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You find out a...lot more.

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"Sybil." Emerald eyes opened and blinked several times before the detective sat up straight, her fingers grasping for her chest.

She recognized that voice. Yet- it made no sense. Not unless-

"You're not dead. Not yet." Sybil's eyes widened as a picture swirled in front of her, soon forming a woman.

Her hair was red and pulled back into a ponytail that drifted down to the center of her shoulder blades. Her eyes were a deep, sapphire blue and filled with such kindness. A tiny smile touched her face.

Sybil felt tears well up in her own eyes as she scrambled to her feet.

"M- Mother."

"Sybi, you've grown up to be so beautiful. And- you've met someone who will treat you so well for the rest of your life." Sybil stepped forwards, rubbing at her tearing eyes with her left fist.

"However short that may be." The female detective stared at her mother with sad eyes.

"I- don't understand. Why are you speaking to me? After all these years, you choose now? I- thought I had died."

"I'm sorry, Sybi. I- know how you must feel. I really do. You were so young- now I'm here when your own time is coming to a close in just a few short weeks." Tears ran down the younger woman's cheeks.

"Why? Why now? I- don't get it."

"Because I was sent." Sybil blinked and stared.


"The shinigami Fang. He's been helping you to fix what's been undone. I was sent to further explain things that you will in no way figure out on your own."

"Explain things? I- I've got a pretty good idea of what I have to do, thank you very much. I don't need to know why, I just need to know how long!" She ground out through grit teeth and more tears.

Jane sighed and smiled sadly.

"How long you have to live? I can't tell you that. No shinigami, or even an angel can tell you that." Sybil stumbled backwards.

"A- angel? Wait, so, there is a heaven?" Jane simply nodded.

"Yes." The detective glanced down at her hands and noticed the faint glow she had seen before she faded to sleep.

"So, you're an angel?"

"Well, in a way I am."

"Then, what am I? I'm glowing. People can see it. I can see it." Jane smiled.

"That's precisely why I was sent. You see, as Fang has been explaining to you- you're not exactly a normal human. You have the ability to see things that living beings can't see. Lifespans and shinigami. Shinigami and angels have that ability. But, because you're not dead, you're not either."

"So, I'm still a human being?" Jane nodded.

"Yes. You're a human being. But- a special type of human being. I'm sure you know what a guardian angel is. I remember telling you that when you were just a baby when your grandparents died." Sybil narrowed her eyes in thought.

"A guardian angel?"

"Yes. A human created to simply protect someone, or in your case- the world. Sybil, there hasn't yet been a guardian angel created to protect the world. Not for thousands of years. In fact- you're only the second one to be born. A true gift from God, I might add." Jane continued to smile and Sybil stepped forward.

"Gabriele was keen on having YOU be born. Or so others say. I'm not really allowed to say anything further." Sybil's eyes widened.

Gabriele? That name- wasn't that-?

"Mother- am I-?

"Shh, Sybi. No more questions. I've said more than I was supposed to as it is. Now, wake up my Oracle. You have company and I suggest you answer all of his questions."

She jolted and shot up, sweat sheeting her face as she forced herself to swallow. A gentle hand touched her cheek and she immediately reached up, grasping it tightly.

"Ryuu- zaki."

"Speak to me, Sybil. What happened?"

"M- Mother-" Instantly, he tugged her soothingly into his chest in an attempt to soothe her troubles.

She slowly relaxed as the 'conversation' with her deceased mother played through her mind.

"Gabriele was keen on having YOU be born."

"Now, wake up my Oracle." Her eyes widened as she finally put the pieces together.

"Ryuu, Sybil- isn't my name Greek?" He blinked and stared at her, confused.

What was running through her head?

"I believe so."

"Sibyls were oracles in Greece, were they not? My name- it actually has two meanings. It's original meaning, Oracle or something else."

"What happened in your dream, Sybil?" He wanted desperately to figure out where this was leading.

"Sybil: Greek for Oracle or Prophetess. Oracles predicted future events, or are said to. Tell me- am I glowing now?" He tilted his head curiously, blue-gray orbs studying her carefully.

"No." A small sigh of relief.

"Good. Chances are then, it only occurs when I come up with significant plans for the future of this case."

"The- glowing only started happening recently. Are you saying that I was not hallucinating? That you are also able to see it?" Sybil gave a single, curt nod and Lawliet frowned.

"What is going on?" She needed to tell him right now.

"Mother tried to tell me something. In my dream, she gave me several hints as to why I'm- as I am. Glowing and such. As for any other information, I'm not really into telling you."


"Do you believe in guardian angels, L?"

"Huh?" As uncharacteristic of a response as it was- it was the only response he had for the off-topic question.

At least, he believed it to be off-topic. He didn't really see the significance of the question. Then again, he probably never would if things kept going as they were. Sybil really needed to let him in on whatever the hell she was planning.

She simply smiled.

"Guardian angels. Do you believe in them?"

"What does-?"

"Please answer the question. Believe it or not, it IS important."

"I see. Then, yes. I believe in guardian angels. I believe you are MY guardian angel. Now, will you please let me in on whatever is running through that mind of yours?" She continued to smile.

"In due time, EVERYTHING will be explained, Ryuu. It's a promise. I always keep my promises. I'm just waiting for the right time to let it be known."

"I see." At least he knew THAT was true.

Most of his worries were set at ease- if only temporarily. It now gave him enough motivation to explain to her what had happened during the time she had been 'sleeping in'. The leaving of Aizawa and of the Police's lack of involvement for further out in the investigation against Kira.

She merely released a tiny sigh.

"Well, it was to be expected. Can't really say I didn't see this coming. I guess it only further proves that a large company is behind this. Like Yotsuba. Now, we just need to get bugs in there to get the proof we need." She glanced to her companion and smiled cheekily.

"I know some people. You?"

"Indeed. Reid could also be quite useful during this infiltration, could he not?" Sybil shook her head.

"We can't use him, L. I won't put his life in anymore danger than it already is. After losing my father and seeing how close 'Reid' was to him- I believe that we will become very close in the future." Needless to say, they already had gotten much closer since Jerrod's passing.

L furrowed his brows and nodded once, but not without hesitance.

She was protecting Geof for another reason. She told only part of the truth there. However, he had to admit it was a legitimate reason.

"I- understand. Immediately, we will implant bugs into the system and begin to further investigate Yotsuba." And Sybil would do much more than that.

Once the cameras were installed, she would be able to see which member of the group had a shinigami hovering over their shoulders. Then, she could target that specific person- discreetly so that they would slip up.

Misa's devotion for Light and compassion for 'Shizu' would indeed come in handy from this point on. Even if Sybil was the only one to recognize that.