Chapter 1

Donna Pinciotti and Steven Hyde walked through Point Place mall to find Eric and Jackie. The reason being is that Eric was having fun shopping for their wedding with Jackie than Donna for their wedding. What they discovered was a bit of a shock to them. There was Eric and Jackie in a wedding dress and a tux. That sight made Donna pissed off.

"What the hell?!" she exclaimed as the couple in front of them turned with shocked looks on their faces. "I can't believe what you're wearing" Donna said.

"Yeah I know, look shoulders!" Eric said happily, which made Donna even more pissed off. "This was suppose to be our time" said Donna with tears in her eyes as she ran off. "No, Donna wait-", Eric said running off after her, leaving a confused Hyde and Jackie behind.

Donna kept running until she sat on a bench nearby to clear her head. The wedding itself, the planning, getting tuxes, dresses, etc made her head go crazy for a bit. Then she looked up and couldn't believe what she saw was a white rabbit. "Hey little guy she said as she crept up slowly, but the rabbit hopped away very fast. She tried to grabbed it so the rabbit wouldn't get hurt. She ran after it and turned into a corner and didn't see the rabbit. "Where did it go?" she thought as she walked a bit closer and the last step she felt herself fall into a pit as Donna screamed for help.