Remake of "Once More with Feeling" songs

Author notes: So I dressed as two things for Halloween- one for a party the day before, one for the actual day and the party of that day. My first costume was Velma Kelly from Chicago, and I spent a lot of time singing the songs she sang from her musical. My next costume was my girl Faith  as you all could probably guess, seeing as every Buffy story I write except maybe two has her as a starring role. I realized that Faith didn't have any songs to sing from the Buffy musical, and being the major geek that I am, decided to rewrite a few songs with the tune to the original songs to fit her, so that she was singing them. So here they are.

Song 1: Re-write of "I'll Never tell"- with Buffy and Faith singing

(Buffy and Faith are facing off on that infamous Graduation Day rooftop, preparing to fight. But they are unsure…)

Buffy: My sister slayer, now my betrayer

How can this be?

Once we were friends, but now this must end

'Cause she wants to kill me!

Now I am in a fix

She'll maim and murder just for kicks

I must get in my licks-

I'm bringing her down.

Faith: She thinks she's so great

And yet, as of late

Her rogue side has flared

When we face off, although she may scoff

Her true darkness is bared

She thinks she's better than me

I hate that I can never be

As perfect as is she-

I'm bringing her down

Both: Oh, she's going down…

Buffy: She's killed

Faith: She hates me

Buffy: She wants to eviscerate me

F: She probably wants to date me 'cause I'm so damn hot

B: She tries to bait me

F: She's gonna mutilate me

B: She really irritates me with her dumb cheap shots!

Both: The fight….gets kind of painful

F: When she looks at me disdainful

B: When she says something shameful

F: When she tries to jam my brain full of why I'm hell-bound

Both: Oh hell yeah, I'm bringing her down!

Buffy: When things get rough, she just lies and makes up stories

She dresses kind of whorey

And she steals my French fries

Faith: She whines

She stresses

She wears stupid girly dresses

She never-

Buffy: Hey, those are Guess's!

Faith: Well they look like MY size! She-

Buffy: Hey, look at her! She's going crazy!

(girls start to fight, end up standing face to face, knives at each other's necks)

Both: You knooooow

Faith: I have better instincts

Buffy: Oh, that's what YOU think

Faith: Oh you're gonna beg to die

When I stab you in the thigh

And your gut, and your back-

And your eye!

(more fighting, come to another standstill)

B: I'm good

F: I'm better

B: That's why I cannot let her

F: I really don't get her, why she even cares

B: She'll try to kill me

Sharp blows she will deal me

But yet I will still be taking her dare

Both: I'm mad

I'm really angry

It's bad

That is has had to be this way

F: Can I really raise the stakes of this game?

B: I still don't know her real last name

F: If I left the Mayor

Would I still be a Slayer?

B: Is there no other way

Where I wouldn't have to slay?

F: I'm unsure

B: I can do this

F: Come on, give us a kiss

Both: We have made our choices

Now with drama abound

Oh hell yeah, I'm bringing her down!

Oh hell yeah, she's going down!

F: I've got my knife

B: Well not for long

F: Is that what you think?

I say, bring it on!

Both: she's going-