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Summary: Post OOT. Young Link goes to visit Zelda and is given an honorary room next to hers. Thus begins a relationship between a vivacious princess and an adventurous boy who share a deep bond. Up until Zelda's eighteenth birthday, they will face a struggle against the fact that she is royal and he is not. A struggle that includes gossiping villagers, a watchful Sheikah, a vengeaful army leader, and a snobby prince who's intent on marrying Zelda no matter what the cost.

In case you hadn't guessed, this ignores Majora's Mask, it's as if it doesn't happen. Also, Navi stays with Link. Enjoy!

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Rated T for violence, language, torture, and sensuality

"You are at the beginning of your life, perhaps you will have many loves, but if you are fortunate, you will have only one love." - Jollee Bindo

CH. 1

Hyrule Castle looked the most beautiful at dawn.

A quiet peace would settle over the land, all the trees turning their leaves up to the new light. The horizon line was a band of gold, and rays from the hidden sun would shine from it. The sky would have a pink tint to it, but some stars were still visible. The moon would hang off to one side, looking like a white stone from the bottom of Lake Hylia.

All this was a crown around the castle itself. The new light would cause the light gray stone to shine. One side of the columns would be cast in blue shadow. And the flags would ripple out in the breeze.

Dawn was a time when hope was restored. It pumped new life into people. The promise of things being better in the morning and all the possibilities the morning could bring seemed true. It was magical.

All this young Link observed from the top of a hill in the middle of Hyrule Field.

He grinned, a trademark grin that was lively and fearless. His skin was slightly bronzed from much time in the sun. His hair was thick and blonde, falling in front of his dark blue eyes. He was a bit short for his ten years, but his muscles were apparent. He had a sword and a shield strapped to his back. Flying beside him was his fairy, Navi.

"So, what's going on?" Navi asked in her high, pretty voice. "Are we just going to walk around?"

"Technically," Link said, "you're not walking. I want to see Zelda."

"Zelda, huh? Are you just going to waltz into the castle?"

"I'll think of something."

As he started walking, Navi said, "You'd think after saving the world you'd never leave your home and be content with a peaceful existence."

He grinned. "There's no excitement in that."

As they passed Lon Lon Ranch, Malon looked out. Her white dress blew in the breeze and her red hair shone like fire.

"Hi, Link!" she called.

He waved. "Hey, Malon!"

"Where are you heading?"

"The market."

She crossed her arms. "You sure are active. Come by and see me sometime."


By the time Link and Navi reached the market the sun was fully visible and the sky was light blue. Clouds slowly moved by, casting shadows on the ground.

Link shoved through the hustle and bustle of the market and into the area surrounding the castle. Guards were stationed around, but he easily snuck by them, moving fast and silently. He took a certain excitement from the whole thing.

At last he reached the courtyard. He was only slightly discouraged when he saw there was no Zelda.

He sat under a tree for a moment, listening to the sound of the water. The courtyard was beautiful and private.

Link's eyes wandered up the smooth stone walls and paused at a circular balcony.

Young Zelda was looking out, gazing at some point in the distance.

A smile spread across his face as he watched her.

She was wearing a casual blue dress that was set off by a shining gold necklace. Her skin was pale due to confinement in the castle. Her blonde hair blew back from her face. But her light blue eyes were what arrested Link's attention. He thought they looked like the sky, endless and beautiful.

Link quickly took stock of the situation. Vines ran down from her balcony, slightly decorated with flowers. They thinned out at the base of the wall, but a tree was nearby.

Link paused, considering, when Zelda went back inside her room. He ran to the tree and climbed up into the branches. He easily maneuvered up, his calloused hands gripping the bark firmly. In a matter of seconds he was at the top.

He jumped onto the vines and began climbing up; however, this was much more difficult. The vines were rough and scratchy, the flowers didn't give off a pleasant aroma, and he had little to brace his feet on.

"Ow," Link mumbled as he struggled to climb up the green mess, "ow, ow."

Vines broke and leaves rustled, causing all sorts of noise. When a particularly large vine broke off, Link looked up to see the princess run out onto her stone balcony, looking over.

Their eyes met.

Link grinned.

"Link!" Zelda cried, breaking into a huge smile. "What are you doing here?"

"I came to see you."

She leaned over the stone railing and reached out her hand. He hauled himself up and few more feet, then gripped her hand. It was softer than his, but not delicate.

She helped him get onto her balcony. Link paused, glancing around. From his vantage point the area surrounding the castle was easily seen, beyond that was the crowded market, and beyond that all of Hyrule glistened in the sunlight.

He turned to her. "Hi."


Then they tightly embraced.

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