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***************AUTHORS NOTE VERY IMPORTANT**************

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Chapter 10:

I remember first seeing that happy boy, always smiling and competing. I, myself was the same, except the happy part. So he always tried to be happy for the both of us. We competed, laughed, and watched out for each other. There was nothing that couldn't be boring when we were with each other. Nothing.

But then…I fell in love with my dear brother. More than the sibling love, the real love. I kept my mind on him all the time now. Always loving him to the fullest without thinking how everybody felt about it. I even forgot about the one boy that used to make me always laugh and have fun while competing. And yet, have I gotten anywhere? No. Because for some reason, deep down inside, I know that Ikuto, the brother I have always loved, will never return my feelings. I guess you could call it doubt. I just wanted to be with Ikuto so badly, even risking my life to get his freedom and that damn key. And by trying to do that, I lost myself and….Kukai.

And yet, I still blame it on that Hinamori girl. But I realized something, or at least I think so. Maybe I shouldn't have started loving my brother, I mean I'd rather have Kukai with me than ever have started this hellhole. I should be ashamed of myself, really. But Kukai was just my best friend right? Kukai…he always made me happy, made me laugh and have fun. So why did I get attached to Ikuto in the first place?

Utau considered all of this after Kukai's death. Hell, it was all she had been thinking about for the whole week, alone.

She knew if Ikuto died, Kukai would find out soon enough and comfort her. But where was Ikuto? He never came to her or called her. Never. Not even when he was number one on Utau's speed dial. Utau looked around her dark empty room. Should she avenge for Kukai? Or should she listen to him and not fight? Utau knew that there was a fair chance of her life being taken away if she tried to fight Hinamori and also Rima.

Would Ikuto even want her to be doing this? She never even considered what he would do if he found out. When Utau first took in this assignment from Gozen, she imagined that she would kill Amu with Kukai, snatch away her Humpty Lock, and win Ikuto's freedom and heart. But everything went backwards.

Utau fell back onto her hard bed, hoping a nap would get her mind straight. And how she really felt towards Kukai and Ikuto.


Amu's POV

"Amu, are you sure you're ok?" Rima asked for the 50th time.

"I'm fine." I reassured her. For a whole week already I've been wearing white bandages layered onto each other and tied around my head. My eyesight wasn't doing very good either. I gritted my teeth, Damn that Utau, plus, she's Ikuto's girlfriend…"

"Wait! I don't care anyways!" I accidently yelled out loud, crossing my arms.

"Yeah…I'm pretty sure you're still a bit woozy." Rima said flatly, looking at me. "Oh, and what did you ask the orb?"

"Oh, umm, I haven't used it yet." I lied. God, I really wasn't good at lying sometimes.

"But I sensed the orb used already." Rima said, looking a bit suspicious.

"Yeah, I used it. I meant that I asked it if..I…..should use it or not!" I smiled at my save.

"Are you stupid?"Rima had no expression and then sighed. "Well, did you at least make use of the book I gave you?"

"Yeah, I'm trying to read it as best as I could, but my other eye is making it hard." I said the truth. It really was hard when you had a eye that had been, pretty much, cut out, or you could say cut in.

"I guess that's a good enough reason. I have to go home now. Bye Amu." Rima left and ran off in a different direction.

I knew it was because Rima wanted to try making a potion or herb for my eye again. Angels could make healing potions and such. She's been working 24/7 on it. And so far, she's only burned up one room. I chuckled slightly to myself at remembering that from a few days ago.

I walked through a shortcut to go home, so I could go home and close my eyes from the long tired day because my one eye was doing twice as much work. I sighed when I reached a dead end. I was too tired to walk all the way back so I decided to fly.

The winter air was still pretty chilly so it wasn't easy finding my little street. After a few minutes of flying around the "shortcut", I finally reached my street. I ran into my warm room as quick as I could and laid onto my soft bed and smiled a peaceful smile. Luckily, my flu got better, but I was still thinking of Ikuto's girlfriend and what I was going to do about Ikuto killing me.

"Maybe I need a warm bath…." I lazily said, dreaming of the heavenly bathtub. "Actually, that's not a bad idea….."

Normal POV

"That felt so nice!" Amu walked out of her steaming bathroom in only a towel.

"Aww, You took a bath without me, Amu." Ikuto was sitting on the balcony, his tail wrapped around the railing.

"EHH??!! GET OUT!" Amu yelled turning cherry red instantly and wrapping her arms around her chest.

"No need to hide anything when nothing's there." Ikuto smirked at Amu's flat chest.

Amu knew her face couldn't get any redder. "Get. Out."

"You don't want me to stay?" Ikuto asked in a playful tone.

"No. Now get out you perverted cat." Amu sort of really meant it, after the whole orb and Utau incident. "Go back to your girlfriend." She wondered what made her say that. Out of jealousy? Amu hoped not.

"Girlfriend?" Ikuto had no idea what Amu was talking about. "And who might that be?"

"Utau, obviously." Amu replied rather coldly, turning to him for the first time.

"What happened to your eye?" Ikuto finally saw her bandaged eye. "And how do you know Utau?"

"That bitch of yours came, said she was your girlfriend, then knocked my right eye out." Amu said. "And now I think you should be leaving."

"Utau..?" Ikuto widened his eyes just enough for the naked eye to see. He walked into Amu's room, taking a few steps towards her, obviously not going anywhere.

"W-what do you want?" Amu looked into his eyes, his deep midnight blue eyes.

"Jealous?" Ikuto asked her, the familiar playful look in his eyes.

"N-n-o! I a-a-am not j-j-jealous!" Amu stuttered but yelled in his face. Great, I stuttered again, she thought.

Ikuto burst out laughing at Amu's stuttering, which obviously sounded like lies. "Utau's my sister so you have nothing to worry 'bout." He pat Amu's now dry hair, a bit surprised by how silky and soft it felt, messing up her gleaming pink hair.

"I was never worried to start with!" Amu pouted with a red face and turned around, trying to fix her hair again.

"Mhmmmm…" Ikuto murmured into Amu's ear, not buying her lies at all. Even though Amu, on the other hand, didn't know if they were lies or not.

"YAHHH! Do not breathe into my ear!" Amu shouted putting both hands on her ears, feeling how hot her cheeks were.

"Why not, Amu?" Ikuto was moving his head closer and closer to Amu's face.

"Because you're the person who's going to kill me!" Amu blurted out, closing her eyes. She really didn't want to bring it up, but it was stuck in her head and clung onto her thoughts.

Ikuto wondered if Amu found out about Gozen. "And why would you think that, Amu?


"Because it's true." A voice rang out from the balcony, revealing Utau. "Easter had Ikuto try to kill you for his freedom, although since he's not doing his job correctly, Gozen sent me to finish the job." She swished her long ponytails and walked elegantly inside Amu's room.

Amu glared coldly at Utau, but before taking in all of what Utau had just said. "Is it true?" She asked turning to Ikuto.

The cat boy stayed silent. "Yes."

"I'm sorry Ikuto, but this was under Gozen's orders." Utau closed her eyes. "Heavenly mind control." A bright light trailed from Utau to Ikuto.

This is for Kukai and Ikuto, too, Utau thought.

"Ikuto." Utau called him.

"Yes, Utau?" Ikuto had an empty expression in his eyes.

Utau bit her lip. For Kukai….., She reassured herself.


"Yes, Utau." Ikuto commanded before turning to face Amu.

Who, for the whole time stood there wide-eyed at the whole scene.

Ikuto used his tail to wrap it around Amu's neck, making her wings spread out. His once soft and furry tail now seemed sharp and hard. She needed this fight to take place somewhere else.

Amu grabbed the tail as hard as she could and threw it across the room, making sure it let go of her neck first. After that, she flew to the park to have a real fight, one that might just end it, forever.

Amu's POV

I hope the orb is wrong, but of course it never is. I landed in the park, where you could see the full moon gleaming more than ever. The night was silent, the only thing heard were wings flapping, high jumps, and the smell of death.

"Focus…." I closed my eyes, trying to sense any signs of anybody. Nothing. "Where are they….?"

"Right here." Utau shot through the night sky. Where was Ikuto then?

I felt a sudden pain on my head, I looked up to see Ikuto grabbing onto my pink hair. Hard.

I gritted my teeth. I knew if I punched him, he would be still holding onto my hair, making it even more painful because that would pull my hair. My thoughts drained away when I felt a painful tug.

He pulled my hair and threw me in the air. Then large claws shot out from his hands. While in the sky I saw his eyes for a second, seeing an empty circle. I wasn't in a good situation. Trying to dodge them, I used my wings to fly from side to side. Out of luck, none of them even scratched me.

I summoned my trident. Using it, I aimed it at his head and dived back down, putting it on fire. He dodged it with ease. That sent me almost hitting the ground but I flipped and landed on my feet. But right after I landed I thrust the trident to him, hoping to at least hurt him. He jumped up and used his tail to grab my trident.

I put my trident on fire while it was in his tail so he let go and his tail was now burned.

While trying to cool down his tail, I ran at full speed to him, fist first. He looked up when I was one inch away from him and got knocked back 50 feet.

"Get up!" Utau ordered Ikuto. He grunted but then jumped back up. He shot 10 claws at me, they dashed through the air and were sharper than knives. I only had time to dodge 7 of them.




I yelled at each claw that went through me. One through my right arm, one that cut my thigh, and the last one……through my stomach.

I fell onto the floor, clutching the claw through my stomach. I slowly took out the one in my arm. It stung more than when it hit. But I didn't have time, Ikuto was already jumping closer and closer, ready to attack. He jumped up and was in the air, ready to go through me, claw first. It was the attack. Quickly, I took out the claw in my arm.

I could've dodged it so easily, and I knew that Ikuto knew that, but I didn't move. Why? It wasn't because I was frozen in fear. It was because Utau used her halo to paralyze me for 1 minute, which gave Ikuto enough time to kill me.

Damn't, I thought. I tried moving from the halo, but my feet wouldn't budge. All I could do was watch as my life was passing by. But I did something I thought I would never do.

" Please don't kill me, Ikuto…" I pleaded. I, Hinamori Amu, top-ranked demon, begged someone not to kill me. I sounded…pathetic. I looked straight into his void eyes, hoping to see something familiar in them. Tears for unknown reasons started rolling down my cheeks. I was covered in blood. And my life was being taken away.

"Wait, Amu?" That familiar voice made me widen my eyes. He stopped the attack.

"Kill her!" Utau yelled at the confused Ikuto.

He started going back to his void mode, but then he stopped, and did it again. He clutched his head, grasping onto his midnight blue strands of hair.

"Damn…what happened?" He still hand his hands placed on his head.

"I said to kill her!" Utau repeated herself.

"Kill who?" Ikuto asked, still a bit confused.

"Kill that bi-" Utau started but then forgot that I was no longer paralyzed and had my tail placed around her neck, ready to pierce through her skin. She widened her eyes, then started crying.

Normal POV

"Why? I try to save you from Easter, and then Kukai gets killed! Then me! What did I ever do?! I just wanted to help the person I loved the most! Ikuto! Don't you love me…?" Utau had tears dripping onto her shirt.

"I wanted to save everybody! But instead ended up killing myself! It also costed my partner's life!" Utau screamed. "If you just kill her, everything would be better!"

"No. What about Kukai? He's still gone." Ikuto spoke to Utau for the first time.

"I'm fine with it…as long as I have you with me!" Utau said, looking up at Ikuto.

"Who will make you smile and laugh then?" Ikuto questioned her.

"I'll smile everyday just for you, Ikuto!" Utau had a pleading tone in it. "I don't…need…Kukai…."

"Then where's your smile?" Ikuto's voice was starting to sound serious.

Utau didn't know how to respond. She was going to get killed anyways. Why wasn't Ikuto saving her? Kukai did. Kukai risked his life just for her…..

"I…" Utau started.

"Have you smiled at all since Kukai died?" Ikuto asked her.

"No…." Utau admitted. Ever since Kukai left, she had this empty feeling in her stomach. She thought if she spent the rest of her life with Ikuto and kill that Hinamori girl, then that empty space would be filled.

"Do you love Kukai?" Ikuto asked her a question she never really wanted to face. I mean, did she?

"….Yes…." Utau couldn't believe that word came from her mouth. But now that she thought about it, she always had this affection towards Kukai. Utau kept telling herself it was brotherly love. But maybe not…

Ikuto smirked. "I guess that settles it."

"Settles what?" Utau asked, hopelessly. "He's dead."

"Who said I was dead, Utau?" That voice was too familiar. There standing right behind everybody, was Kukai, alive and looking happier than ever.

"KUKAI?!" Amu and Utau yelled. Amu yelled while clutching her stomache.

"Yo." Kukai winked while giving the peace sign.

"What the hell, Kukai?! This whole time I thought you were dead, and then you come back saying yo?!" Utau banged on his chest. "Wait. How did you come back?"

"Well, when you sacrifice your life for an angel that you love and loves you back, you can come back to life, but only if you keep loving each other. So I was waiting in well, Heaven for you to say that." Kukai put his hand in his hair. "So, you really do love me after all don't you, Utau?"

"Urasai!" Utau turned red, for the first time.

"And Hinamori, can you get your tail off of Utau before I kill you?" Amu didn't notice that her tail was still around Utau's neck the whole time.

"Ikuto isn't actually gonna kill you, by the way. Utau did illusion on it to make it say that." He added, as if Amu hadn't been thinking about it the whole week.

"Fine.." Amu let go.

"So, Utau. I'll race you to your house for my welcome back party." Kukai grinned.

Utau grinned back. "Is that supposed to be a challenge?"

But Kukai was already off.

"YOU BASTARD! COME BACK HERE YOU CHEATER!" Utau yelled at Kukai and rushed off with her wings into the night, chasing after Kukai.

Then it was just Amu and Ikuto. A moment of silence passed by.

"Why didn't you kill me for your freedom?" Amu broke the silence.

"Because you interest me, Amu." Ikuto smirked and turned to her, looking deeply into her honey-golden eye. Amu blushed, because she knew her other eye was covered. She looked back into his deep midnight eyes though.

They looked at each other until finally the-.

"Amu! I finally found a potion! Where were you this whole ti-" Rima froze at the sight of Amu and Ikuto only a few inches apart. She squinted her eyes at Ikuto.

"Get the hell away from Amu." Rima dashed to go in front of Amu.

"Well, umm, Rima, I-" Amu started but was cut off.

"Are you hurt?! Did that bad kitty hurt you?!"Rima asked Amu all at once.

"Excuse me?" Ikuto lifted an eyebrow at the "bad kitty" part.

"I'll take care of him Amu." Rima stepped up and was about to try and fight him until Amu stopped her.

"Rima, I think you can go home now. Just give me the potion and I'll be alright, ok?" Amu said to Rima, hoping she would leave because that moment when she and Ikuto were alone felt…nice.

Somehow Rima gave in, probably because she was tired from the potion."Fine. Baka." Rima left after letting Amu sip the potion and giving Ikuto "the look".

"That is one hell of a friend." Ikuto watched as Rima was walking away. "And I think she hates me."

"But..don't you still need your f-freedom?" Amu asked him, caringness was found in her voice.

"Aww, Amu cares about me." Ikuto said playfully lifting up her chin. Her face instantly turned red again.

"I j-j-just don't want you to n-n-not have y-your freedom." Amu said, crossing her arms.

"It's not something you need to worry about." Ikuto said, his face looking pretty serious. "I'm going to try to leave Easter, anyways."

"How?" Amu asked, curiosity getting the best of her.

"I'll find away, under-developed kid."He stuck his tongue out and licked her cheek.

"SHADDUP!" Amu yelled turning red. "And stop making fun of me!"

"It's not my fault your flat-chested, Amu." Ikuto smirked at Amu crossing her arms up higher to her chest.

"Baka!" Amu tried punching him, but he dodged every one of them. Her head was as hot as a hot air balloon.

That's when she felt the pain shoot through her stomach. She still had the claw in it. How could she not remember.

Amu dropped to the floor, holding onto her stomach. Not even Rima noticed! Maybe she was tired after all…

"You okay?" Ikuto's voice had a mix of regret in it.

"Yeah, I'm fine. It wasn't your fault anyways." Amu tried to say, but the words sounded lower and lower until she blanked out.


"You up?" Ikuto smirked at Amu, who was in bed wearing an oversized shirt. She blushed instantly at the thought of what Ikuto did.

"Stop thinking up ideas, perverted kid." IKuto said calmly, sitting on the bed next to her.

"I'm not the perverted one here!" Amu started getting up but then felt the pain from her stomach and dropped back down. Her stomach was wrapped with bandages, her arm was too.

And she felt her eye bandages were off. She was looking with both eyes. She needed to thank Rima later.

"Since you're up, I might as well leave." Ikuto yawned like a little kitten and got up.

"Wait, were you up the whole time?" Amu asked him right before he jumped off her balcony.

"Maybe, maybe not." He smirked and jumped off.

"You idiot!" She tried to scream, but her morning voice didn't have enough energy.

She sighed, then she heard something. Amu turned her head to the balcony and a black note came flying in. It said:

Dear Hinamori Amu,

You have been accepted into Realm Academy. The school where from ages 15-20 are allowed to battle each other and learn new techniques. Since you are only 13, you will need to have special training in our private program for two years before entering. Training starts in exactly one month. Be there, or else you will not be accepted into the academy.


Realm Academy Headmaster

Amu couldn't believe it. She got into the elite boarding school. Of course she would have to work her ass off for two years, but it was always her dream to go to the academy. She wondered who else was going….

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