongue battling with her own, and Rose tasted herself among the unmistakable taste that was the Time Lord himself.

Sitting up to finally remove his jacket and shirt, his eyes became even darker when he heard her growl in approval at the sight of his naked chest. Slowly, Rose's hands wandered over his body, asking silently if she was finally allowed to touch him.

The Doctor groaned at every little contact of skin and his eyes rolled back inside his head when she reached his nipples and began to roll them between her clever little fingers.

"Rose..." His voice was nothing more than a growl and when his eyes moved back to look at her, Rose gasped. The primal look had returned, freezing her on the spot like a deer in the headlights.

She yelped, when he suddenly took her hands and pushed her back on the bed, his hard-on pressing right on her entrance through his trousers.

"Stay here, exactly like that. Don't move," he growled and Rose wouldn't even dream of disobeying his command.

Faster than even Jack would have been able to, the Doctor stepped out of his remaining clothes and stood beside the bed, completely naked. His stiff cock stood proudly to attention and Rose bit her lip at the sight, wishing now more than ever to be finally fucked by him.

"Doctor, please..." she began to beg, eyes drunken with lust.


The Doctor groaned, when she begged, fighting with all his might the urge to give in to his instincts.

"Rose, I-... I don't think I can be gentle," he expressed with the last bit of self-restraint he could muster.

"Don't want you to. Just give in... Please!"

Rose's answer took his last bit of control and like an animal, he growled as he covered her body with his own and thrust into her in one quick stroke.

She gasped when he finally filled her body and moaned when he began to move, penetrating her deeper and deeper with every stroke.

Rose screamed his name like a mantra over and over again, her body shuddering with pleasure. The Doctor's breathing became heavier and he quickened his pace, losing control completely. When he felt her contracting for a third time around him, he too came with a shout and spilled his hot seed inside of her. With his last remaining strength, he lay down beside her, rolling Rose around with him, so he could still stay inside of her.

Their breathing slowly returned to normal and the Doctor grinned at her, when Rose opened her eyes.

"Hello," he whispered to her, nuzzling his head in the small curve between shoulder and neck and breathing in the scent of her shampoo.

"Hello," she answered, flashing him her most brilliant smile. "Had been damn time, you showed me your moves."

The Time Lord grinned at her cheekiness. "Oh, so I got the moves then, yeah?"

Rose frowned in mock thoughtfulness. "Let's say it like this: For a 'hardly used' body, you weren't that bad."

Growling, he moved his hand up and down her spine, making her shiver in response. "Hardly used, eh? So, you did remember Cassandra's words... Well, I have the whole night left to show you exactly, what I learned in nine hundred years of time and space."


Rose never thought 'making love' would be an appropriate term for having sex, but when the Doctor worshipped her body like the most precious thing in the world, she began to believe it was more than accurate. He made love to her another three times that night (you gotta love a Time Lord's stamina...) and with every caress and stroke, he showed her how much he loved her.

Completely sated for now, they were sitting on the bed, bodies covered only with blankets and their legs entangled.

The Doctor had called room service right after Rose woke up (he only slept two hours and spent the rest of the time watching her sleep), so they would be able to have breakfast in bed.

"These are Gorgongulas, berries," he said, pointing at a bowl of red-yellow looking, peach sized fruits. "Although they are tasting more like a mix of apples, honey and bananas... and are too big to be berries, really... and of course, they smell like tomatoes...Well, technically speaking, they aren't berries at all, but they taste great! Here, try it!"

The Doctor looked at her like a little boy with a new toy and held the... fruit (?)... right in front of her mouth. Cautiously, Rose took a small bite from it and her eyes widened, when the... thing... reached her taste buds. It was one of the most delicious things, she ever tried.

Laughing at her sudden eagerness, when Rose took the Gorgongula out of his hand to devour it as quickly as possible, the Doctor reached over to get another one for himself.

"So, what are we doing today?" Rose asked, after eating up. She licked her fingers as luscious as possible, knowing too well that he was watching her every move.

"Well, I planned to explore the planet with you, but... I fear if you keep doing that, I won't let you leave this room." His voice suddenly became a growl so much like the one, he exclaimed the whole night, that Rose felt heat pooling between her legs.

After sucking on her fingers and releasing them with a 'plop', she grinned cheekily at him. "Who said I wanted to leave? Never leaving you, Doctor. That's me."

The Doctor smiled back and leant forward to lick a trace of juice from her chin. "Yeah, that's you..." he whispered. "By the way... I didn't tell you what exactly the ring is able to do, did I?"

Rose gasped when she saw images of him taking her in all possible places and positions. "It can do that and-" She moaned when she felt fingers touching her body that weren't there. "-and that... and-"

Rose suddenly came with a shout, making him grin in delight. "-that. Or do you prefer the real thing?" he asked with arched eyebrow.

Growling, Rose threw the tablet of food across the room and grabbed the Doctor by his shoulders to press him into the cushions, like he did with her only hours ago.

And after a day and night full of passion and love, they were of one thing certain: No fantasy or dream could ever compare to reality.


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