Just You

"Does it bother you? Not being able to bear children?" The words, accented with the remnants of a Southern twang, fell from Jasper's lips. Until now, he hadn't even realized the thought was in his mind. In their time together, he'd never considered how Alice might feel about having a child. Since joining the Cullen family, Esme had doted on him as if he were one of her own. And he'd soothed Rosalie's heartache over being unable to have a baby countless times.

But he'd never once thought of his wife as motherly.

His golden eyes falling upon the sketch of Renesmee in Alice's lap, the man studied the image of the sleeping child. The baby's curly hair was spread out in a halo around her tiny head, and her lips were puckered as if she were dreaming. She looked perfect. Peaceful. Everything a baby should be. Engrossed in the drawing, Jasper didn't realize that his wife had moved until the tips of her fingers brushed over his cheek. The wave of love he felt from her sent a cascade of shivers down his spine.

Jasper longed to look at his wife, but with his question hanging in the air, he just couldn't. He couldn't raise his eyes to meet hers; the fear that he would see sadness there froze every muscle in his body. Up till now, he thought he'd given Alice everything she wanted. But now, he wasn't sure. And to think that that was even a possibility twisted his insides to knots. Her mood was soothing, happy, but he was still worried.

Unable to look away from the sketch, Jasper's eyes fell shut as Alice's silence filled Renesmee's nursery. They'd been asked to baby sit, and now he wished they hadn't. The thought might have never occurred to him otherwise.

Unnerved by her lack of response, the man was about to ask again when his wife spoke. His eyes still closed, her tinkling soprano voice filled his thoughts. "Jasper, from the first time I saw you…" At this, she paused; her fingers brushed the scar over his left eye. "I knew that you would be everything I would ever need." Alice's tiny hand slid beneath his chin, lifting his face to hers. His eyes fluttered open. "Just you."

The contentment and honesty coming from his wife caused Jasper's body to relax as the truth sank in. Placing his hand over hers, he tried to smile. "What happens next?" His voice was soft, serious. Even if she couldn't see the future, he would have asked.

Alice's screwed up her tiny face. Pursing her lips, she looked towards the ceiling in a mock version of her vision face for a second. Satisfied at what she had 'seen', the pixie-like woman let her features relax as she sighed dreamily. Looking back at her husband, she gave him a brilliant smile. "We live happily ever after." The answer was cliché, ridiculous, perfect.

Leaning forward, a small smile crossed Jasper's face as he kissed the tip of his wife's nose. "Good."

Squeeka Cuomo's Notes
- This was originally written for the lj community "twilight20" (Prompt: Forever).
- This is an extended version of a fic I wrote for 's Twilight fan fiction contest. It's 108 words longer, and in my opinion, much better than the original. It's amazing the different 108 words can make.
- Quack: Thank you for listening to me whine over this. I appreciate all of your help. And not just because you fix all of my commas. :duck:
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