Sitting around here, doing nothing other than waiting for the next day wasn't something Dark Link enjoyed, though everyone else seemed to be just fine with it. He had tried sitting in the living room, had tried to get to know the others, but it always felt as if he hit a wall with all his attempts. Most of the occupants of the room couldn't see that there was more to him than just an evil creature created from their friend's darkest thoughts.

He couldn't really blame them though, he eerily resembled the guy, mirrored him. Where his skin had a healthy tan, his was as pale as the moon. His hair was black as the night, while the hero's, THEIR hero, resembled the rays of the sun. But the worst part was that whenever he took the time to look at his appearance, his red eyes would always upset him. There was something not right about them, yet he couldn't put his finger on it.

He was just an empty shell of something he could never be, and being around the people close to the hero only made matters worse.

So he decided to take a walk and let his mind wonder. Perhaps some fresh air would do him good. Soon, his aimlessly wandering brought him past the bedrooms. The hallway was deadly silent, if he could only ignore the sound of someone crying.

Wait…Someone crying?

He had forced the door open en invaded the room before he even stopped to think.

What if they don't want me? I'm probably the last person any of them wants to be comforted by…


The mighty, fierce, Spirit Sage, child of the dessert, was sitting on her bed, back turned to the door. After a few awkward minutes, the sound continued that had drawn him to the room in the first place.

It scared him, it honestly did. He had never seen anyone in any state other than mad, pissed of, or basically normal. People weren't supposed to cry and be sad; they were supposed to kick your ass for intruding on their privacy.

In his whole life (which wasn't as long as his body might show) he had only seen the small tad bits of Link's life in which he had been angry, hurt, confused or deadset angry. He had only seen the worst side of life, yet he was completely unfamiliar with this side of the human emotion spectrum.

Not really knowing what to do about this situation, or what he should do with himself, he sat down next to Nayla, draping an arm around her shoulders in the progress. But apparently, that only made the crying worse.

"Damn it woman, get a grip on yourself and tell me what's wrong"

"Y-you're a-a jerk, you know that?"

Finally, she responded in Hylian, a language he could actually understand. Woman were such strange creatures he pondered, letting their emotions take control over them like that and then wailing out stuff that didn't really make sense, yet they surely expected you to understand them.

Which seriously made him question why he enjoyed being in their presence, at all.

Glancing down, he noticed that Nayla had stopped shaking, thus his mind concluded, she had stopped crying. How could he have missed such a vital thing?

Suddenly, he was thrown off balance, and then hit by a pillow, quite hard.

They're all mad… I don't know why that keeps surprising me.

"Now that you've stopped sniffing, you can finally tell me what's wrong."

Even though the room they were in was very dark, he could feel her eyes staring into his, as if she was trying to read his mind. Apparently satisfied with what she had seen, Nayla turned around a bit, moving so she could look at him without breaking her neck.

"The castle..." she whispered. "It burned down to the ground, didn't it?"

Why wasn't she just getting to the point? What was he, her best female friend or something? It sure did feel that way, the way they were talking here, in her room, all alone…

All Alone…

She hadn't expected an answer; she was just confirming the facts for herself. That much he knew.

"The day Gannondorf came back…I wasn't alone… Out of the blue, a meeting was called for, and on my way, I bumped into Kisota…a friend of mine…"

He hadn't heard this part of the story, heck he didn't even know why the feisty brown haired Gerudo was here, replacing Nabooro. So naturally, his interest was peaked.

"She wasn't like the other Gerudo's, she was so bouncy, so full of life…We went looking for Nabooro, for no one had seen her for over two weeks, and by the times we decided to call it quits, and attend the meeting, it had already started. Self-conscious as she was about her tardiness being noticed by her superiors, Kisota forced me to watch the meeting, hidden behind some crates conveniently placed a little while behind the meeting area. She saved me from becoming a mindless Gannondorf follower, and what have I done to repay here?"

She had started sniffing half way through her story, and by the time she came to the most important part, tears were running over her cheeks like raindrops from the sky and she was shaking uncontrollably.

"She's dead, thanks to me. I left her at Zelda's castle, hurt, all by herself, so I could wander about and save the world with you guys, while I should have stayed to protect her."

She soon calmed after that. Perhaps all she had needed was someone she could yell at, someone she could be mean to. Or perhaps she needed someone, who like her, was all alone.

Long after their "talk" had ended, they enjoyed each other's company, sharing a drink they call loneliness.


"We're heading for Termina. Today."

After enjoying the rest of the night, and part of the next morning sleeping, Zelda had gathered everyone in the main room.

Termina…Memories of temples, falling moons, laughing masks and lastly deep all consuming sadness filed his mind.

He hadn't been there since he had buried the mask, and he surely hadn't planned going there any time before his death. But even with all that in his head, he could see the logic of that decision.

"Termina, as our close neighbour, will surely lend us aid to help and conquer the evil called know that if they refuse, they will soon fall after Hyrule has fallen. His thirst for power won't be quenched until he owns all there is in this world."

That and they owned him, big time. And he would use that fact against them.


After they packed what little belongings they had with them, after fetching the amount of horses they needed for the journey, and after saying goodbye to those that weren't coming with them, they finally took off to Termina, the land of the falling moon.

Their group wasn't nearly as big as it was just moments ago. Darunia hadn't been able to find a horse that could have possible carried him all the way to Termina, nor had Malon been very keen on lending him on. Horses and Gorons didn't mix, according to her.

Rutela had simply refused to come with them. First of all, she would only slow them down, seeing as she needed water every once in while, and finding the amounts she needed would cost them a lot of time. Secondly, she hadn't really asked for any of this. She was only the caretaker of Ruto's eggs, not a hero. But most importantly, those eggs needed her. She was the only Zora ,of those that recently laid fresh batches of eggs that had lost hers. Only she could take care of Ruto's eggs now they no longer had their mom to look after them.

Despite being a sage, Saria still couldn't wander away from the Forest for any longer than three days. The week travel alone would surely mean her death, so everybody agreed (everybody but she) on the fact that she wasn't going to accompany them.

And Impa? She was being Impa, taking care of those in Castle town that needed her now the castle had burned down.

So that left Nayla, Dark, Zelda and Link to finish the all important task. None of them were really that comfortable being around each other and each had their own reasons.

Nayla simply didn't know how to feel after Kisota, the only link to her tribe, had died in the fire which had consumed Zelda's home. Deep down, she blamed the princess for Kisota's death. If her security had been any better, the castle would have never been set ablaze and Kisota would still be there to meet her once she got back. But most importantly, she resented Zelda because she had survived the fire, and Kisota hadn't.

She was angry at Link for the same reasons. If he managed to save Zelda, would it have been that much harder to save Kisota as well? She highly doubted it.

Zelda felt uncomfortable around Link, basically because she had failed to tell him her secret when she had the chance. It was his right to know, she knew that, but why has everything to be so damn hard?

Dark received side glanced by both Link and Zelda. He knew that it had to be strange for Zelda, seeing Link, but not really seeing Link whenever she looked at him. He also could see why Link gave him the side glances. It must hurt when the very embodiment of all your darkest thoughts is riding right next to you.

It was Nayla who troubled him though. After their night in her room, he simply didn't know how to act around her anymore. He didn't know what she expected of him, and he highly doubted he ever would find out.

Needless to say, the journey to Termina wasn't one of the merrier ones.


He could feel it, with every step Epona took; he was getting closer to the mask. Normally it shouldn't have bothered him that much, but over time, it took more and more out of him to keep in control of the voice in his head. He could feel the mask calling out to him, screaming at him to release it once again.

He didn't have a clue how long he would last this time. He just wanted to run away, as fast as he could, but he knew that he had to stay, for her, for the world. He could only hope that he was still sane (as sane as possible) when they needed him most. Until then, he would fight the mask.


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