The white column of pure power seemed to stretch on forever, rising into the heavens like a heavenly spear, intent on piercing heaven itself.

From within, there was nothing but silence, as the changes were wrought.

All at once, it suddenly faded, condensing into one form, with a wave of light...

When it faded, he rose from his crouch, head hung low, sparks still dancing around him, even as he stood up.

His voice was not his own, but instead seemed to echo in on itself, deep and booming.

"It's been a long time since I used this form."

In his right hand, he now clutched a magnificient weapon, one that must have been forged in the very fires of heaven, as it seemed to radiate white brilliance.

Its pallid blue edge shone with the light from a thousand suns, and he would make its name well known to them, as he cut them down. In his right hand he had small weapon, but that arm was more heavily armored than the rest, and it clutched a massively white broadsword leading one to fear it just as much.

He opened his eyes, and now they were a shimmering crystal blue, and his hair had actually lost its spikeiness, and instead hung down over his face, partially into his eyes, adding to his mysterious appearance.

As for the fragment of his mask, it was at last visible, and it was as elegantly crafted as the rest of his pallid armor.

Over the right side of his face it hung, resembling Ichigo's vizard mask in a sense, but it was a pure white, that side of his face, eye and all, hidden from view in the blackness of the eye socket.

In his lower gut, was his hollow hole.

Terrible white light seemed to emanate from him, when he hefted the massive broadsword at an angle, whilst the calibur blade was held out point first.

His visible blue eye gleamed bright as he spoke.

"I will end this now."

A bolt of light leapt from the shorter blade, and seconds later, the fifty soldiers were left at his mercy, unable to move.

With a scowl, he raised his amored hand.

"Behold thine enemies: Corbenik!"

A giant figure appeared over him, god-like in appearance, just like its master. (Avatar Corbenink from )

It mirrored his gesture, the fingers of its left hand clenching into a fist as well.

As his fist collided with the snow, it did as well-

Killing half the men on the spot, reducing them to twenty five, as lightning from both blows smote them to ashes, leaving nothing but burning cinders behind, and crushed mangled corpses

And those number fired their rifles.

Naruto threw his broadsword forward in response, and like a tomahawk, it whirled towards his targets, his fist closed

The moment the first bullet touched it, the weapon froze, and hung erect in the air, edge straight, as he opened his fist.

As it spun a pallid red barrier erupted into life, and the bullets sank into it like jelly, even stretching outward, but unable to harm him in the slightest.

Naruto closed his fist, and the giant moved again...

Leveling the massive cannon that was its right arm.

Red light danced behind its barrel, charging....


With a mighty roar, red light consumed the enemy unit.

This left Ulquiorra.

Naruto began to advance, picking his sword out of the snow as he did.

"Thou shalt receive no mercy!"


Everyone felt the quakes and tremors as the two superpowers made earth their battleground, ripping up the soil, melting and refrezzing the ice, and even charging the air with electricity, to the point where a single spark would ignite a massive fireball.

Throughout it all, Naruto dominated, proving the reason he was the Primera.

In other word's Ulquiorra was getting the shit beaten out of him.

The attacks were relentlss.

One moment the knight would be breaking the traitor over his knee, the next, he assaulted his former comrade with a barrage of white hot cero's, so numerous in number, that Ulquiorra had no chance of dodging them all, nor the strikes of the mighty giant whom Naruto had at his command.

When the smoke cleared, Ulquiorra Schiffer was bleeding for the first time in his life.

He now bore gashes down the length of his arms, with blood dripping into his right eye, blinding him, from a gash Naruto had delivered unto him.

His clothing was soiled and torn, and he had lost all feeling in his legs.

He deemed best to retreat-

That is, until a claw erupted from his stomach.

A familair voice hissed in his ear, full of venom, as he coughed up blood.

"Remember me?"

Behind him stood Nina, perfectly unharmed, clad once again in a full set of armor.

'"Did you really think a little potshot like that would kill an epsada?" She all but spat in his ear.

And it was she that had gored him through the stomach.

"Kage Bunshin. You really should have learned it."

With agonizing slowness, she pulled out her claw, allowing it to rake over his number, removing it as well, as acid burned the ancient ink away.

"Narut-sama, please let me handle this." She requested, and the god like figure stayed his pace.

"As you wish."

Orange light glared around her.

"Let the old fall to the new...Skeith!"

As she said this, upper left half of Ulquiorra's body lost all semblance of movement.

And for good reason as well, what with his arm now sliced off and all.

He stood no chance.

A giant reaper (Skeith from ) Hung over Nina, and at that moment, she was the very embodiment of death, as she closed her claws into a fist.


His scream echoed over the mountain.