(A/N: Also realize, this is an Alternate Universe. Things aren't *exactly* going to be the same. The prophecy has changed (intentionally), therefore some of the character's personality changes. Remember at the beginning, they're using a potion/spell that was known to fail, and hadn't succeeded, therefore they would not know the exact results. Consider this a 'side effect' of the potion/spell combo)


Minerva McGonagall returned to Hogwarts after the meeting with the Weasleys and one Harry Potter. A lot of things crossed her mind as she contemplated the information that he provided. At first, Minerva didn't believe Harry, but when he gave her the simple message that Clarissa misses her…she knew that he was telling the truth. No one knew of her daughter and her experiments, not even Albus. Harry and Ginny Potter, two young children, convinced her. As she stepped through the entrance hall, her thoughts were interrupted by a soft cough next to her.

"Good evening, Minerva." A voice said.

"Good evening Albus." Minerva replied in her normal clipped tone.

"Might we speak privately in my office?" Albus asked. Minerva's eyes looked up sharply, and nodded. Minerva followed the headmaster into his office, past the gargoyle and sat down in the high backed chair. "Minerva, something has happened. The wards around Privet Drive have failed. I went to the Dursleys to search for young Mr. Potter, and was told that he was not there. Petunia Dursley said that he left this morning and has not returned."

"I'm sure the boy is safe." Minerva said cautiously. Harry didn't trust Albus, and planted a seed of doubt in Minerva. If everything he said were true, then Albus Dumbledore couldn't be trusted with certain information.

"Have you spoken to the young Mr. Potter?" Albus asked.

"What makes you think I have talked to him?" Minerva countered.

"My dear Minerva, I am only asking a simple question. I saw the enrollment numbers for this year, and saw two Potters on it, and one missing Weasley." Albus said. "I was curious as to that, and discovered that Mr. Potter and one Miss Ginerva Weasley were bonded this morning."

"Yes, they were. That's what caught my eye as well." Minerva replied. "I had to speak with The Weasleys, and they know all about it. They have expressed that you are not to interfere. Mr. Potter and Miss Weasley know of their bond, and will both be attending this term."

"Why would I wish to interfere?" Albus asked.

"Mr. Potter knows that you have prevented him from his rightful family, Albus. He does not trust you." Minerva said. "He and Mrs. Potter both."

"You know I had no other choice, Minerva. Mr. Potter's safety is the most important thing." Albus said.

"No, Albus. The boy's happiness was most important. You had no right to place him with the Dursleys. Mr. Potter has decided not to press charges as of yet for illegal kidnapping. It seems that he has researched a lot."

"He cannot possibly know." Albus said.

"He does, Albus. You also should know that Peter Pettigrew was captured and will be tried for the murders of the thirteen muggles eleven years ago. Sirius Black was completely innocent. Madame Bones and Kingsley Shacklebolt are currently ordering the Aurors to stop the search and a press release."

"Indeed. This is indeed interesting news, Minerva. I take it that Mr. Black was not the secret keeper?"

"Funny you should ask that, Albus. After all, you are the one who performed the charm. Mr. Potter does not know this, however." Minerva accused. "You let Mr. Black go to prison for a crime he did not commit, and without a trial."

"I admit, I have made mistakes. But I believed Mr. Black to be guilty of the murders, Minerva. At the time, it made sense. Mr. Black, distraught over Pettigrew's betrayal, murdered the boy and with it, the muggles."

"Crouch didn't give him a trial! It would have come out that Pettigrew was the secret keeper, and that Sirius was innocent! How could you allow that to happen! Were you so inclined not to be wrong, that you would let an innocent man go to Azkaban?" Minerva raged. "It's no wonder Mr. and Mrs. Potter does not trust you!"

"The boy must be protected! You know of the prophecy!" Albus countered. "The boy is in more danger than anyone but you and I realize!"

"Then you must tell them! " Minerva countered. Of course, she already knew that Harry and Ginny knew of the prophecy, and Albus was in for a big surprise when Harry and Ginny confronted him.

"He is too young, Minerva. Do you know where he is?" Albus asked.

"Yes, I do. And no, I will not tell you, even if I could." Minerva replied sharply. "Unlike you, Mr. and Mrs. Potter trust me."

"I must insist that you tell me." Albus said.

"I think not." Minerva replied, standing up.

"Then I'm afraid that I must release you from your position as Professor here at Hogwarts." Albus replied. His eyes held anger, but his voice soft.

"Do what you must, Albus." Minerva replied. "I shall pack my things and be out of here by morning." THE NERVE of the old coot! I must warn Harry, but that can wait until morning. "I do feel sorry for you, Albus. You have no idea what you have just done."

"It is for the best interest of Mr. Potter, Minerva." Albus replied. "If you can not disclose his location, then I must do what I must."

"We shall see, won't we?" Minerva retorted before leaving the office. She headed down to her office to gather her things.

Harry returned to Potter Manor completely tired. He already had it out with his relatives, and the Weasleys, and he was feeling the drain of his daily life. I have to remember that I'm in my eleven year old body, and can't handle all this physical activity! Harry thought to himself. Harry trudged upstairs to the master suite and laid in bed and promptly passed out. His dreams however, wouldn't leave him alone.

Harry and Ginny looked out over the ruins of the Burrow. Smoldering rock and rubble lay strewn across the once beautiful orchard, and bodies of both Death Eaters and Order Members lie across what was once the lopsided house. As Harry approached the ruins, he could see the various members of the Order of the Phoenix scattered about. The red hair of Bill Weasley, the shocking pink hair of Tonks, the bald head of Kingsley Shacklebolt, and worst of all, the mangled bodies of Arthur and Molly Weasley. Ginny nearly broke down completely after seeing this, as she fell to her knees sobbing.

"Mum… Dad… Bill… why did they have to die?" Ginny cried as she sobbed into Harry's shoulder. Harry held her close as he stroked her hair, tears falling from his own emerald green eyes. They had arrived a few moments too late to save anyone, and Harry knew that he would regret it for the rest of his life. Ron looked at the carnage, tears falling freely down his cheeks as Hermione tried to sooth him. They walked through the rubble, picking up odd bits of things. His eyes fell to the family clock, now with only five hands on it. Harry, Ginny, Ron, Hermione and Percy. Harry, Ginny, Ron and Hermione's were pointing at 'Mortal Peril' while Percy's was pointing at 'Home'.

"That's odd. Why are we on Mortal Peril while Percy's is at 'home'?" Hermione asked.

"I don't know." Harry replied. "Everyone's was at Mortal Peril before… it doesn't make sense." Harry stared at the clock, now missing the hands of Fred, George, Charlie, Bill, Fleur, Arthur and Molly. The only reason there would be no hands, is if the person was dead. But with the war going on over the past five years, everyone's hands were at Mortal Peril. This just didn't make sense.

"Someone betrayed them. This house was under the fidelus charm." Harry said suddenly.

"How do you know that?" Ginny sniffed, wiping her tears on her tattered robes.

"I can feel the magic of the wards. It's… I don't know who the secret keeper was. The only person that would know would be the person who cast the charm." Harry said quietly.

"Who cast the charm?" Ron asked. "Whoever betrayed my family is going to die."

"I recognize the signature… it's Snape." Harry said. "Snape is the one who cast the Fidelus Charm."

"But…he's not that powerful!" Ron sputtered.

"You'd be surprised." Harry said quietly. "But that doesn't mean he can give away the secret. Whoever was the secret keeper…"

"I don't know… all I remember was being handed a parchment by dad." Ginny said. "he never told me who the secret keeper was."

"Whoever it is…is going to die by my hand." Ron said furiously.

"Not if I get to them first." Ginny snapped.

"We should… clear out of here. We're the only ones left, besides McGonagall and some of the D.A. We have to find the rest of the Horcruxes."

"What are we going to do, Harry?" Hermione asked. "We don't know where to look anymore. We got the locket, the diary, the cup, and the ring, but we don't know where the last two are."

"Yeah. About that. I think I know what the last horcrux is. I think it's Ravenclaw's Diadem." Harry said. He looked at his three friends curiously, seeing how they would react to that news.

"But it's been lost…" Hermione began.

"Shut it Hermione. Let me explain." Harry began as Hermione began to sputter. "Remember sixth year when I had to hide my potions book in the Room of Requirement?"

"Yeah…" They all said.

"Well, there was this ugly bust there, and sorta crown like object on top. It looks… just like that crown of that bust of Ravenclaw that's in the Ravenclaw Tower. There's a good picture if it in Ravenclaws' office. I know it has to be it. If we can get it… and get Nagini… then…"

"Then we'd be able to defeat Moldy-shorts." Ron finished.

"No… I'd be able to defeat him. Remember… either must die at the hand of the other…"

"Harry… are you sure that's what the prophecy said?" Ginny asked.

"Yes, I'm absolutely sure. The Pensieve memory is still in Dumbledore's office. 'and either must die at the hand of the other, for neither can live while the other survives'." Harry explained.

"I'm only asking Harry, because… well… think about this. What have we been through in our years at Hogwarts. There were many times that you should have died… a normal wizard would die from the kind of injuries you've sustained…"

"Gee, thanks, Gin." Harry smirked.

"No… wait. Ordinary wizards would die from half the injuries you received. Would it be… likely that only Riddle can kill you?" Ginny asked. "I mean… either must die at the hand of the other… wouldn't that mean that only you can kill Moldy-shorts, or only he can kill you?"

"Gin…that's…" Harry began, but stopped. He thought about her words, and the exact wording of the prophecy…

"Good morning love." Ginny said, kissing Harry on the lips. Harry opened his eyes sleepily, his vision blurred. He reached over to the nightstand and put his glasses on. His eyes fixed on hers. "Sleep well?"

"I had the weirdest dream." Harry responded. "I was remembering our conversation at the Burrow… when we found…"

"So you had the same dream?" Ginny asked.

"I guess with this bond, we share dreams." Harry said. "Either that, or we were in each others dreams, and no one knows who's was whose." Harry's thoughts were interrupted by a popping sound at the door.

"Cindi is sorry to disturb Harry and Ginny." The house elf squeaked. "But you is needed in the entrance hall. Mistress McGonagall wishes to speak with you urgently."

"Thank you Cindi. We will be down in ten minutes." Harry said. With that, the house elf disappeared. Harry and Ginny got dressed quickly and headed downstairs.

"Professor McGonagall?" Ginny asked.

"Yes. We're going to the Burrow. I think we'll need more… ears." Minerva said. Both nodded and they flooed to the Burrow.

"Good Morning, Professor McGonagall." Percy said imperiously.

"I am no longer your professor, Mr. Weasley. Albus has seen fit to release me from my position." Minerva said. Everyone in the room gasped, and Molly fell into the seat next to Percy.

"WHAT?" both Harry and Ginny screamed.

"I would not disclose where you were, Mr. Potter, and Albus has decided that since I will not cooperate with him in this matter, has sacked me." Minerva said. "I will not allow him to control your life, Mr. Potter. You have proven your points in his desire to control you."

"Worry not, Minerva. The old coot will not get away with it. You, Ginny, and I will go to the Board of Governors, and take care of this matter." Harry said, and continued quickly before Minerva could object. "Do not argue. Albus wants to play with fire, he's going to get burned."

"What are you planning on doing, Harry?" Ginny asked.

"Simple. I'm taking over Hogwarts." Harry said, much to the surprise of the other two.

"You cannot take over Hogwarts!" Percy said. "You're just a boy!"

"Watch me! NALA!" Harry called. The beautiful white phoenix appeared on Harry's shoulder. "Can you take Ginny, Professor McGonagall and I to Hogwarts Hall?" Harry asked his phoenix with his mind. The beautiful white phoenix trilled softly and hovered over the three, shaking her tail feathers. Harry, Ginny and then Minerva grabbed ahold of a tail feather each and flashed out of sight.

Hogwarts Hall was located outside of Scotland, in a small wizarding village. Not too many people visted there, with the exception of the Hogwars Board of Governors and sometimes influential parents. Harry had only been there once before, but was still amazed at the sight of the grand hall. Harry led the trio to the reception desk, where a slender blonde witch sat. She barely gave them any notice as they approached.

"We are here to see the board of Governors. " Harry said.

"Sorry. Can't do that." The witch said without looking up.

"YOU WILL announce my arrival." Harry said. The witch looked up annoyed, and then realized who she was speaking with. "Lord Potter. I am sorry." She said, bowing. "I will announce your arrival." The slender witch went through a side door and returned momentarily.

"They will see you now, Lord Potter. Once again, I apologize for my behavior." The witch said meekly. Harry, Ginny, and Minerva walked through the door and stood at the podium facing the counsel seats.

"What may we do for you, Lord Potter?" the man in the center chair asked. Harry looked at each board member that was seated, and noticed that there were a few missing, including Lucius Malfoy. Harry knew at this time, he was on the board of Governors, but that wouldn't be for long.

"I, Lord Harry James Potter, hereby claim my rightful place as owner of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry." Harry said in a loud voice. Many chuckles came from some of the board members but stopped abruptly when the room started to shake.

"THE HEIR HAS COME FORTH." A voice sounded from above. A pure white light surrounded Harry, blinding the others in the room and quickly faded. "THE RIGHTFUL HEIR TO THE FOUNDERS HAS BEEN VERIFIED. ALL THAT IS OF HOGWARTS IS NOW OF THE HEIR."

"What's going on here?" the man in the center asked.

"The heir of the founders has returned." A second voice said. "He now controls everything that goes on in Hogwarts. We, in essence, are out of a job."

"He can't do that" a third voice said.

"It is his right as the heir." The second voice said.

"FIRST." Harry said, interrupting. "I have a few changes. All of you will go through questioning with veritiserum. If you do not submit, you are fired. If you are found to be a death eater, or former death eater, you will be fired. I don't care if you were imperiused or did so willingly. I will not have anyone who served Voldemort," shudders went through the crowd. "have anything to do with Hogwarts. Secondly, I hereby remove Albus Dumbledore as headmaster of Hogwarts. In his place, I place Minerva McGonagall. I will inform the former Headmaster myself." This shocked both Ginny and Minerva. To remove Albus from his job was something that neither had expected. This wasn't part of their original plan, but Harry didn't care. Albus Dumbledore was interfering too much.

"The questioning will be held whenever I feel like it. You will not know when it's coming, and you will not know the nature of the questioning. ANY actions taken for Hogwarts will go through myself, Lady Potter, or Headmistress McGonagall. Any attempt to circumvent will meet with immediate punishment." Harry said. "Now, if you excuse me, I have to go fire the headmaster." Harry said as he turned and left the hall, followed by his wife and new Headmistress.

"WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!" Molly roared as Harry and Ginny appeared in the kitchen of the Burrow. Harry, without even thinking, waived his hand and suddenly Molly Weasley fell silently to the floor, her eyes wide and fearful.

"Harry!" Ginny said quickly, as she ran to her mother, who was lying prone on the floor. Harry moved next to her and released the body bind spell, but not the silencing charm.

"Mum, it would do you wonderfully to learn to a) never raise your voice to me, b) never sneak up from behind me, and c) announce your presence when you're around me. Especially since I could have killed you without thinking." Harry said quietly.

"He's right mum." Ginny said. "He could have killed you for sneaking up behind us like that. Perception of danger, even within one's own home is something we learned can happen at any time. You're lucky Harry only silenced and bound you. He really could have hurt you." Harry released the silencing charm on his mother-in-law and helped her to her feet.

"I'm sorry dears." Molly said shakily. "When you suddenly disappeared…with that phoenix…"

"That's my phoenix, Mum." Harry said. "Ginny's phoenix is black, and his name is Simba." Harry smirked.

"It's understandable mum." Ginny said. "But you have to realize that we are more than capable of taking care of ourselves now. "

"It's difficult, Ginny. To me, you are a eleven year old girl still." Molly responded.

"In body only, mum." Ginny whispered. She immediately fell silent as they heard footsteps coming from the staircase.

"Mum, I'm starving." A voice said from the top of the stairs.

"When aren't you starving, Ron?" Ginny laughed.

"Cindi!" Ginny called as the small elf appeared beside her. "Could you please help make breakfast and have it ready in ten minutes."

"Of course, Ginny. I would be happy to help family." Cindi said, bowing. Ron looked gobsmacked at the willingness of the house elf to be called by Ginny.

"After breakfast, we're going to head to Hogwarts and take care of Dumbledore." Harry said. "I think it's time we had words with the old coot."

When Harry, Ginny and Minerva finished breakfast, they met out in the entrance hall where Nala was perched. He walked over to the beautiful white phoenix and asked her if she was willing to take them to Hogwarts. She trilled a soft, happy note, and flew into the air. Harry reached up to where his phoenix was, as did Minerva and Ginny, and flashed into the Headmaster's office. Albus stood up surprised at the entrance, but said nothing. Minerva conjured three chairs and each sat down.

"Minerva, what is the meaning of this?" Albus asked. "I'm glad to see that you are well, Mr. Potter." He said, turning to the young black haired boy.

"Stuff it, Old man. I'm here to tell you that you are hereby removed as Headmaster of Hogwarts. As you can see…" Harry said, holding up his hand with the Hogwarts ring on it. "I now control Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I control to Board of Governors, and in my first decision, I have removed you as Headmaster."

"Harry please, let us not be hasty." Albus began.

"Did I give you permission to use my name, Albus?" Harry snapped. "I am Lord Potter, and you will use it." Harry was angry, and even Ginny's soft touch couldn't calm him down.

"I apologize, Lord Potter." Albus said meekly. "I merely…"

"You merely tried to control my life, Old Man. You fired McGonagall for not revealing my location, which is none of your business. Where I am, and where my wife is, is our business alone. YOU tried to interfere with my life one too many times. You are lucky I did not press charges for kidnapping. You are even lucky I do not remove you from the Wizengamot."

"Minerva McGonagall is now the Headmistress of Hogwarts. You will be demoted to Transfiguration Professor. You will take over the duties of Head of Gryffindor House. You will not be permitted to assign detentions to myself or Lady Potter with you, nor will you be permitted to attend any detentions you may assign us. If I believe the detentions are unjust, you will be sanctioned. If I find you are placing any kind of tracking charms on myself, my wife, or my friends, you will be terminated with extreme prejudice. Do you understand?"

"I do, Lord Potter. Perhaps I was hasty in my judgement. I apologize to you, Headmistress." Albus said meekly. "I only wished to protect you, Lord Potter."

"If you cannot tell, Albus, I can protect myself just fine. It was you who broke the law, placed me with abusive relatives, and never bothered to check up on me. Your job now is just to teach transfiguration, and your duties of Gryffindor house. I do not trust you, and you will have to do a lot to regain any sort of trust."

"I shall endeavor to try." Albus said.

"Good. Now, what I will tell you, is that you are the only one, besides myself, my wife, and Headmistress McGonagall, to believe the Voldemort is not dead. This is absolutely true. Currently, Voldemort is a ghost of a man, possessing young wizards for his own purpose. I do know how he stayed alive, but I shall not reveal that yet. "

"How did you come across this information, Lord Potter?" Albus asked.

"That is for me to know, Professor, and maybe I might let you in on the secret one of these days. It is not your responsibility any longer. Your plans for me are of no consequence to me. You are not to interfere with me. Any attempt to, and you will not like the results. You are a great wizard who fights for the light side. That is why I have not removed you from Hogwarts completely. You may retain your position as Head of the Order of the Phoenix, but you will do nothing that involves me directly. Voldemort is my problem. YOUR problem will be dealing with the death eaters."

"After last year, you know why Voldemort is not completely alive, and not dead?" Albus asked.

"A fair question, Professor. The only way I can answer that without revealing too much is that I know of his plans. In time, you will understand, but for now, the only thing I can tell you is that what you have planned will fail." Harry said. "We will not be living with whatever house we're sorted into, but in my own special office."

"Office?" Albus asked.

"As owner of Hogwarts, and the head of the board of Governors, I have my own private quarters here, and my wife will join me." Harry said.

"May I ask where this office is?" Albus asked.

"You may ask, but that doesn't mean I will tell you. However, I do not think you know of it. The founders' offices are well hidden within Hogwarts. This office belonged to Godric Gryffindor. The office I shall stay in belonged to Rowena Ravenclaw. It's located near Gryffindor Tower. But I will not tell you exactly where, and I WILL KNOW if you try to follow me or Ginny."

"You have access to the other founders' offices?" Albus asked, his face registering surprise.

"Of course. As heir, I have access to everywhere in Hogwarts. I have already promised the Headmistress access to Hufflepuff's office, where there are nice books about the older wards. I'm sure she would be happy to share, as I believe the school's wards are of interest to the safety of the students."

"I would be delighted. Any artifact of the founders would be something that the school would cherish." Albus said serenely. "I must apologize to you, Lord Potter. Ten years ago, I took something from you that I should not have."

"My father's invisibility cloak?" Harry asked smugly.

"No, but ." Albus said. "I took away the only family you had left. Your godfather, Sirius Black. At the time, we thought he was guilty of murdering those muggles. He has escaped from Azkaban, and was thought to be after you… however... The papers have been signed and the Daily Prophet ran the story this morning. He is currently at the Ministry receiving his compensation."

"Nala, would you please find Sirius, and take him to our hiding place?" Harry asked the beautiful white phoenix. The phoenix trilled a happy note then flashed out of the room.

"That is a beautiful phoenix, Harry." Albus said. "It is rare to see a white phoenix. I can happily say one of my fears have been annulled."

"The fear that I would turn dark?" Harry smirked. "No. Voldemort killed my parents, and I think I want that bastard dead."

"Then we shall strive to work together." Albus said.

"No, you will work for me." Harry said. "This scar is a direct link to Voldemort, and I know his plans as they are forming." Harry lied. Ginny looked at Harry questioningly, but kept quiet.

"What is You-Know-Who planning?" Minerva asked.

"Please, Professor. Surely a witch of your stature is not afraid to say Voldemort? Fear of a name only increases the fear in the thing itself." Ginny said.

"Very well, Mrs. Potter. What is Voldemort planning?"

"I'm assuming that Professor Dumbledore has already sent the Dementors back to Azkaban?" Harry asked.

"How did you come about this information, Lord Potter?" Albus asked.

"There is nothing that goes on at Hogwarts that I do not know of, Professor." Harry lied.

"It seems so. That news was not for the public knowledge until September first. But they have been recalled."

"May I also assume that you will not prevent me from going to Hogsmeade this year? Along with Ginny of course…" Harry asked.

"As Head of Gryffindor House, I can not allow you to go, as your guardians have not signed the permission form." Albus said.

"You really think you're going to keep me here, Professor? Especially with that bullshit? You do know I'm an adult now, governed by the bond, so we do not need the permissions of our 'guardians', to which I do not have them anymore, except for Sirius."

"Very well. Is there anything else…"

" I believe Professor McGonagall will need to make sure that we have a subsitiute DADA teacher, and Potions teacher."

"What is…"

"Yes, I know of Remus Lupin's condition. The day before, the day of, and the day after full moon, she'll need a substitute. Your Potions teacher is not fit to teach students." Harry said cryptically. Minerva already knew of the reasons, but still had the look of shock on her face. "Although Professor Snape is indeed an excellent potions master, he cannot teach. I have already suggested Professor Emeritus Horace Slughorn as his replacement. If you can have him here by say, the third week of school, that would be great. As for substitute DADA teacher, I will hire Sirius Black."

"And of Severus?" Minerva asked.

"You do not wish to replace Severus before then?" Minerva asked.

"Oh, no, Professor McGonagall. I want to have fun with the Greasy git first." Ginny smiled. "Harry and I are both master occlumens, thanks to our bond, and when he tries legillimency on us, we're going to have a nice little surprise for him."

"Now Lord Potter, I know you and Professor Snape do not see eye to eye…"

"Shut it, old man. You have no idea how bad Snape is." Harry snapped.

"You can not seriously think of harming him." Albus asked.

"Oh no. You see, we're going to either make him quit, or we make him suffer. He cannot break into our minds, and therefore we're going to prank him until he either quits, or does something really bad, like threaten a student. Then, I shall reveal my place here at school, and fire him publically. Of course, I will discuss options with him the first day, as long as he's civil to me. But knowing the greasy git, he'll push my buttons."

"How do you know Severus?" Albus asked sharply. The boy knows way too much to be an ordinary student.

"Why Professor Dumbledore, I do believe that is prying into business that is not of your own." Ginny smirked. "However, we'll tell you."

"You see, I am in charge now. I own this school. I will run this school as I see fit. Any teacher that gets out of line, will be sacked faster than you can say quidditch. I already gave Professor McGonagall free reign to do as she fits to see that this school runs efficiently. I trust her that much. Students like Draco Malfoy will end up cowed. That is, if he makes it to school in one piece."

"What do you mean?" Albus asked.

"Oh, that's another surprise… of course, when it happens, I'm sure you won't like the results. If Malfoy and his cronies try and start trouble on the train, I'm sure that Professor McGonagall will be informed first and foremost, after I send young Malfoy and his cronies to the hospital wing. This should serve fair warning to certain students, who do not follow the light, that with our status, comes certain necessary advantages."

"Whom are you referring to?" Minerva asked.

"You really have to ask that, Professor?" Ginny asked.

"Certain children of Slytherins, I take it?" Minerva asked.

"Oh yes. I highly doubt that one particular son of a slytherin shall not even make it to school. His father already was removed from the Board of Governors this morning, and I believe he will want revenge. I do hope Lucius decides to extract it himself, but sadly, I cannot kill him yet, as much as I want to for what he did to Ginny last year. He holds certain information I need."

"What information is this?" Albus asked.

Do you think it's safe to tell him? Ginny asked.

I believe so. He doesn't know what it is yet. Harry replied. "Some information on one Tom Marvolo Riddle."

"Voldemort." Albus spat.

"Indeed. During my stay at Privet Drive, I realized I shouldn't be stuck there, so I left. I went to Diagon Alley, got some gold and purchased books. I also discovered ways that Voldemort survived the killing curse rebound." Harry lied. "I believe it is a dark artifact, which only can be destroyed by either basilisk venom, or very powerful magic. Unfortunately, there is only three known basilisks in the world currently, and one of them I had the pleasure of killing a few months ago."

"Yes… you did remarkable." Albus said.

"Salazar Slytherin's playtoy. The one that killed Myrtle… You see, Tom Riddle, while he was at school here, opened the Chamber of Secrets. But you know that Hagrid was wrongfully accused of that. I'm going to have to straighten that out somehow." Harry said. "As for everything else, I think I will only confide information to our new Headmistress."

"You must tell…"

"I must do nothing, Professor. What I do I shall do on my own time. If you try and interfere, I will take that as a personal attack. And you know what happens when I feel I'm being attacked. I will strike with no mercy. After everything I've learned over this summer…" Harry threatened. "I have no issues with killing, nor do I have issues with seriously injuring people. I am first and foremost a protector of the light. ANY interference from anyone save Ginny, will be met with extreme force."

"Harry, why must you take such a hard stance?" Minerva asked quietly.

"Trust is something that is earned, Professor. You know what my life was like. Professor Dumbledore was the cause of every hardship in my life, whether directly or indirectly." Harry said, and Albus had the sense to feel ashamed. "Whether or not I end up trusting him again, only time will tell. Now, Professor Dumbledore, is there anything you wish to tell me?"

"What do you mean, Lord Potter?" Albus asked.

"Oh, I don't know. Is there something that I should know concerning Voldemort or myself?" Harry asked, directly hinting at the prophecy.

"Nothing comes to mind, Lord Potter." Albus said.

"Are you absolutely sure about that, Professor?" Ginny asked.

"I am sure, Lady Potter." Albus said.

"As you can see, Headmistress, Professor Dumbledore cannot be trusted. I gave him the opportunity to be completely honest with me, yet he sat there and lied directly to my face. Even with his occlumency shields, which I must say is really pitiful, I knew he was lying." Harry said.

"Indeed, Harry. Albus, you are dismissed. You may return to this office in two hours to collect your things and take them to the transfiguration professor's office." Minerva said. Albus dejectedly stood up and left the room. Harry immediately placed silencing charms and anti-eavesdropping charms on the door. Minerva turned to the two young children.

"You enjoyed that, didn't you?" Minerva smirked.

"Oh yes. I knew Professor Dumbledore wouldn't voluntarily tell me the prophecy, just like he did before. He feels I'm too young to know the truth. Sad to say, really. He's going to learn quickly that he'll have nothing to do with the defeat of Voldemort, and people will realize that he is a manipulative old coot."

"Why did you remove him as Headmaster?" Minerva asked.

"Simple, Professor." Ginny said. "As headmaster, he has authority over all the students punishments and such. He could use that position to manipulate teachers into doing his bidding, even without their knowledge. As a transfiguration teacher, his control is diminished, and you have final authority. Of course, if he tries to manipulate me, then he'll be in for a big surprise."

"And what of Severus?" Minerva asked.

"I plan on giving him a chance. An unbreakable vow to always fight for the light. He will either choose that, or I will end up killing him. As for the Death Eater's sons, I think an example will be set soon enough. Draco Malfoy will be that example."

"You're not planning on killing him are you?" Minerva asked.

"I don't plan on it, no. But Draco is a pureblood extremist, thanks to his father. Like Severus, I'm going to give him the choice. He'll approach me on the train, if history repeats itself, and try and befriend me. Of course, I'm not going to accept, but I will try and change his way of thinking."

"I wish you luck, Harry. And I should thank you for your assistance. I really did not think Albus would go to that extreme."

"I didn't either. I didn't wish to remove him as Headmaster, but with Free Will, there's nothing we can do. He chose that path, and now there's more at stake. With Ginny and I training as War Mages, it'll be an interesting seven years."

"It is a pity you can not take your OWLs and NEWTs until you are fifteen." Minerva said. "It would be an interesting experience to have you study advanced magic well beyond what is taught at Hogwarts."

"What Ginny and I learn in War Mage Academy, I do not believe would be suitable for Hogwarts, Professor. There is no Dark or Light Magic. That is the reason for the War Mage in the first place. We never had this opportunity before, and anything that will help defeat Voldemort would be welcome."

"I understand, Harry. You will complete your training before term begins?" Minerva asked. Harry nodded. "Then I must prepare. If two full War Mages are to be at Hogwarts, then special accommodations must be made. The students must be aware not to frivolously jinx you, even in jest."

"I wouldn't worry much about most of the students, Professor. Mainly the Slytherins. I'm sure some will learn their lesson long before we arrive at school." Harry grinned. "Malfoy, for example, will be his usual arrogant self, and I plan on taking him down a few notches."

"Please don't kill my students, Harry." Minerva sighed.

"I currently have no intention of killing any students, Minerva." Harry said softly. "Death Eaters, their Death Eater children, and anyone who dabbles in the dark arts, however…"

"I see. When you complete your War Mage training, Harry, we shall discuss this further." Minerva said. "I do hope you plan on attending classes."

"Of course, Professor. I could use the time to study some of the volumes in the Potter Library. I will be bringing my magical trunk with me, filling the library within with all the books from the Library on the third floor."

"I thought you couldn't remove those books from your home, Harry?" Ginny asked.

"I can. No one else can though. You are more than welcome to the Library once it's in my trunk Ginny. Only you and I will have keyed access to it. You are not to bring anyone in there though. Not even Ron or Hermione. There are materials in there that even Dumbledore would love to get his hands on."

"I understand Harry." Ginny said. "Professor, we need to get back home. I'm sure our family is wondering where we are."

"Of course, Ginny." Minerva said. "I shall see you on the first of September, if not before."

"You're always welcome, Minerva." Harry replied. "I look forward to our private lessons."

"As do I, Harry. I assume Ginny will be joining us?"

"Of course!" Ginny laughed.

"Good day to you then." Minerva said, as Harry and Ginny stood up. Nala was hovering above, and Harry reached for her tail feathers and disappeared in a brilliant flash of fire.

That boy will end up doing something unheard of. Minerva thought to herself.