The war was over. After five long years of fighting, hiding, fighting again, a killing curse to the chest, and ultimately healing, Harry Potter had finally defeated Voldemort. It was a costly victory, however. Harry looked out over the blood-filled battlefield, towards the devastation that lay before him. Bodies of witches and wizards littered the once majestic grounds of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Harry looked out towards the black lake, the scene of the final battle between himself and Voldemort, tears threatening to sting his eyes as he remembered each and every friend who perished throughout the five years of this bloody war.

The war, in reality, began the moment Harry stepped foot into Hogwarts, with Professor Snape staring him down. Little did he know at the time that Voldemort was in the castle, hidden beneath the ugly turban that adorned the head of the Defense Against The Dark Arts professor. But to most, the war began during Harry's fourth year when the first casualty fell. Cedric Diggory, a loyal Hufflepuff, died at the hands of the rat who betrayed Harry's parents. Peter Pettigrew killed Cedric before the ritual that gave Voldemort a new body, using Harry's own blood to help. This, harry knew, was partly his fault. He spared the life of the no-good traitor in his third year, and ever since then it came back to haunt him. He would always blame himself for that.

The second victim of the war, his own Godfather, Sirius Black. Again, Harry felt the pangs of guilt, for had he not gone to the Department of Mysteries, Sirius would still be alive. He wouldn't have come after him to rescue Harry and his friends, and he wouldn't have been hit by a stunner from Bellatrix Lestrange, sending him through the Veil of Death. Every one of his close friends had told Harry that it wasn't his fault, but Harry was adamant. If he had learned Occlumency properly, the vision of Sirius being captured and tortured never would have gotten to him. Some of his friends blamed Dumbledore for not giving Harry the information he needed. Of course, Harry took that into consideration too. It was true that Dumbledore withheld a lot of information, but all the same, it boiled down to Harry himself, who went to the Department of Mysteries where Sirius followed him, and paid for it with his life.

Then there is Dumbledore himself. After Dumbledore died, the war effort went to hell in a handbasket. The lack of serious training on Harry's part shown during the battles, and it was evident that Harry was completely unprepared. That, he knew, he could blame Dumbledore for. Everyone knew that Harry was a powerful wizard, but power does not equate to skill. Harry was more powerful than all of his friends, but he was never taught how to harness that power into a useful fighting skill. He was never properly prepared to duel Voldemort, and the fault lied with Dumbledore. Dumbledore had never prepared him for what he must do, and the bits and pieces he did learn didn't help him much. Instead, Harry's knowledge of magic was woefully behind that of Voldemort, and it led to the war going on for as long as it did.

It was also that night that Harry found out where Severus Snape's true loyalties lie. On top of the Astronomy tower, it was Severus Snape who cast the killing curse against Dumbledore, and it was Severus Snape who protected Draco Malfoy from everyone during the ensuing fighting. Instead of fleeing, Harry faught. The fighting came to a stand-still until Voldemort showed up. Harry knew that he was the only one who could defeat him, but others had not known that. Many died that night, and if it were not for the quick thinking and timing of Ginny and Madame Pomfrey, Harry would have died that night.

Many students fought and died bravely that day. The Patil twins put up a good fight, taking out a combined fifteen Death Eaters before Bellatrix and Rudolphus Lestrange killed them. Collin Creevey, from his perch on an old Cleansweep broom, ended up killing Narcissa Malfoy. He died when a blasting hex took out his broom, causing him to fall over a hunded feet. Most of the Slytherins had sided with Voldemort when the fighting started, so the rest of the students had no problems sending them to an early grave. The remaining members of Dumbledore's Army had the pleasure of taking out most of the Slytherins. Their bodies were the first to be burned, as members watched the flames. Some, however, felt the anguish of watching some of their classmates die horrible deaths.

There had been a number of battles since Dumbledore died. Sometimes the side of light would win, but more often than not they got out of there alive. It was a sad day indeed when the Board of Governors decided that Hogwarts was no longer safe for the children of the Wizarding world, and closed the school indefinitely. Instead, the Order of the Phoenix, led by Harry now, decided that Hogwarts and her secrets best served as the new Headquarters. Only those who were actively fighting for the side of light were permitted at Hogwarts, including Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Neville, Luna, and most of the D.A. Anyone who was branded with the Dark Mark, or whose loyalty was questioned, was immediately apprehended and force-fed Veritiserum to find out their loyalties. Those found to be in sympathy with Voldemort, ended up being tortured and killed for information. This was Harry's choice, because Azkaban was in the control of Death Eaters, and a good Death Eater was a dead one. Harry didn't like this method, but he realized quickly that it was necessary. It was war, after all. His choice was solidified after the deaths of Molly and Arthur Weasley.

Ginny took her parents' death hardest of all. She was the youngest of the Weasley Clan, and even Harry couldn't bring her out of the state of depression she was in. It took the death of the two wizards responsible for anything to even remotely get through to Ginny. Harry had gathered a bit of intelligence that Draco Malfoy and Severus Snape were hiding at Snape's old house at Spinner's End. It took weeks of watching, planning, and practice in the Room of Requirement before Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny, who refused to be left out of this particular mission, to be ready to take them down. It wasn't for naught though, as the night Harry and company attacked, the Death Eaters were unprepared. There were six of them there, including Snape and Malfoy, and also an unmarked Death Eater who had turned out was a spying against the Order. It was a blow to the Order, but more personally to the quartet. It was also really no surprise to any of them. Draco fell easily to Ginny's cutting hex, and even though she fought ferociously, she was there not to take prisoners, but to avenge her parents' murder.

The other Death Eaters fell quickly, until all that was left was Severus Snape and the spy. As Snape and Harry dueled, Harry began to realize that Snape's heart was not into the duel. Harry knew Snape was an excellent dueler, and could easily taken out Harry, but it was as if Snape wasn't even trying. It wasn't until Ginny and Ron had subdued the spy that Snape threw down his wand and surrendered. Not only was this unexpected, but it left Harry shocked in place. Harry had lowered his wand, but still kept it pointed towards the loathed man. Ron and Hermione had bound and gagged both of their prisoners, and portkeyed them back to Hogwarts newly converted detention cells. Harry and Ginny remained behind at Spinner's End to search Snape's house. Snape had kept looking towards the bookshelves, and Harry had an instinct to go and search there first. It was then that Harry noticed a tattered book, a sixth year Transfiguration book. Harry noticed that none of the other books seemed to be along the same subject, so he chose that one to look at. He noticed the tidy scrawl on the inside cover – 'Property of the Half-Blood Prince'. Harry opened it, expecting to see notes on transfiguration and such, but to his surprise, it was lists of Death Eaters, those that the Death Eaters bribed in the Ministry, and detailed descriptions of some of Voldemort's hideouts. Harry figured most had to be under the fidelus charm, since the names and addresses of the places weren't listed, but from the description, Harry was sure they could find the location. Taped to the back cover of the book was a key, that looked like it fit a jewelry box. Ginny had found one in the destruction, hidden beneath a floorboard. They put the key in and the box revealed vials of memories. When Harry and Ginny had reviewed the memories, they were mainly of Snape and Dumbledore, sometimes planning, sometimes arguing. It was a side of Snape and Dumbledore never seen before. Harry was not surprised at some of the memories, but the one thing that he was surprised at were the memories of the torture and killing of Molly and Arthur Weasley at the hands of Snape and Draco. Snape had seemed to enjoy the task, and suffice to say, Severus Snape did not live long after Harry and Ginny saw those memories.

The spy, however, was not as lucky. He was takin back to Hogwarts while Ginny and Harry continued to review the small box of memories at Snape's house. Ron, Hermione and Minerva McGonagall were getting information from the reluctant spy. To say that Minerva was shocked at the identity of the spy was understated. But the information that the spy had given to the Death Eaters led to the murders of Arthur and Molly Weasley, and also led to the deaths of many heroic Order members. Percival Ignatius Weasley sat in a chair, bound from head to toe, a mask of indifference on his face. Ron was furious, Hermione in awe, and Minerva McGonagall in shock. Harry had ordered that information was to be gathered by any means necessary, and Ron took that to heart. He decided to use Muggle torture techniques, using fists, baseball bats, knives and other odds and ends to beat Percy to a living pulp. Percy was a bleeding mess, while Hermione tasked herself to heal the broken down former member of the family, only to continue to torture.

That, however, wasn't the end of the traitor Percy Weasley. Bill, Charlie, Fred and George Weasley each had their turn, and each came up with their own sort of torture, short of using the Cruciatus Curse on him. That was one thing that Harry had forbidden use of. The Unforgivable curses were just that in his eyes. Use reductor curses, slicing curses, or anything else they wanted, but the Unforgivable curses were out. In the end, not only did they get much useful information, but it left Percy an inch from death. Harry, not being one to watch suffering as it's happening, finally ordered the twins to cease, and all parties involved walked out of the prison cell, and left Percy to die.

Ginny, however, was broken hearted. On the one hand, she lost not only her parents, but now her brother. On the other, the anger she felt towards Percy, she felt that he still didn't get what he deserved. None of them could believe what Percy had said during his interrogation, but it was proven that Percy was not under the Imperius Curse, and it was his plan to take out Arthur, Molly, Bill and Charlie. It was his plan to take over the Weasley Patriarch, and restore their pureblood heritage by siding with the Dark Lord.

Harry and Ginny in the meantime had watched in fascination at all of Snape's memories. Harry couldn't deny the memories, because everything in the memories had proven to be true:

Snape, arguing that Lily and James didn't want Harry to go to the Dursley's in the first place.

Snape asking Dumbledore if it were wise to allow Harry to go into the Chamber alone, without some sort of backup from the teaching staff.

Snape, berating Dumbledore for allowing Remus to get too close to Harry during a full moon, with Remus looking down in shame.

Snape, the fake Mad-Eye Moody, McGonagall, Molly, Arthur, and Dumbledore arguing about Harry's involvement in the Tri-Wizard tournament. Snape had argued that it would be best to let things unfold, while Arthur and Molly wanted the tournament cancelled.

Snape, watching at an Order meeting, where everyone is arguing over the prophecy.

Memory after memory showed Severus Snape in a different light. Parts of Harry were feeling guilty for allowing the greasy haired git to die, but that quickly ended when they came upon the memory of the end of sixth year, where Snape murdered Dumbledore. Unlike watching the events unfold, and Dumbledore's portrait saying to trust Snape, the memories had shown in a faint echo what the person was thinking. I'll finally be out from under Dumbledore's thumb. 'AVADA KEDAVRA!' Snape, relaying the whole prophecy to Voldemort, and Voldemort rewarding him by allowing him to kill the 'blood-traitor' family known as the Weasleys. This, above all else, made Harry absolutely glad that he allowed Snape to die. Not only that, but he also had ill-will towards Dumbledore, as it was Dumbledore who had refused to tell him what he needed to know during his years at Hogwarts. That, to Harry, was the ultimate betrayal.

Now, three years and many casualties later, the war was finally over. Harry had finally gotten the last Horcrux, unknown to Voldemort. He had destroyed it with the Sword of Gryffindor, his last remaining artifact that belonged to him. Harry had learned after Dumbledore's death of his inheritance, and suffice to say that it once again made Harry feel glad that Dumbledore was already dead. He had inherited his family estate, which included houses and much safer places than the Dursley's ever had been. It also included his parents will, which legally should have been read long before he turned 11. Dumbledore had prevented him from taking his rightful place as head of the family, which would entitle him many things, including power within the wizarding world unlike that of any other. Harry could understand some reasoning, such as corruption at such a young age, but Harry knew that had he had this influence and power when he was younger, his Godfather wouldn't have been in prison an extra two years, nor would Fudge had the chance to send that cow Umbridge to Hogwarts, or people would have been aware of Voldemort's return sooner. Now, it was too late. His estate was nearly gone, burned to ashes when Percy betrayed them. Now all that was left of the mighty Gryffindor-Merlin-Black-Potter line was the sword of Gryffindor, and his wife Ginny.

As Harry stood in what was left of the Headmaster's office at Hogwarts, now converted into his 'war-room' office, Harry couldn't help but let a few tears fall from his face as he remembered his friends and 'family' who died fighting this war. As Harry reflected, he could smell the stench of burnt flesh, intermingling with the flowery scent that he had come to know so well and associate with the only good thing left in his life.

"It's not your fault, you know." A soft voice said from behind Harry.

"Oh? You don't think I'm to blame for this?" Harry replied quietly.

"No, I don't. Harry, we both know that everyone who fought would have fought anyway. They stood behind you, believed in you. They died fighting, not cowering in some dingy corner." The voice replied. Without another word, the voice moved closer, and Harry felt small arms wrapping themselves around his waist. "Besides, I'm just as much to blame as you are."

"I am at least partly to blame, Gin. There were multiple times that I had the opportunity to end this war, and I didn't because I wasn't powerful enough, or it wasn't the right time, or someone else was in trouble. I…"

"Bullshit, Harry. Dumbledore…"

"Fuck Dumbledore. He got us into this mess in the first place. Had he been completely honest with me, and told me things from the start, we could have ended this years ago. All these people wouldn't have died, and…"

"Yes. Blame a dead man. That's fine, just don't blame yourself Harry. You did what you had to do." Ginny said. "NO one had the power to vanquish Voldemort except you. We understood that."

"Had I done it sooner… Bill…Charlie… the twins… Ron… Hermione…"

"HARRY JAMES POTTER! It's not your fault! My brothers… they all died fighting because they believed in you. Mum and Dad, they loved you! I Love you! That much was obvious when we bonded! They couldn't have been happier!" Ginny roared, fire blazing in her eyes. "If anyone is to blame, it's Albus! Instead of avoiding you all fifth year, he should have sat you down and told you the prophecy! Hell, he should have told you the prophecy first year, so you could have used that time to train! But no, he had to keep his fucking secrets, and look where it got him! Our world may be down right now, but we can rebuild! He treated us like children who couldn't understand, and that was his biggest mistake! After everything you've been through! The stone in first year, the Chamber in second, The Tri-wizard tournament, the Department of Mysteries, the dark lake, and everything else!"

"I must agree with Mrs. Potter, Harry." Another voice said. "I had often disagreed with Albus about how he was keeping you in the dark." Harry turned to see his former transfiguration professor wheeling her way into the office. Harry had felt bad seeing her like this, after the last battle had effectively removed one of her legs.

"That may be so Minerva, but I am also to blame somewhat. Sure, Albus kept a lot from me. Everyone I know did, because they thought it was for my own good. That was the fastest way to lose my trust was to keep something from me. Ron and Hermione's involvement in the Order before fifth year, and their subsequent reporting of my activities? That was a low blow, but I suppose it was Albus' way of trying to keep tabs on me. That's going to change, however." Harry said.

"So you still plan on doing it?" Minerva inquired. Harry nodded. "I must say Harry, that I don't think it's wise for you to do this. The war was costly, yes. But doing something like this, risking your life after the war, seems unnecessary."

"I understand Minerva, I really do. Ginny and I have lost everything, and we really have only each other. Everyone has lost friends and family, and look at me. I've lost my entire family. Mum, dad, Sirius, Remus, the Weasleys, everyone I have ever considered family, is gone. If this doesn't work, then I'll be with them. If it does, then we have a chance to put right what once went wrong." Harry explained.

"What do you mean, YOU will be with them? Don't you mean we?" Ginny snapped. "Harry you big prat, you're not doing this alone! We already had the argument of using that spell, but I will be damned if I let you do it alone! We will live through it together, Harry. It's either that, or we die together. You know what happens. If you do this spell, and it doesn't work, then I die too. Is that what you want? Our bond won't let either of us survive if it fails. If it succeeds, and you go back, I die here anyway!"

"Love, I know we're in this together. I had been working on this for months. Those nights I couldn't sleep, I've been thinking about this, going over the arithmancy, the runes, everything. If this works, it will take us both. I figured everything to take us to a point of time where things started going wrong. " Harry said.

"Harry… messing with time is never a good thing. Remember your third year." Minerva said.

"That's exactly what gave me this idea, Minerva. Part of the potion consists of sand from the last remaining time turner. I found it in Albus' desk after Hogwarts fell. It's the only way." Harry turned to look at his former transfiguration professor, deep in thought.

"Harry, I urge you to reconsider. Yes, the potion is ready, and I can't deny that your runes and arithmancy are correct, but there are unknown factors involved. You could end up changing more than you intended. One slip of the tongue, and things could drastically change. Sending your memories back in time, who knows what effects it will have. Your bond may have unknown effects on the potion, or the spell."

"Minerva, we actually took that into consideration. We are bonded now. According to some research I found, there's theories that we were always meant to be, and this bond surpasses time and space. If we succeed and return to our past, then either our bond won't exist, or it will re-establish itself at the first opportunity." Harry explained. He had reviewed his notes constantly over the past few months, and only Ginny and Minerva knew of his plans. None of the Order knew, for they would try and stop him. Minerva, for her part, had never interfered. She questioned the actions, but the elder professor had complete faith in the young Harry Potter. Since Albus died, Minerva had become a very powerful ally, second in command of the Order of the Phoenix. Once the prophecy was revealed to the order, it was the Order who decided that Harry was the one to lead them. They had all followed willingly and no one doubted his orders. Ron and Hermione followed him no matter what, even though they had originally betrayed him by spying on him. He can forgive that. They had followed him without question since.

"So you have decided exactly when to go back to?" Minerva asked.

"We're going back to the end of my first year." Ginny said. "Without the Chamber incident, I think we would have never realized our bond. That's something neither of us is willing to change."

"That would be the summer of Sirius' escape from Azkaban." Minerva observed. "Do you plan on freeing him?"

"That's one thing. We're also going to make sure that I don't have to deal with the Dursleys. Once I get back, the first thing I'm going to do is go to Gringotts, claim my inheritance and leadership of the House of Potter, Gryffindor and Merlin." Harry said, watching Minerva carefully. "It's not the money I need, Minerva. It's the advantage of having a safe haven to go to instead of the Dursleys. Albus didn't know of Potter Castle, as he has only known of Godric's Hallow and Potter Manor."

"But what of Hogwarts? With being the heir to the founders…" Minerva began.

"I won't press that to my advantage unless I have to. " Harry said.

"While you will retain your memories, Harry, I can not say the same for your magic. Can you live with not being able to perform some of the more complex spells until your magical core catches up with you?" Minerva asked.

"If I have to. That won't prevent me from getting to Riddle's horcruxes. I plan on telling Sirius everything." Harry replied.

"Might I suggest you also let Albus in?" Minerva said.

"No. I don't trust him. You and I both know he raised me to be a weapon. What would he do if he knew that I knew future events? He would be more protective than he was. I can not trust that he won't do the same." Harry responded. "I will bring you in, if I need to. The only problem with that would be having you believe me. You do have a stubborn side, and if I told you I was from the future, you would have me committed to St. Mungos."

"That is true, Harry. However, if you wish to get through to my stubborn side, as you put it, all you would have to do is say 'Clarissa is missing you'. This will alert me to your being truthful. No one knows of her, save for me."

"Who is Clarissa?" Ginny asked.

"She was… my daughter. No one knew of her, not even Albus. She was the inventor of this potion. She had tried it… but failed. I believe her to be dead, but I have hope that she is lost in time. But it has been sixty years." Minerva explained.

"I'm sorry, Minerva. I just hope you won't hex me." Harry laughed.

"So it's decided then?" Ginny asked. "We're going back to the summer after my first year?"

"I think that'll be best. We'll use Simba to send Sirius a letter. Sirius knows that a phoenix will only go to a person of light. We could have him hide at Potter Manor until we get him freed." Harry said.

"We have to be very careful not to interfere too much. I know we have a lot planned, Harry. Otherwise history could take a turn for the worse. That means you will have to go through the Tri-Wizard tournament again."

"Oh, that's not an issue. In fact, this time around, I plan on entering. I know the tasks, assuming that they'd be the same. But instead of entering my name, I will make it public that I plan on entering, making a big show of entering my name in the goblet, and hopefully the Goblet will chose me instead of Cedric. If it doesn't choose me, then the final task, I'll use Simba to flame to the center, levitate the cup to Dumbledore, and he and I will take on Riddle." Harry said. "That is, if Riddle makes it that far."

"How would the goblet choose you, Harry? You're only a fourth year then?" Ginny asked.

"The goblet of fire is a magical object, Ginerva. While Albus will put an age line on it, it will not stop Harry from entering. The Goblet measures magical aura and skill. If Harry retains memories properly, and his magical core is equal to that of a 17 year old at the time, the goblet would choose Harry over anyone." Minerva explained. "I fear that if Harry had been entered under Hogwarts the first time, he would have been chosen over Cedric."

"I'm not sure if I should take that as a compliment or not, Minerva." Harry laughed.

"You should, Harry. Your power levels even at that age were extremely high. When students first come to Hogwarts, their magical potential is measured. That is one reason for the sorting hat." She said, pointing to the old hat sitting in a place of honor on Harry's shelf.

"She is correct, Mr. Potter." The hat said.

"Hello, Gideon." Harry said. "What does that mean, magical potential?"

"You were difficult to sort, Mr. Potter." Gideon said. "Your raw magical potential was higher than even that of Albus Dumbledore. While he registered around 200, Mr. Potter, at age eleven you registered well in the three hundreds. Mr. Diggory, I might add, registered at one fourty. The average student registers at about one twenty."

"I'm curious, Gideon. What was Neville's potential? I mean, he was the other person the prophecy could have fortold…" Ginny asked.

"Mr. Longbottom registered at one sixty three." Gideon said. "And Mr. Riddle, I might add, was the only other one to register as high as Albus, at two fifteen."

"Then why am I so different, Gideon? Why do I register at over three hundred?" Harry asked. "And will that change when I return to third year?"

"Your magical potential cannot decrease, Mr. Potter. You will still have the potential in the three hundreds. I do not know how it will affect you and Mrs. Potter, who incidentally registered at two hundred. No one knows of these numbers save for the headmaster. If you return to your third year, Mr. Potter, I would like to have a discussion with you."

"I'd like that Gideon. You will be able to see into my mind, and know my mission." Harry said sarcastically. "I bet you'd just love to tell the headmaster."

"I can not reveal to anyone what I find in your head, Mr. Potter. You do realize, you are the heir of the founders. You will not have trouble from me… but I can advise you, if you wish." Gideon said.

"Having someone impartial would help, Harry." Ginny said. "I think he'd be a valuable asset."

"Thank you, Mrs. Potter." Gideon said.

"This was why Albus put such… heavy restrictions on you, Harry. You are the most powerful wizard alive, and I believe Albus didn't want you going dark. Not that you would, mind you. He did not know of your phoenix."

"There's one thing I'd like to do, if we make it back. Something I didn't do this time." Harry smirked.

"We want to become animagi." Ginny smiled.

"I would be glad to help you with that, Harry." Minerva said. "After all, if you bring me in, I will need to help you as much as I can."

"As for being put on a leash, that won't happen again. Even if I have to hide out at Potter Castle. I'm worried how it will affect our bond."

"It's okay, Harry. We'll have our memories, and we will remember how we feel about each other. I could never forget you." Ginny smiled, holding Harry's hand.

"Nor could I ever forget you. I just don't want to lose you, Gin. We've lost too much as it is. I couldn't bear to lose you too. " Harry smiled. "We're going back to the very end of second year, just before end of the year feast. That way, we can talk to you before we leave, Minerva."

"I wish you luck, Harry. Once you drink the potion, say the spell and the time vortex will open. You both must step through at the precise moment you wish to go back to. Any miscalculation, and you could wind up in a time where you are unable to merge with your previous selves. When you get there, please take me into your confidence. I could be of great help to you two." Minerva cautioned.

"I promise, Minerva. If this works, we will do everything we can to make things right." Harry said, approaching the elder witch.

"Good luck, Harry and Ginny. Merlin be with you." Minerva said, hugging the two young adults close to her. With that, Harry and Ginny drank the potion, raised their wands and spoke the incantation. "TEMPUS TRANSISTUS!" The pair watched as the time vortex formed, and stepped into their past.

Harry woke up amid chaos, and sat up quickly in bed. 'Bed? I wasn't laying down… what's going on? Where am I?' Harry fumbled around for his glasses and found them lying on the bedside table. Ok, I'm in my bedroom at Privet Drive. The question is, when are we? Harry looked around for some clues, and his eyes fell to the calendar on the wall that he used to mark the days until September First. OI!

"Not so loud, Harry. I have a headache. Oi! Where the bloody hell am I?" Ginny asked.

"I don't know about you, Love. But I'm at Privet Drive." Harry replied. "I think we over shot it a bit."

"Oh, Harry. I'm sorry. I think I'm in my bedroom. Harry? What year is it?"

"I would think it's between the summer between my second and third year. I can't get out right now…my door, it's locked." Harry said.

"Do you have your wand?" Ginny asked.

"No. I'll have to do something though. I JUST woke up, and I don't have my wand. I don't… I'll know when I get out of this cupboard." Harry said. "Then I'll get over to Diagon Alley. And I'll need to get ahold of Minerva."

"This isn't good, Harry. We didn't plan on coming back this far… what are we going to do?"

"Don't worry love. I'll head over there as soon as I can. I need to go see Minerva and talk to her. But I'm going to stop at Gringotts first. It looks like it's a couple of days before I blow up my aunt Marge. I don't think I want that to happen again. So I'll just have to make sure things stay calm."

"I love you, Harry. I'll see if Mum can take us to Diagon Alley." Ginny said.

"I love you too. I'm going to send Hedwig to you." Harry responded. He walked over to his faithful owl's cage and spoke with her. "Hedwig… would you mind taking your cage over to the Burrow and to Ginny? She's going to take care of you for a day or so, while I get some things straightened out. If we're lucky, we'll never have to come here again." Harry told the snowy white owl. She bobbed her head and nipped his finger affectionately as she grabbed her cage in her talons and took off towards the burrow. Harry then kicked open the door to his bedroom and headed downstairs.

"What are you doing out of your bedroom?" Petunia snapped.

"I woke up early, Aunt Petunia." Harry asked tentatively.

"Get busy and make breakfast." Petunia said harshly.

"No… I don't think so. You see, I'm heading into London today, and I really don't feel like dealing with Vernon's sister. If you're lucky, I won't be back except to get my trunk."

"What do you mean, you won't be back?"

"I have business in London. If things go well, then you won't have to see me again." Harry said simply.

"What do you mean, business?" Petunia asked sharply.

"That's none of your concern." Harry said scathingly. "In fact, I think I'll pack my trunk now. I really don't think I'll ever be back." With that, Harry headed up to his room and packed his trunk of everything magical.

'I'm off to Diagon Alley love. I told the Dursleys that I'm not coming back. It was pretty easy, since Petunia didn't really put up much of a fight.'

'That's good love… you're heading to Gringotts first then?'

'Yeah love… just think… we did it!'

'I know love. We did it…' Ginny smiled.

'A little bit earlier than we expected. And it looks like our bond is unaffected, so far.'

'That's a good thing. I can tell you are happy right now.' Ginny smiled.

'Yeah. I'll see you as soon as I can, love. Our letters will be coming any day now, and I'll head over to Diagon Alley today and get everything organized. Stay at the Burrow, and I'll bring McGonagall to you."

'Alright, Harry. At least we know we can talk this way. I don't fancy spending the year apart.'

Harry had to drag his trunk downstairs and out the door. He took out his wand, casting his eyes from side to side to make sure no one was looking, and raised it high in the air. *BANG*. A huge bus appeared in front of him.

"Welcome to the Knight Bus, emergency…" the conductor began.

"Yes, yes. I know. Diagon Alley and make it quick." Harry said impatiently.

Ten minutes later, harry was standing outside of the Leaky Cauldron. Harry and Ginny's plan was a bold one, and he was glad for all that time spent learning Occlumency. He wouldn't have the old man poking around in his head, nor would he have the greasy git doing the same during the potions lessons. As he walked in, he noticed that the bar was somewhat empty. He strode to the counter and past the barman into the back alley. Once he opened the gateway, Harry headed straight for Gringotts.

"May I help you?" the goblin asked.

"Respected Griphook, how are you today?" Harry asked, bowing slightly.

"I am well, Mr. Potter. What is it you wish to do today?"

"I wish to visit my vault, and discuss my future." Harry asked.

"It is not necessary for you to deceive us, Mr. Potter. We both know who you are, as it is clear from your magical signature." Griphook whispered. Harry felt slightly panicked at the out of the blue statement. "Do not be alarmed. It is part of the Goblin magic. We keep our clients' confidence. "Where is Mrs. Potter?"

"She is at her parents, Master Griphook. May I ask, how did you know?" Harry asked.

"It is very rare for a young man such as yourself to enter our bank alone, and know how to treat Goblins. That, along with your magical aura tells me you are bonded, and that you are more than you seem. I daresay that you are much older than you appear, Mr. Potter. As such, we shall keep your confidence."

"Especially from Albus Dumbledore and the Ministry?" Harry asked.

"Of course, Lord Potter. I shall take you to your vault, and our Manager, Ragnot, will wish to speak with you about your inheritance. As you are bonded, you are an adult in the wizarding world, as is your wife. I cannot say as to why you have such a powerful magical signature, but I will say that your family has always been powerful, and your family has always treated the Goblin nation with respect. It is good to see that the tradition continues." Griphook said.

"It is my honor, Master Griphook." Harry said. "Please accompany me to Master Ragnot. I wish to be able to access the Potter family vault."

Griphook led Harry to a set of offices that were off to the side of the main lobby. Instead of going into the Wills and Testaments office, harry was led to the main manager's office. Another goblin was sitting behind the desk, going over paperwork.

"Lord Potter. I am Ragnot, Manager of Gringotts, Diagon Alley Branch. Normally, I do not get involved in Wills and Testaments, however you are a special case. The Potter's have been clients since the beginning, and also, it is rare to see a bonded wizard at such a young age." Ragnot said.

"Master Ragnot, may your gold always flow favorably." Harry said, giving a slight bow. "I trust that your interest in this matter is not only of that?"

"Indeed not, Lord Potter. If you would please place a few drops of blood onto this parchment, we will verify your identity, and read your parents will. My interests, however, coincide with the bank's interests, and that is to keep your accounts here at Gringotts profitable for both of us."

"Of course, Master Ragnot. I do not intend to remove my accounts from Gringotts. The Goblin nation has always been fair to my family, and as such, I shall remain with your noble race." Harry said, taking the silver dagger from Ragnot and pricking himself. As the blood dropped onto the parchment, words began to appear on it.

Harry James Potter, Born 1980 JULY 31.

Parents: James Andrew Potter, Lily Rose (Evans) Potter

Godfather: Sirius Black

Godmother: Minerva McGonagall

Heir: Potter Family; Gryffindor Family; Merlin Family; Ravenclaw Family; Hufflepuff family; Slytherin Family;

Properties: Potter Castle, Potter Manor, House at Godric's Hallow; Gryffindor Castle; HSWW; Property at Ottery St. Catchpole

Vaults: Potter (4); Hogwarts (1); Merlin (3);

"Interesting, Lord Potter. You are the heir to the founders of Hogwarts." Ragnot said. "By rights and blood, you own Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry." Harry already knew this, but placed a look of shock on his face.

"That can't be! I mean, I know that I'm Gryffindor's heir, but how am I related to the others?" Harry asked convincingly.

"As you know, Rowena Ravenclaw married into the Gryffindor Family. A few generations later, a Hufflepuff's Son married a Slyherin's daughter, and generations after that, their offspring married into the bloodline of Gryffindor. Therefore, you are the only blood heir of all the founders, and therefore own Hogwarts."

"But what of Voldemort? He is the heir of Slytherin. Should he not have control of the vault also?" Harry asked.

"No, Lord Potter. Voldemort gave up his claim when he murdered your parents and his body was destroyed." Ragnot said.

"So you know…" Harry began.

"Yes. We know. He is out there somewhere, and may return one day, and we also know you will stop him." Ragnot said, his voice just above a whisper. "After all, that is why you came here." To say that Harry was shocked was an understatement. Harry looked at the goblin carefully, his emerald green eyes searching that of the Goblin's black ones.

"How exactly did you know?" Harry asked.

"Lord Potter, unlike the wizarding world, the Goblin nation keeps accurate records of magics and the like. When you walked into our establishment, it was shown that you are genuinely Harry Potter, but you are not. I know it does not make sense, but that is what it is. It also registers you as a powerful wizard with two magical cores, both exceeding that of a normal eleven year old. We can put two and two together, Lord Potter. That, and given that you are bonded at age eleven, confirmed that you are a traveler of temporal magica. No one outside of this room will know, not even the other Goblins."

"I appreciate that, Master Ragnot. So you know of my mission then?" Harry asked. "We, the Wizard nation and the Goblin nation has lost a lot in the war, and I have come to prevent that. The Goblin nation had lost everything, including this fine establishment. I have come to protect the whole community, and I would need help."

"When the time comes, Lord Potter, the Goblins will do our part. You may not know, but I also lead the Goblin nation. We will stand with you, Lord Potter, when the time is right." Ragnot said.

"There is only one thing I request of you, Master Ragnot. I cannot ask it of you, as it would go against your laws. There is an artifact within another's vault that would aid in the destruction of Voldemort. It rightfully belongs to the House of Hufflepuff, but currently resides in the vault of Lestrange." Harry said sadly. "In our last time line, my friends and I had to disrupt Gringotts business and take the item. I do not wish to do so again, but I do not wish to have the Goblin nation break their own laws."

"You say this item is in the vault of the Lestrange?" Ragnot asked.

"It is." Harry said.

"And the Lestranges are currently in Azkaban?" Harry nodded. "It is no matter. As convicted criminals, the Goblin nation can acquire items from their vaults in lieu of payment for upkeep of their vaults. What is this item?"

"It is a golden cup, with a badger on it." Harry said. "It is an evil object, containing a piece of Voldemort's soul." Harry said.

"A Horcurx? The vile creature created a horcrux?" Ragnot asked.

"No, Master Ragnot. He created six of these vile things. One just happens to be within these hallowed halls." Harry said. Ragnot looked furious, and Harry sat back, letting the goblin think.

"I shall retrieve this item personally. We shall take our payment from that." Ragnot said.

"I insist on paying you for your inconvenience, Master Ragnot. I do not wish to cheat the Goblin nation of their rightful fees." Harry said quickly.

"No, Lord Potter. If this item is a horcrux, and we shall know if it is, then it must be destroyed. We can destroy it, but I do not think that you would like that."

"No offense, Master Ragnot, but I wish to destroy it, for peace of mind. " Harry said.

"No offense taken, Lord Potter. Might I suggest that we work together then, to destroy it? That vile piece of garbage brought pure evil into our domain. We goblins appreciate business and profit, but to bring something such as that into our establishment, is not conductive to business."

"That would be most appreciated, Master Ragnot." Harry said. "We shall discuss this further once we have the item within our grasp. As for now, I wish to visit my vaults and get my family rings." Harry said.

"That will not be necessary, Lord Potter. They are right here. I also have an endless money bag for you, along with charmed cheques. They will allow you to carry gold, and withdraw directly from your family vault. It will also convert your gold into muggle money. Your trust fund vault will be shut down, and the gold placed within will be returned to your family vault." Ragnot pulled a small wooden box from his desk and handed it to Harry. He opened it to reveal four rings: the Potter family ring, the ladies' Potter family ring, the Merlin Family ring, and the Hogwarts Crest ring.

"Thank you, Master Ragnot. I also wish to arrange to have a Master Wards Goblin to place the fidelus charm on Potter Manor, with myself and my wife Ginerva as secret keepers." Harry said.

"Once you signed the parchments, Lord Potter, the Manor's secret automatically went to you. It is already under the Goblin Fidelus." Ragnot said.

"Oh, I didn't know that." Harry replied, surprised. In fact, that was true. It wasn't like that before. "I thank you Master Ragnot." Harry said, as he placed the rings on his fingers, and placed Ginny's ring in his pocket. Harry placed the endless money bag into his pocket and stood up. "I believe this concludes our business? Allow the Goblins in charge of my accounts to remain as managers, and I shall take the one deed to the property at Ottery St. Catchpole."

"As you wish, Lord Potter." Ragnot said, handing over a small stack of parchments. "May you succeed in your endeavors."

"Thank you, Master Ragnot. May your gold always flow favorably." Harry said. He bowed low to the Goblin and walked from the office. Harry went straight out the door and headed into Diagon Alley.

Harry's first stop was a small shop that sold magical trunks. The first thing he did was purchase two of the best trunks available. One for himself, and the other one for Ginny. They had seven locks, keyed directly into Harry. He would add Ginny later, but Harry knew what Ginny would like. Each trunk had seven compartments: a Library, a sitting room, a bedroom, a bathroom, a kitchen, a training room, and a second smaller bedroom. The trunks could also shrink themselves, and would serve their purpose perfectly.

Harry's next stop was Ollivander's to get a second wand and a couple of holsters. When Harry first met the older wandmaker, Harry didn't know if he liked him or not. Over the years, Harry found that he did like the eccentric man, and he fell into a nice conversation with him about his parents.

"Mr. Ollivander, would it be possible to have a second wand made, if I were to bring you the core materials?"

"It is highly illegal for a normal wizard to carry a second wand, Lord Potter. But as your stature in the community…" Ollivander said. "What materials would you bring?"

"Phoenix feathers. A pure white one, and a pure black one. I wish to have them both made into one wand."

"You cannot be serious, Lord Potter! There hasn't been a sighting of a pure white or a pure black phoenix in centuries!" Ollivander said. "One feather would make two wands…"

"I'll tell you what, Mr. Ollivander. I'll bring you two feathers each. You make me two wands, and the other two feathers, you may have as compensation."

"Again, Lord Potter, how would you obtain such feathers? There has not been…"

"Simba! Nala!" Harry called. Immediately, two phoenixes appeared much to the shock of Ollivander. Ollivander stood there in awe as two things he thought he would never see appeared before him. "Simba, Nala, would you be so kind as to donate two feathers each?" Harry asked the two phoenixes. The beautiful phoenixes trilled a happy note and flamed out, leaving two feathers each behind.

"Lord Potter… I… I… am just… amazed. You have given me a gift that no one could ever have forseen! These feathers alone are worth more than my entire shop inventory!" Ollivander said.

"Then you will make the two wands for me? One black and one white feather in each wand… and the wood should be of the best choices for compatibility. One wand will be for me, the other wand will be for my wife." Harry asked.

"Yes. And I will make you the wands free. I will owl you when they are complete." Ollivander said with glee. "My, my, my. You have indeed surprised me, Lord Potter." Ollivander said happily.

"I am glad to be of service, Mr. Ollivander. I'm sure after a burning, they would be happy to donate another feather or two." Harry said.

"Oh no, Lord Potter. These wands will make a very powerful weapon. I cannot in good conscious create wands of these feathers for just anyone." Ollivander said. "I will make your two wands, but the two feathers you gave me, I shall only create if necessary."

"Thank you, Mr. Ollivander." Harry said. "I must go…I have shopping to do." Harry smiled at the wandmaker and headed next door to Eyelops Owl Emporium to pick up treats for Hedwig and his two phoenixes.

The next stop was Flourish and Blotts, where Harry picked up dozens of books. He had gotten all of his textbooks for the rest of his years at Hogwarts, except the Defense against the Dark arts books that were written by Lockhart. After Flourish and Blotts, Harry headed over to the Apothocary to get all the necessary potion supplies he'd need for school. He could have taken what was necessary from his potions lab at Potter Manor, but decided against it for now. His last stop was Madam Milkins Robes, where he got his school robes, and a few sets of dress robes. Harry also ended up getting some casual wear robes along with some muggle clothing to wear when in the Muggle areas. Now that he had everything he needed, he used his family portkey ring to take him to Potter Manor.

"Master Harry! What is you doing here? You isn't supposed to be here for another three years!" the first elf said, scrambling to reach Harry's hand and taking it. "I is Cindi, and I is the head house elf for Potter Manor. This is Inky. We is surprised you is here, but very happy!" Harry was smiling, and happy to see his two faithful house elves. Harry knew that these two would go through fire and brimstone for him, protecting him when he needed it, and also protecting his friends.

"Hello Cindi, Hello Inky. Please, I order you not to call me Master. Please, when we're alone or with my close friends and mate, you may call me Harry. In official company, you can call me Master." Harry smiled. Harry knew, eventually, there would be problems with Hermione and her House-Elf liberation front, but Harry wasn't about to deal with that this time around. "Cindi, would you please bring me the master floo and ward access list? And Inky, would you take this trunk and set up the master suite for me? Hedwig's cage and food are in the trunk. Set up the library in the trunk with all my books, except those needed for first year. They will go in the top compartment."

"Of course, Harry." The elves said. Cindi blinked out and came back a moment later with master Floo and Ward entry list. Harry immediately removed everyone, and began adding names. Ginny Potter, Sirius Black, Minerva McGonagall, and Remus Lupin.

Harry? Are you there? A voice came from the back of his mind.

Yeah Gin. What's up?

I just haven't heard from you in a couple hours. Everything alright?

Of course love. I finished my shopping trip, and I'm currently setting wards and floo access to Potter Manor. If you want to come over, call for either Cindy or Inky. They'd be happy to bring you, or use the floo… 'Potter Manor in Scotland.

I can't, Love. Mum's got me doing things here. Are you still coming with Minerva?

Yes. I'm finishing this up then going over to Hogwarts to speak with her. Oh, when you go to Diagon Alley, Ollivander will have a second wand for you. When we're together, we'll go and get you one that is attuned to you. The other wand is one of the two battle wands I had made. Simba and Nala gave a few feathers each.

That's nice of them… but Harry, won't that make for an especially powerful wand?

That's the whole idea love. We are taking out the trash at Hogwarts. Malfoy, Crabbe, Goyle, Parkinson, and anyone else we deem necessary. Malfoy will learn who he's dealing with long before we even get to school.

Alright love. Mum won't be too happy with things, but has no choice, does she?

Nope. She'll probably want to asphyxiate me when she and your dad sees what I have for them.

What do you have love?

Oh, that's a surprise, love. I'll see you in a few hours.

I love you, Harry.

I love you too Gin.

Once Harry finished with the wards and floo list, making sure that only he, Ginny, Sirius, Remus, and Minerva were able to enter, Harry ate the lunch that Cindi had prepared. Harry indeed missed Cindi's cooking, and was glad to be back home. Although Harry had only been here a few times, and still didn't know every room in the house, he felt like he was home. He had yet to go into the study, or the main Potter Library. The war just didn't give him the time to do so. Then Potter Manor was destroyed, and he never would get the chance. Harry vowed that he would get the chance this summer.

"Cindi, Inky, I'm heading over to Hogwarts to pick up Professor McGonagall. Depending on how long it takes to convince her, I may be out for a bit. Please ensure that eight guest rooms are prepared just in case I bring the family home. If I do intend on bringing them home, I will call for you ahead of time."

"Yes, Harry." Cindi bowed, and disappeared. Harry used his portkey ring to get to the gates of Hogwarts. He pulled out his wand and sent a patronus directly to Minerva. He had hoped that she was alone, and was relieved when a harried looking Minerva McGonagall came hurrying to the gates.

"I do not believe it!" the elderly witch said. "How… what…" she stammered.

"Professor McGonagall, if you have a few hours, I would like to discuss some matters with you in extreme privacy. It is of the most sensitive nature, and I do not wish to be overheard by anyone, including our headmaster." Harry replied.

"Who are you? And why do you look like Harry Potter? And how can you produce a corporeal Patronus?" Minerva asked.

"I will answer all your questions, Professor, if you'd agree to accompany me." Harry said. He took out his wand. "I Solemnly swear on my magic that I am Harry James Potter, and I mean you, Professor Minerva McGonagall, absolutely no harm." A swirl of light surrounded Harry and faded.

"Harry... It can't be. You're supposed to be in Surrey!" Minerva said.

"Obviously I'm not, Professor." Harry laughed. "We do need to speak, if you'd please unlock the gates and take my hand, I'll take you to a secure location." Harry watched as Minerva eyed him carefully, then unlocked the gates. She took Harry's hand, and Harry leaned over to the elderly professor and said, "Harry Potter lives at Potter Manor in Scotland." With that, he said in his mind, Home to the ranch! Immediately the portkey took them back to Potter Manor.

"Where are we?" Minerva asked, standing up straight.

"Welcome to my home, Professor. This is Potter Manor. It is under the Fidelus Charm, so you cannot tell Professor Dumbledore where it is. " Harry said.

"But… how?" Minerva said, looking absolutely gobsmacked.

"What I'm about to tell you must remain absolutely secret. Therefore, I must ask that you make an unbreakable vow stating that you will not tell anyone what I'm about to tell you." Harry said seriously.

"An unbreakable vow? How do you know about those? In fact, you and…" Then it made sense. Ginerva Potter. Harry Potter. Bonded wizard and witch. It would explain why Harry has access to his family home. "Alright, Mr. Potter. You will have your unbreakable vow." Minerva said. After the vow was completed, Harry began his story. An hour later, Minerva looked at him curiously.

"And how am I to believe this story, Mr. Potter?" Minerva asked.

"Well, I thought you would ask that, so I asked you…well, the future you, something that only you would know, and would immediately believe me. She said to tell you that Clarissa is missing you." Harry replied sadly.

"Oh my dear Merlin. It can't be." Minerva said. "You… you and Miss Weasley… I mean, Mrs. Potter… you succeeded!"

"Yes, we did. We came back further than we meant to, by about a year." Harry said. "So you believe me?"

"Yes, Mr. Potter. No one knew of Clarissa, and I doubt that I would have ever told anyone. If everything you say is true, then you have taken a big risk coming back here. But, I can understand the need for it. Tell me, Mr. Potter, if you can. Why was I involved in sending you back?"

"You were the only one left that we trusted, Professor." Harry said quietly.

"Please, when we're alone, call me Minerva. I daresay you know me very well in this future of yours. What do you mean the only one left?"

"By the time we took the potion and spoke the spell, the war was over. My trust in Dumbledore was non-existent long before then. However, that isn't the reason he didn't help. "

"Well, why me?" Minerva asked again.

"You were the only teacher left alive that I trusted. Dumbledore was killed in my sixth year by Severus Snape and Draco Malfoy, Filius Flitwick was killed a year after, I didn't trust the other teachers as much as I trusted you."

"Severus…killed Albus?" Minerva asked, shocked.

"Yes, on Voldemort's orders. Dumbledore 'trusted' Snape explicitly, and Snape betrayed him. His so-called iron clad reason for trusting him was because Snape was in love with my mother, and claimed he didn't know Voldemort was going after my parents."

"What are you planning on doing?" Minerva asked.

"That's the difficult question, now isn't it Minerva? There are events at Hogwarts that must happen in order for history not to be affected too badly. Ginny and I planned this out completely, but the problem with that, some plans had to change because we ended up a year earlier than expected. She's a year behind me in school, and now…" Harry sighed. "Her family doesn't know anything yet, Minerva. I had planned on going over there tonight…"

"I will accompany you. I have your wife's letter with me, along with yours. I daresay you both will find your next few years at Hogwarts relatively simple." Minerva smiled.

"Actually, Minerva, we were hoping that you would help us become Animagi. I have the materials here in my potions lab to make the Animagus Revelation Potion, but I would like to have help." Harry smiled.

"It takes a lot of magical power and concentration to accomplish an animagus transformation, Harry." Minerva said.

"Minerva… you know of the spell placed on the sorting hat that shows magical potential?" Harry asked.

"Yes. Normally the headmaster knows of this only, but Albus informed me of it as well."

"The first time around, my magical potential was rated at over 300." Harry said. Minerva's jaw dropped, shocked.

"That… that's higher…"

"Yeah. Higher than Dumbledore and Voldemort. I think the hat once told me that the only person that was higher was Grandpa Merlin."

"Grandpa… you're related to Merlin?" Minerva asked.

"Yes. My direct bloodline will remain secret until I need it, but I'm related by blood to Merlin and the four founders. I technically own Hogwarts." Harry said quietly.

"That means… oh Merlin. Technically, you're my boss." Minerva said, a ghost of a smirk forming on her face.

"That's what the Goblins' tell me. But trust me, Minerva, you are the best transfiguration teacher out there. I would never dream of replacing you. I wish for you to treat me like any other student. However, I do ask that you try and find Horace Slughorn."

"Why would you want… Oh. You plan on getting rid of Severus I take it?" Minerva asked.

"The greasy git killed Dumbledore, killed Molly and Arthur, and constantly mistreated students during his years here. I don't plan on firing him exactly. I plan on making his life a living hell until he either quits, or dies."

"Harry! You can't kill a professor!" Minerva laughed. "Although, I may admit that the greaseball may deserve anything you dish out…" Harry couldn't help but laugh at Minerva's term for Snape. It was the exact same thing she said one time during a meeting they had after they discovered Snape was involved in the Weasley's death.

"Also, I plan on hiring competent Defense Against the Dark Arts teachers. This year will be no problems with that because Remus is a good teacher. It's a shame that Snape will eventually tell the school of his condition."

"What?!" Minerva yelled.

"Yeah. Sometime at the end of the year, after we help Sirius Black escape, Snape will get so jealous that he'll release that information. But I don't plan for that to happen.

"What do you mean you help Sirius Black escape? He betrayed your parents." Minerva asked.

"Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger and I discovered the truth in the Shrieking Shack. Pettigrew is alive, and we'll be taking care of that shortly. I assume that Sirius already escaped?" Harry asked. Minerva nodded.

"It is not a matter of public record yet, but it will be by the end of the week." Minerva said.

"That gives us time then. We'll also have to discuss the prophecy and what it entails."

"You know of the prophecy?" Minerva asked.

"The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches ... born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies ... and the Dark Lord will mark him as equal, but he will have power the Dark Lord knows not ... and either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives ... the one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord will be born as the seventh month dies ..." Harry recited. "Voldemort only knows the first two lines. Snape was the Death Eater who overheard the prophecy, and ran to Voldemort. He also switch sides at this time, supposedly spying for Voldemort.
"That's not the prophecy I heard." Minerva said. "Well, most of it is. There is a line or two missing. Twice Bonded, The Chosen One shall overcome trials and learn his power… and either must die at the hand of the other…"Minerva supplied. "Twice bonded… that part confused us. But now, it's not so confusing, as you were bonded in the future, and now again. We still do not know of this 'power the dark lord knows not'. Albus has been…"

"It's Love. Love is the greatest Power in the universe. It was love that helped me defeat him, the love I have for Ginny, the family I lost, the friends I lost…" Harry said, a tear forming in his eyes.

"I'm sorry Harry." Minerva said, placing a hand on his shoulder. "We shall discuss this, and more during our animagus sessions. I do believe we need to speak to the Weasley family."

"Yes, we do. If you'd like to travel with me, you're more than welcome. You're on the access list to the Manor, so you are welcome here at any time. Currently, only you, Ginny, Remus Lupin and Sirius Black are on the list." Harry said. "Pettigrew is an illegal animagus. His form is that of a rat. Perfectly fitting, if you ask me."

"Then… your father… and Black…"

"Yes, they were too. They did it to help Remus during his monthly transformations." Harry supplied. "They did it in their fifth year, and helped Remus ever since. And that's how Sirius escaped from Azkaban. He knew he wasn't guilty, and that isn't exactly a happy thought, so the dementors couldn't suck away his powers."

"Amazing. I take it you plan on staying here at the Manor?" Minerva asked.

"Yes. Once Sirius is cleared, then I'll have my Godfather back, Pettigrew will either be dead or given to the dementors, and Albus Dumbledore's plan to use me as a weapon will be useless." Harry said.

"You do know that he won't give up without a fight." Minerva smirked.

"Well, if he tries anything, then I'll simply have to retaliate. What would Dumbledore do if all of a sudden, Harry Potter decides that he doesn't want his 'place' in the magical community?" Harry asked.

"He would try and force you." Minerva said solemnly.

"Yes, he would. I would have to explain to the old coot that if he so much as tries to do anything against my wishes, then he will have to fight Voldemort on his own, Prophecy be damned." Harry said. "Sorry for the language Minerva."

"It's alright Harry. May I ask, what House were you sorted into the first time around?" Minerva asked, as she rose on Harry's silent request.

"Ah, Minerva. I'm sorry to tell you that I was sorted into Slytherin…" Harry said deadpanned. The look on Minerva McGonagall's face was priceless. Harry couldn't help but laugh. "Sorry, I had to. The truth is that Gideon, the sorting Hat, wanted to place me in Slytherin. But Malfoy kind of ruined that on the train when he spouted off with his pureblood supremacy garbage. Just like he did two years ago. I asked him to place me in any of the other houses… so he placed me in Gryffindor." Harry smiled at the soft laugh of Minerva. "And I don't regret it since you again placed me on the house team my first year, and also got to show up that git Malfoy."

"I think we should floo the Burrow, and let Mrs. Weasley know that we're coming."

"Excellent idea, Harry. However, while we are there, you should address me as Professor." Minevrva said.

"I will." Harry smirked. "I can do no less for one of my close friends."

"Then show me where your floo is, and I shall talk to Molly." Minerva said.

"Mum, can I have a tea party today?" Ginny asked innocently.

"Of course, dear. Who do you want to invite?" Molly asked, busying herself with the afternoon lunch.

"Harry Potter will be coming over!" Ginny said, feigning innocence. "He's out of his family's house now."

"That's nice dear." Molly said. Molly knew of Ginny's lifelong crush on the boy-who-lived. Little did she know that her daughter was being absolutely serious.

"He'll be here shortly! Could we have some biscuits too?" Ginny asked.

"Of course dear. But don't spoil your dinner." Molly replied, deciding to humor her daughter.

"Thanks Mum!" Ginny squealed, and ran off to change her outfit.

"MOLLY WEASLEY!" a voice came from behind. Molly stopped chopping vegetables and turned around.

"Oh dear, Minvera! What can I do for you? I know my boys can't be in trouble this early… they're not even in school yet!" Molly laughed.

"No, Molly. I wish to speak with you in person, if I may. May we floo over?" Minerva asked.

"Of course, Minerva. You're always welcome here."

"Might I suggest you call Arthur home too? I believe he should be a part of this conversation." Minerva said.

"Is there something wrong Minerva?" Molly asked.

"No, nothing wrong, Molly. Well, I can't say it's wrong, just interesting." Minerva replied. "We shall be there shortly." With that, Minerva's head popped out of the fireplace, only to be replaced by not only Minerva McGonagall standing in her kitchen, but a small, raven-haired green-eyed boy.

"Welcome Minerva. And who is this?" Molly asked.

"Molly Weasley, I'd like you to meet Harry Potter." Minerva said, gesturing to the small boy. With that, Molly Weasley promptly fainted.

"Gee, did I do something wrong?" Harry smiled.

"HARRY!" a flash of red hair was suddenly tackling him, embracing him in a long, loving embrace.

"Hello, Gin." Harry laughed, as Minerva went to awaken Molly. "Why did your mum pass out?"

"I told her you were coming for tea. She didn't believe me." Ginny smirked.

"Why wouldn't she believe you?" Harry asked wonderingly. "I'm sure Ron has told her about me…"

"You remember… before Hogwarts…" she whispered.

"Oh yeah… the butter dish…" Harry smiled as Ginny smacked his arm. "Don't worry, Minerva knows everything. We're going to explain things to your parents."

"What… what about Dumbledore?" Ginny asked worriedly. "They are a part of the Order you know…"

"Minerva gave an unbreakable vow. A legillimens cannot forcibly take that information. We could do that, or we could have your parents learn occlumency." Harry replied. "I asked Minerva for an unbreakable vow because she spends the most time with Dumbledore. She also knows how I feel about the old coot."

"Yeah, I heard some of the conversation. But how will we convince my parents?" Ginny asked.

"Leave that to me love." Harry said, as Molly Weasley was stirring. Harry turned to the matriarch of the Weasley family. "I'm sorry, Mrs. Weasley, I did not mean to frighten you."

"Of course you didn't, Harry." She replied instantly, noticing that Harry was holding her youngest daughter. "What's going on here?"

"Mrs. Weasley, we need to speak with you and Mr. Weasley, in private, away from the twin terrors, Percy and Ron." Harry said seriously. Molly looked at Minerva, who only nodded slightly.

" Would you like some tea and biscuits?" Molly asked. "You look absolutely peaky." Harry had to stifle a laugh. Leave it to Molly Weasley to worry about Harry's eating habits.

"That would be nice, Mrs. Weasley. Thank you." Harry said as Ginny led him to a seat at the kitchen table. Molly called Arthur and asked him to come home quickly, and set to getting them all something to drink. A moment later, Arthur appeared in the fireplace, a quick look of worry coming across his face.

"Molly…what's wrong… what's going… Lord Potter!" Arthur said, lowering his head.