Sometimes paranoia is better left untouched, a small emotion unfocused, hiding in the depths of your complicated thoughts. The more you stay fixated on the shadows, the more your mind will register the darkness as a paranormal force, regard unobserved movement as a threat.

But there are times when your sanity gets tested, the judgement of others affecting the view on what you notice. Times where you must trust yourself, believe in what you have witnessed, hold that small fringe of uncertainty and bring it closer to your actions. No matter what people say, you know that there's no doubt in those feelings. The feeling of what's wrong, and what's right.

I knew that there was a hidden emotion to this place, a dark secret that loomed overhead. I could sense it deep in my bones, the chill of frigid water, causing a halt of all things concious.

Unconciousness was the only cavern of security, an area of eternal justification, a reinforcement of certainty. I was sure that I wasn't imagining the ominous noises at night, the eerie mists that circled, the way everyone's eyes shone with blackened mystery.

A wall seperated our bodies, the different sides of the room. Only our minds could pass those invisible barriers, seeing what truly lay beyond their skin.

A way to keep us away from them, our imperfections nothing but an illusionary bother, a pointless argument of unrelentished silence.

Yet maybe there another reason, a danger that I could never place, an icy feeling, a stiffening chaos. I had always known the truth.

Keeping us away, creating two different sides. It wasn't anything to do with personal space.

They wanted to keep us safe, let us be, make sure we passed by unharmed.

They wanted to protect us... from them.