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Chapter 1: Amu the "Cool and Spicy" Lonely Demon

" There she is! It's Hinamori Amu, the top ranked demon ever!" a girl whispered.

" I know! I know! I heard that she kills fifty human a day!" another girl whispered back.

Amu's POV

Gosh, more demons talking about me? I visit my little city in hell and people have already started talking about me. Yeah, it is sort of true that I am the number one demon that's killed the most humans, but enough is enough.

I always act cold towards everyone because I can no longer trust anybody else. My parents were killed a few years back, by me. Yes, after I learned that my parents were trying to eat me, because I have this "special" amount of power that no other demon has, I killed them and burned down my house.

You see, I actually live on Earth, because it's easier to kill humans that way, but I visit my old city every now and then. Hell is filled with demons, black cats, and vampires. One group of black cats called Easter oppose demons and vampires for killing humans, so they try to kill us. Black cats are originally supposed to partner up with us and are more powerful than us, but if you are as powerful as me, then you would pretty much be on the same level as them.

And then we come to the topic of heaven. Heaven is filled with angels, Pegasus, and foxes. Angels partner up with Pegasus or foxes and usually fight against us. But that's only after you could partner up with a black cat. Who needs a partner, anyways though? Black cats disgust me, especially Easter.

Ikuto's POV(somewhere else)

"So all you have to do is get close to this Hinamori Amu girl and then kill her, ok? She's the top ranked demon and she needs to go down." a low voice said.

" As you wish, Gozen. " I said with my signature smirk. This was going to be fun, this little demon kid won't know what hit her. My freedom was yet to come.

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