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And when somebody knows you well
Well there's no comfort like that
And when somebody needs you
Well there's no drug Iike that
And where l'm home, curled in your arms
And I'm safe again
I'll close my eyes and sleep
To the sound of London Rain
Nothing falls like London Rain
Nothing heals me like you do

London Rain (Nothing Heals Me Like You Do) – Heather Nova


Gabrielle frowned, squinting in the darkness at the form down the other end of the cell. A flash of blue and a crackle of electricity instantly made him realise who this was, what his father was allowing him to do. Make amends, and hopefully acquire her power without harming her. The last thing he wanted to do was kill Elle of all people.

After all, he had saved his life.

She raised her head slowly, her eyes filled with a primal fear, and a thirst for revenge. Anger surged through her veins, causing the reaction that seemed to happen so frequently now. Sparks crackled against her skin, lighting up her face. Her hands opened slowly and she focused her power to her palms, focusing on the balls of electricity in her hands as she stood, her hair a mess from where she'd run her hands through it countless times in the hours she'd been chained here, waiting for someone, anyone... except him.

"You..." She gritted her teeth, her skin sparking off once more before she flung her hands forward, thrusting as much of her power as she could at him.

His body burned as he was thrown back by the sheer force of it, his back hitting the floor with a sickening thud. Instantly his body started to heal, and he gasped for breath... his body recovering from the shock.

Elle paced the other end of the cell like a tiger in a cage, impatiently waiting for her kill.



"We should keep moving." Peter half-whispered, finishing his decent down the sewer ladder. Claire nodded absent mindedly, knowing her head wasn't where it should be right now.

"What if Elle got herself into trouble?"

"What?" Peter asked as they continued down the sewer way.

"You said they tried to kill you, and he took your powers. So she could be totally helpless right now. She could be hurt."

"When did you start caring about Elle? She's not... right Claire."

"I know but..."

"Then why were you even with her?"

"We just had something in common, a purpose. So we stuck together."

"And now you're best buddies? Claire, she's killed people."

"She can't help it, Peter. She was bought up that way, she never got to learn the same morals as we did."

Peter sighed heavily. "We'll keep going then we'll separate."

And suddenly Claire's head was back in the game. "Separate?"


Elle frowned as Sylar leaned closer to her, his hand moving to her waist, and she jumped back as if he'd shocked her (no pun intended... well maybe a little one). No... fixing her didn't make this okay. Sure, she was grateful but he was still a killer. Granted, so was she, but she was on a different path. One she hope to carry on following.

"Elle?" His voice betrayed his pain, his feeling of rejection, and she closed her eyes, looking away.

"Gabrielle, I-"

Any further conversation was ended as the huge metal door opened with a bang, and standing in the doorway was the silhouette of none other than Arthur Petrelli.

"Hello Elle." Elle opened her eyes slowly, lifting her head to the man who had helped her, by default. "I'm going to make you an offer you can't refuse..."


Claire stared out of the window, half listening as Nathan talked to Peter in the background, her mind elsewhere.

"You okay there?" The blonde woman that had come in with Nathan approached her, and Claire turned to her, not sure how to reply. "I'm Tracy."


"I know. I mean, I guessed. Noah and Nathan were talking about you earlier."

"All good things I hope."

"All good." Tracy smiled, leaning on the wall to face Claire, who was still pretty focused on outside. "Are you looking for someone?"

"No... not really." Claire shrugged, letting out a small sigh. "It's stupid."

"You can tell me... I won't breathe a word." Claire continued to stare out of the window, knowing that if she looked away for a second she might crack. If she looked into Tracy's oh so familiar eyes... eyes she'd seen before, she was sure of it... she might be tempted to spill everything. "Is it a guy?" Claire's breath hitched at Tracy's words, and the older woman nodded. "Definitely someone you like."

"Trust me. It's not a guy."

"Really? You just look like you're missing something... or someone?"

"I am." Claire turned to Tracy, forcing a small smile. "But it's not a guy." She headed back over to Peter's side, Tracy following close behind her.


Claire sighed, her face turning up to face the night sky as rain poured down on her face from the sky above. She ran her fingers over her face, embracing the dampness on her skin, her hands moving up to slide through her soaked hair. She shook her head, looking around her a little. She was outside the hotel they'd stayed at last night, hoping that maybe... just maybe Elle had gone back. That maybe she hadn't really gone into the Pinehearst building. Above all else she hoped they hadn't killed her like they'd tried to kill Peter.

She shuddered at the thought of the damage currently on his body. She'd left him with Nathan and Tracy tonight. They said they'd stay until they had to leave in the morning, to go and see Arthur. That was a strange thought.

Arthur Petrelli. Her biological grandfather. A man she'd never met (and didn't particularly want to) was doing something with the powers of other heroes. Absorbing them somehow. From what Peter had said it sounded like he technically had Elle's power already... she only hoped that it would mean Elle got off easily.

The thought that maybe Arthur would just deem her useless nagged at the back of her mind, and she shook her head, closing her eyes as she tried not to think of her.

"It's just Elle." The words echoed in Claire's head, bouncing off of her other thoughts, and she sniffed as she stared ahead of her, not even acknowledging the sounds of someone walking down the street towards her, just leant heavily against the wet bricks of the hotel wall.

She hardly flinched when a hand grabbed her shoulder, pushing her roughly, her head smacking the rough surface behind her with enough force to wake her up from her trance like state. She felt warmth on the back of her head, and sighed as she once again missed out on the pain of another injury.

Most people would be happy about that.

"What do you want?" Claire sighed, her voice heavy with weariness.

The tall man frowned in what she assumed was confusion, making sure the knife glinted in what little moonlight there was as he held it towards her neck. "Anything you've got, your money, you phone, cards..."

"I haven't got anything." Claire shrugged.

"Liar!" He cried out, and pushed the blade against her cheek, moving it in a jerky movement. She could only tell he'd cut it when he pulled it away again, one side of the blade stained. She felt movement on her cheek, and knew it must have been healing, but the man wasn't paying attention to that, and his hands shook, his eyes darting around as he scratched his unshaven chin. "Just give me what you've got, and you won't get hurt-" He was cut off when a piece of pipe was slammed into his head, and he fell to the floor, out cold.

"C'mon." Elle said, meeting Claire's eyes, a smile hidden below the icey blue stare. "Let's get you inside."

Claire just allowed herself to be lead into the hotel, Elle's arm draped around her shoulders. Once they were in the lobby Elle stepped away to talk to the receptionist, who immediately called upon the hotel security as another woman took her place at the desk.

Claire could do nothing but stare at Elle. Her body was perfect, her clothes damp, but she looked amazing. Like she'd had the weight that had been dragging her down lifted off of her shoulders. Then it clicked. The thing that was different. Elle's body wasn't pulsating electricity. She was no longer standing in the stance of a woman trying to hide the fact she was in pain. She was just standing like she'd seen Elle do before this whole series of events started.

Had she truly go her powers fixed? Had Pinehearst really helped her?

Claire also noticed that she hadn't used her powers outside of the hotel either... and Elle had never been one to hold back from giving somebody a shock, big or small.

They got a hotel room, not too dissimilar from the last one they'd shared, and Elle had immediately walked into the bathroom, grabbing the hair dryer and blow drying every inch of her body. She was done within a few minutes before handing it to Claire, who followed suit, still too shocked at the other blonde's appearance to really say anything.

Once they were both dry and wearing the complimentary dressing gowns, they sat down on one of the beds. Claire sat cross legged, while Elle was perched on the edge of the bed, only half facing her.

"Why did you let them do it?" Claire frowned, studying Elle's eyes.

"Do what?"

"Your powers."

Elle mimicked her frown, trying to figure the cheerleader out. "You mean these ones?" She raised her hand, an arch of electricity spreading over her palm.

"You still have them!" Claire smiled, and Elle laughed at the look on her face.

"Yeah... it was unconventional. But I did get help there."

Claire was about to ask another question when Elle suddenly leaned forward, capturing her lips with her own.

"When I was there... all I could really think about was you." She whispered, and Claire gave her a soft smile, touching her cheek.

"I know the feeling. You certainly had me distracted."

"It's so strange." Elle admitted, looking down at her hands. "I hated you."

"Well, I hated you too! Though most of that was due to my dad telling me you were nothing but a killer."

"I thought you were just too damn perfect. I mean you had your close-knit little family, you've been to school all your life." Elle looked up, her tone jokey, but her words serious. "I know not many kinda like school but I would have given anything..."

"I'm glad I saw what was beneath the surface." Claire studied Elle's face, her thumb running gently over the woman's pale skin. "I mean this is a side of you that I never would have experienced if our power's hadn't freaked out."

Elle's face suddenly broke into a seductive smile, as she sent a tiny shock throughout her body. Claire's hand flinched, but her smile stayed, getting bigger if that was possible. She understood Elle's need to break up the moment... it was difficult to talk about for Claire, let alone Elle who'd never had much of a chance to experience these feelings.

"What made you think I'd given up my powers?" Elle tilted her head, and Claire looked out the window where there were still the remnants of police lights. "Oh, that. I said I'd talk to them tomorrow morning. We were tired..." Claire nodded, but that obviously wasn't what she was asking. "And the reason I didn't use my powers is because it was raining."

Claire giggled to herself quietly. "Oh." She'd totally forgotten that flaw in Elle's powers. "And you still tried to protect me?"

"I know he couldn't hurt you. But no one's allowed to try..." She ran her sparking fingers over Claire's torso, and the cheerleader moaned loudly, her throat husky. "Except for me."

They locked eyes, deciding mutually that nothing further needed to be said. Their lips touched, and their mouth opened to allow the other the chance to communicate the raw passion they were feeling at this moment in time, their lips colliding heavily, forcefully as they silently told each other what was lingering deep in the back of both their minds.

They pulled away after a moment, Elle's eyes staying tightly closed. "Wait..." She whispered. Claire waited, and received no other requests beside a soft kiss on the corner of her lips as Elle opened her eyes to stare deeply into her own.

They said more than Elle could ever say out loud, and Claire felt her stomach do a tiny flip as Elle's lips gently massaged her own, her hands running every so lightly over Claire's body.

Claire moved her legs out of their Indian-style position, wrapping them through Elle's her thing pushing into Elle's centre, whilst Elle's did the same to hers. Elle pulled away for a moment, placing up her hands as Claire tried to continue the kissing session.

"Is something wrong?" The cheerleader asked, her voice panicky. Elle was reminded of herself last night, the one not totally sure of herself. Elle shook her head gently, sliding off Claire's dressing gown, her fingers lingering on Claire's skin, sliding across to her breasts and down her stomach.

"I just wanted to see you."

Claire smiled as Elle leant in for another kiss, unable to put off her need any longer, her hands tracing a pattern across Elle's thigh...


Elle slipped her arm out as gently as she could from her lover, biting her lip as she grabbed her clothes off of the floor. She stepped into her pants, trying to make as little noise as possible.

"You're leaving?"

"I have to go back." Elle mumbled quietly, not turning to face Claire. Guilt hung heavily in her stomach as she focused on doing up her pants.

"Back?" Claire screwed up her forehead, as she tried to figure out what on Earth Elle was talking about. Elle had been dreading this. She had a feeling Claire wasn't going to agree with her actions, knowing they'd thrown her Uncle out of a window and all. "To Pinehearst?" Elle simply nodded. "But Elle, you can't take them on all on your own! We need a plan of attack."

"No, we don't." Elle sighed as she buttoned up her shirt.

"Excuse me?"

"I said 'No, we don't'." Elle finally turned towards the cheerleader, and her stomach did the twisty thing it was doing oh so often now. "I'm not attacking them."

"But... but why?"

"They helped me."

"Arthur Petrelli-"

"Is a good guy. He's trying to save the world. He... he asked me to help him."

"He threw Peter out of a window."

"Sylar did that."

"Well then Arthur allowed him to!"

"He also taught Sylar how to use his powers, in a non offensive way!" Elle felt her voice raise itself against her will. That hadn't been her intention. She didn't want to get angry at Claire.

"What do you mean?"

"He was the one who fixed me. He didn't hurt me... he just talked to me, forced the emotion breaking down my power's out of me." Elle sat heavily on the bed, her shoulder's slumping in a sigh. "Well, most of it. And he used it to copy my powers. He doesn't have to hurt anyone because of Arthur."

Claire was silent for a moment. "You're really going to join another company?"

"I... I belong there." Elle stood up, pulling on her jacket, and Claire stood grabbing her gown off the floor and pulling it on as fast as she could.

"No, Elle, you don't. You can get away from that, away from all of this! It'll only end up hurting you. Or making you do something you'll regret."

Elle stared at Claire for a long moment. "I have to go."


"I'm sorry Claire, I really am... but I can't give this up. Not even for someone I..."

Say it. Claire urged, but Elle remained silent. "I love you." She whispered and Elle shook her head, taking a step backwards, closer to the door.

"Goodbye, Claire." Her words were soft, contrasted only by the slam of the door as she left the room in one swift movement, and Claire clamped a hand over her mouth, half collapsing onto the bed as a single sob ripped through her body. She turned sharply, smacking her fist into the wall with a force that surprised even her. Her knuckles came away a bloody mess, and more tears fell down her cheeks as she watched them heal painlessly, her entire body numb.


I don't know if I can yell any louder
How many time have I kicked you outta here?
Or said something insulting?
I can be so mean when I wanna be
I am capable of really anything
I can cut you into pieces
When my heart is....broken
Please don't leave me
Please don't leave me
I always say how I don't need you
But it's always gonna come right back to this
Please, don't leave me

Pink- Please Don't Leave Me