A little girl stood in front of a grave in the pouring rain.

She was eight years old and alone. Her mother's funeral had only just ended and already, her twin brothers had been taken away to an orphanage.

However, the eight year old girl would not go to that place. She refused to go without a fight, and despite the social worker's best efforts, trying to capture a strong, fast child in the mud was not easy.

Evidently, the adult had given up and abandoned the girl. Not that the girl minded. She'd make it fine, but her brothers were a different story. Though they were two years older, the didn't have their sister's high intellect. They wouldn't have been able to survive without someone caring for them.

The girl stared at the marble tombstone with a small smile on her face. Her red bangs were plastered to her pale cheeks, due to the pounding rain. In her hand was a single white rose, which she released. It landed on the fresh mud of the new grave.

It had been exactly twenty four hours since her death. Twenty four hours of being an orphan. Yet, the girl wasn't afraid. Not when she had a goal and someone to visit.

"Mom, you never taught me how to tie my shoes. Now I'll never do it." The smile didn't leave the girl's face as she looked to her untied running shoes, dirty from the mud and rain.

However, that was the only thing she said. After that, the eight year old girl turned around and began to walk away.

Untied shoes and all.