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Ichigo started walking home. He had stayed a little late after school to get his make up work. He had been absent so much and the teachers weren't taking it easy on him at all. He'd go into his class and the interrogation would begin. Right in front of the whole class. Every time, his excuse had been that 'he'd been sick'. The principle said that if he was absent one more time that semester, they'd call the police and a doctor. He didn't like the idea, but what could he tell them? That he'd been in another world working for shinigamis to kill some evil monsters? Would they believe it? Not likely. They'd probably put him in a padded cell. They shouldn't be complaining though. Even though he was gone so much, he still had an A in all his classes.

School ended at four o'clock and it was now seven o'clock and he wasn't even close to being home. Ichigo sighed and stopped at a convenience store and picked up a few bottled coffee drinks. With all the homework he had, he'd need the extra caffeine to stay awake long enough to finish even a small portion of it.

He continued walking for about ten more minutes and was finally just a few steps away from his front door. Before he turned the knob, he looked at his watch and saw that it had only been half an hour. He grinned. For the first time, he was actually home before his ridiculous curfew. That meant no 'surprise' attack from his dad. Wrong.

Feeling unusually happy, Ichigo opened the door and walked inside. He started walking towards the stairs, but heard running footsteps coming toward him. He turned around and saw his dad running unusually fast toward him with a creepily determined look on his face.

"You'refinallyhomeontime, Ichigooooo!" he shouted as jumped in the air sticking a foot out to kick his son.

Ichigo dodged the kick and shouted, "What the hell? I thought I'd get a break from this crap if I was home on time!"

Ishin jumped up and tutted, "That's what happens when you make assumptions, my son."

Ichigo sighed and said, "Whatever. I'm going to my room. Send Karin or Yuzu to get me when dinners done." With that, he started up the stairs before his dad could get a word in otherwise.

Once he was in his room, he dropped his bookbag and collapsed on his bed. He was so exhausted and didn't want to move at all. After a few minutes, he realized that he'd better get started on his homework and got up and walked over to his desk. He sat down and pulled out paper, a pencil, and his history book. He got to work and eventually finished his first assignment. Just as he was about to get out another book, he heard his dad shout "Yes!" from downstairs. That was obviously something that Ichigo never liked, seeing as he started hitting his head on his desk over and over again.

He got up and walked downstairs to see a very happy Ishin jumping around the room. He caught sight of his son and said, "I've got great news!"

Ichigo shook his head in shame at having this lunatic as a father and said, "I kinda figured that out. Now what the hell is so great that you have to be ten times more annoying than usual?"

Ishin snapped to attention and announced, "I will tell and the family are coming down to visit. There's even talk about moving here!"

Even though Ichigo's dad looked happy, Ichigo himself wasn't happy at all. Kaze is his mom's older brother. The family consisted of Kaze, Nami, Yuko, Hiroshi, Hikari, Takuto, and Aya. Kaze was obviously his uncle, Nami was his aunt, Yuko was twenty seven, Hiroshi was Yuko's husband and was twenty eight, Hikari was twenty one, Takuto was eighteen, and little aya was two. Out of all the people in that part of his family, Takuto was the only one he didn't like. He always beat him up, teased him, locked him in rooms, and was overall a jerk.

Ichigo looked bored. "Great. I'll be upstairs," he said as he started up the stairs again.

Ishin looked thoughtful for a moment and said, "Oh, when is Rukia going to be back from the school trip?" Oh, so now he was sane.

Ichigo looked back at him and said, "In a few days. Why?"

"I want them to meet her! They've all been waiting for you to get a girlfriend," he said cheerfully.

"She is not my girlfriend, dammit!" he shouted and ran back up to his room.

As soon as Ichigo was in his room, he heard his dad shout, "Dinner is ready!" and he sweatdropped. He could've told him that when he was down there. He went back downstairs and into the kitchen and sat down. The food was already on the table.

Yuzu ran up to him and squealed, "Did you hear the news?" while trapping him in a tight hug. Even Karin looked happy.

Looking surprised, Ichigo said, "Uh...Yeah."

"Well?..." she said, waiting for his opinion on the event.

"It's...great..." he said, hating that he had to lie about something so simple.

"I know!" she and Karin squealed together. Ichigo was taken back. He hadn't heard Karin squeal since before their mom died six years before.

They sat down to dinner and talked about what they'd do, what they'd talk about, and where they'd go. Ichigo tried to look at least happy that the Takashis would be coming, but it didn't look entirely convincing. He wasn't really happy at all. There was no way in hell that he and Takuto would get along. Well, he'd just have to live with it for now and he'd think of another way to avoid them.

Karin noticed how quiet Ichigo was and asked, "What's up Ichigo?" That just made Ichigo smile.

"I'll tell you later, Karin."


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