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Wonderful Tonight- Eric Clapton.

It's funny.

I'd been dreading this for hours. For lots of reasons.

It would destroy my hard-earned credibility as surely as if I showed up in nothing but my mask and y-fronts.

It would remind me far, far, too much of those stupid balls Bruce always had to attend (and of course he had to drag me along too).

I couldn't dance.

Well, that wasn't true. I was actually pretty good at ballroom dancing, although I'd had to brush up in a spare minute, and I still was nowhere as good as I had been.

A related fear.

Someone (probably Beast Boy or Cyborg) would catch me trying to remember how to dance.

Luckily, that one hadn't happened, most likely because they were both still on duty. I should be thankful for the small mercies.

But still... I hadn't exactly been looking forward to this. The fact that my date (ugh) had at her beck and call a horde of disgusting moth creatures was just the icing on the cake, really.

But now?

Now, as we turn slowly, in much closer proximity than I'm used to, amidst the wreckage, well...

Things could hardly have turned out better.


Wanted Dead or Alive- Bon Jovi.

He ran. They followed. All part of the game.

In his first year of his career, he had made enough money to retire on. In his second, he had more money than he could feasibly count. He didn't have to do this any more.

But then, if he'd been in this for money, he would have teleported out long ago.

He wouldn't be making any stupid quips. He wouldn't have waited while they all got out of that sludge trap.

He especially wouldn't have shouted encouragement from the sidelines, or given tips on how to dissolve the goop (lemon juice did the trick perfectly, as he had found out the one time he'd got some stuck in his hair).

He did it because it gave him a kick. And one of the biggest jokes was he was wiling to bet that next time they arrived to try fruitlessly to thwart him, the tin can would be carrying citric acid.

Of course, he wouldn't actually use the goop that time. He would wait until there was a good chance he'd stopped bringing the acid.

All part of the game.

It was so funny, watching Robin getting so worked up about all this. Sometimes, it was all he could do not to laugh watching him take everything so seriously. He was one big bubble of stress, and he saw it as his civic duty to try and pop the bubble.

The others weren't as amusing (although some were definitely more fun to look at), but he liked them anyway. They seemed like nice enough people, and they knew their parts by now, and so (if he was feeling generous) he'd let them recover whatever he had stolen, in return for them being such good sports about all this. Sometimes they got the stuff back anyway, whether he let them or not. But where would the thrill be if this wasn't a challenge?

God he loved his job.


I Can't Quit You, Baby- Led Zeppelin.

They all say I should leave you alone, you know. They say you want to be left alone, and don't I have enough respect for you to allow you that?

How can they all be so blind? Seriously?

Some days, I don't think they get you at all. Well, except Starfire. She's on the right wavelength. But she's too polite to disbelieve you to your face.

But the guys, they...I don't know, it sounds really harsh when I put it like this, but you know I've never been good at putting my thoughts into words.

Some days, I think they don't see you as human.

Now, don't get mad, or anything. I don't mean they think you're less than human. If anything, it's the other way around. They think you don't get sad, or lonely, just because you say you don't. I... it still seems bad the way I'm putting it, but its like they forget you're only half demon.

They just assume that simply because you say that you're fine, then you are.

I've used that excuse enough times to know when someone else is trying it. And trust me, nothing is worse than being left alone when you want to be alone.

I know I suck when it comes to having plans, so this one's gonna be simple.

I am never going to leave you alone. Ever. Ever ever.

Don't give me that look. I mean it. The only time I'll leave is when I'm dead.


Nah. Nothing else.

It's nothing, alright?

No, I wasn't gonna say anything else.

...Oh? You can tell? Well, can we pretend I wasn't gonna say anything else? Thanks.

Anyway, where was I?

Oh yeah. So you got me sticking around for a while. I guess you gotta get used to it, 'kay?

What do you mean 'why'?

Oh, I get ya.

I guess... I guess it's 'cause I... like you, and I think- no, I know, that you don't wanna be alone.

Don't you smirk at me, missy. You aren't as mysterious as you'd like to think, ya know.

There is another reason too.

I... I don't wanna be alone either.


Lose Yourself- Eminem.

The shameless pursuit of happiness, that was what it was.

He would indulge himself in something, just a little. He would eat more, or spend longer on his computer, or something similar. And slowly his priorities would shift inwards.

It was a slow start, but the process gained momentum as he isolated himself more and more from humanity. And as his priorities changed, so did his way of seeing the world.

Conventions standing between him and his wants? Ignore them. They didn't really matter, and it wasn't hurting anyone.

Laws saying he couldn't have what he wanted? Ignore them. They were, after all, just stale opinions that just happened to get written down in the right place at the right time.

Laws of physics getting in his way?

...Ah. Now that was a trick.

But the results spoke for themselves, didn't they?


Because You're Young- David Bowie.

Slade leant back in his chair, shutting off the feed from his camera.

There. That was it. The last of his robots was destroyed. The last thing tying him to this city gone. The last bit of outstanding business taken care of.

To be perfectly honest (and he was, surprisingly often) he felt he had owed the boy something. Closure, if nothing else. Using Terra had been a sound tactical move. He felt no regrets there.

But the closeness between Beast Boy and her... nothing about that sat right. That hadn't been in the plan.

To further compound the problem, the Titans had survived, while Terra (and Slade, at least temporarily) had not. So the whole damnable situation had been ended very messily.

Twanging on the boy's heartstrings had rankled. So, when he'd seen the opportunity to give the boy some closure, he had taken it.

And it had worked, with any luck. He had given his message, and Beast Boy had worked off a lot of frustration. Hopefully the boy would at least consider what Slade had said, and finally move on properly.

Humming lightly to himself, he closed down his computer (a laptop, since he had moved out all his serious hardware weeks ago), first checking that all his emails had been received.

He still had a contract on the Titans. His employer was an imprisoned quadrapelegic, and unlikely to be going anywhere any time soon, and so quite tragically unable to enforce the contract, but it was still his to fulfill. Hypothetically, anyway.

So he had made it known that if he heard of anyone else going after his targets, they would find themselves hunted by Deathstroke the Terminator. That pseudonym alone was enough to persuade most to stay out of Jump, although he couldn't be sure that Deadshot wouldn't try something.

In his own twisted way, he had become quite fond of the Titans. More so now Joey had found a place with them.

And if anyone was going to kill them, it was going to be him.

...He was going to have to pay Lawton a visit, wasn't he? He wouldn't put it past Floyd not to try something against the Titans, just to goad him.


Well, that was fun.

And yes, Control Freak was the star of number four. Why do you ask?