Negima 2: Our Beautiful Christmas Dream

Chapter 1: Tis The Season

Late one night, when the clock read 12:25 a.m., Negi, Asuna, Konoka and Chamo were fast asleep as the snow drifted down outside. Negi woke to get a glass of water. As he passed by the windows, he put his glasses on and looked out the window. He saw the snow and smiled. He quietly woke the others and they looked at him half awake.

"Everyone. Look. It's snowing outside." Negi said. They gathered with Negi by the window and looked out at the snow.

"You're right. It is snowing." Konoka said. Chamo watched from Negi's shoulder.

"Look at them all. We're going to have a white school when we wake up tomorrow." Chamo said.

"It's so beautiful." Asuna said. She opened the window and she stuck her hand out. She caught a snowflake on her hand and the others chuckled. They tried catching snowflakes and Negi was lucky enough to catch one on his tongue.

"Hey. Lucky you. You caught one. And right on the tongue too." Asuna said. Negi smiled and looked up at the sky. As snow continued to drift down, he remembered Nekane and Anya back home. His heart felt warm inside as he remembered the Christmas they spent together last year. As he looked up at the sky, Asuna and Konoka went back to bed. Asuna looked at Negi just standing there.

"Hey Negi. You going back to bed yet? The snow is still going to be there. But it's getting chilly in here." Asuna said. Negi remembered what time it was and he apologized. He tried to close the window but he had trouble reaching. Asuna chuckled and got out of bed to help.

"Thank you Asuna. Good night." Negi said. Asuna smiled.

"Yeah. Good night Negi." Asuna said. They both went back to sleep and they slept for the rest of the night. When morning came next day, the calendar read November 28th and it was time for class. As Konoka and Negi were heading for class, Asuna caught up to them. She had her jacket zipped up tightly and she just finished her paper route.

"Hey guys. Too bad the snow couldn't have cancelled classes today." Asuna said.

"Yeah. I would love to just stay outside and play in the snow." Konoka said. Just then, up ahead, they saw Kotaro, Shade, Jennifer and Chachamaru waving to them.

"Hey! There's Kotaro! And Shade, Jennifer and Chachamaru too." Asuna said. They met up with their friends and went inside. Kotaro shook some of the snow off him.

"Some of the others thought it would be funny to throw snowballs at me while I was waiting for you. But, naturally, I got them back." Kotaro said.

"Had a feeling you were going to say that. Can't leave people alone, can you?" Asuna said. Kotaro chuckled.

"Wow. It was really cold today. It's a good thing you guys made it. I don't know how much longer I would have been able to stand there for." Jennifer said. Shade looked around at the decorations hanging around the walls in the hallways.

"Everything looks so...beautiful. I never knew you all liked Christmas so much." Shade said. Konoka looked at Shade and smiled.

"Of course we do. Everyone loves Christmas, don't you?" Konoka said. Shade looked away.

"Well, I never really had Christmas before. I don't even know what it is." Shade said. The others gasped.

"You don't know what Christmas is? Then we'll make sure that your first Christmas with us is your best ever." Negi said. Shade smiled.

"Thank you." Shade said. Just then, there was an announcement asking Negi Springfield to come to the dean's office. When Negi arrived, the dean handed him an envelope that was addressed to him.

"Wonder what this is." Negi said. Asuna and the others watched from over Negi's shoulder. When Negi opened it up, it was a letter for him. It was on magical paper and he soon saw his "sister", Nekane, looking at him from the paper. She had a light purple sweatshirt and a long blue dress skirt that went down to her ankles.

"Hello Negi. It's been a while since my last letter." Nekane said. Negi smiled.

"Look. It's from my sister." Negi said.

"You mean your cousin Nekane?" Jennifer said. Negi nodded.

"Well, I suppose you must be busy. So I'll get right to it then. Anya and I were talking and, well, we had so much fun last year that I thought, if it is no trouble..." Nekane said. Negi and the others watched her with anticipation.

"I was wondering if you and your class would like to come back to Wales again for the holidays this year. You're more than welcome to if you can." Nekane said. Negi smiled and looked at the others. They all smiled as well including Konoe.

"Well, I need to do something. So, I do hope that you and your class can make it. Goodbye Negi. I love you always." Nekane said. After that, Negi folded the note back and put it in his coat pocket.

"Is it all right sir?" Negi said. Konoe looked at Negi and chuckled.

"Of course it is. I myself heard about how well behaved you all were last year. So, what would be the harm?" Konoe said. The others cheered as Negi felt warm inside. When they made it to class, Negi told the others about Nekane's letter and they were all thrilled as well.

"I should have guessed you would be like this." Negi said "Well, the dean said he would make some permission slips and they should be ready soon." He watched with a smile as the girls were suddenly talking about how they enjoyed their visit with Nekane last year. Chachamaru looked at Evangeline.

"Well master, do you want to go as well?" Chachamaru said. Evangeline looked at Chachamaru and then shifted her eyes away.

"Very well." Evangeline said. Chachamaru was glad to see her master feeling so differently about Christmas since last year. Kakizaki asked Negi if he still had the photo album they gave him last year and he nodded.

"Yes. In fact, I think it's right down here somewhere." Negi said. He looked beneath his desk and he found it leaning against the side. He put it up on his desk and told the girls they were welcome to look at it. Some of the girls looked at the book and saw all the great photos Kazumi took last year.

"And just wait until I take some new ones. Maybe we could make a new album for this year." Kazumi said. As Negi's class was busy with Christmas cheer, Konoe was sipping a cup of cocoa in his office. Just then, a knock came at the door.

"Yes? It's open." Konoe said. The door slowly opened and there stood Kotaro.

"Oh. Hello Kotaro. What can I do for you?" Konoe said.

"Well, I know I haven't been exactly doing some "good" things around the school recently, but...if it's not too much trouble..." Kotaro said. Konoe chuckled and Kotaro froze up.

"You want to know if I can allow you to go with Negi and his class. Right?" Konoe said. Kotaro gulped and nodded. Konoe smiled.

"I suppose I can. After all, they're like a family to you. Aren't they?" Konoe said. Kotaro smiled and nodded. He thanked the dean and left. But before he was completely out the door, Konoe asked him to copy the printed permission slip for the class and bring it to them.

"Oh. Sure thing sir." Kotaro said. Konoe also wanted to ask Kotaro if he could tell Jennifer that she could go on the trip too.

"Sure. No problem." Kotaro said. The first thing he did was tell Jennifer the news and she was excited.

"Yeah. I know. That's how I felt." Kotaro said.

"What about Chachamaru? Is she going?" Jennifer said. Kotaro said she probably would. He went on his way and made the copies. After they were done, he went to see Negi and the others in class.

"Oh. Hello Kotaro. Are those the permission slips the dean printed up?" Negi said. Kotaro nodded and he mentioned how he would be coming this time.

"Wow. That's wonderful Kotaro." Negi said. Asuna figured it couldn't be that bad with Kotaro along this time. Chizuru was certainly happy about it and Kotaro looked at her disturbed. When Kotaro handed them out, he saw he made enough copies for everyone. He even had one for Shade despite her being a new member of the class.

"This is going to be great. My first Christmas with my new friends." Shade thought. Kotaro smiled. Negi looked at the photo album and saw some of the pictures with their friend Chao Lingshen in them and sighed.

"Negi? Something wrong?" Asuna said. Negi nodded. She approached him and looked at the book.

"Oh. Is it about Chao?" Asuna said. Negi nodded without a word.

"Don't worry. Maybe we can find a way to invite her." Asuna said " do you invite someone that's probably one hundred or more years in the future?" She scratched the top of her head. Just then, a knock came at the door.

"Yes?" Negi said. The door opened and they saw someone who surprised them. It was Chao Lingshen in a Santa hat.

"Hey all. The dean told me what you were doing. So I figured that I stop by again." Chao said. Everyone was frozen with shock. Asuna didn't even understand how it was that Konoe could've contacted Chao. But she was sure that was something not to ask right now.

"This is going to be great. I can't wait to see Wales again! If it was beautiful last year, I bet it's even better this year." Sakurako said. Fuka and Fumika couldn't wait to play in the snow again. Fumika was sure that she could bring Frosty along for the trip as well. She looked at Negi and he smiled.

"Thanks again Negi...for helping me keep Frosty with me." Fumika said.

"You're welcome Fumika. Now girls, you might want to get those filled out soon. I don't think any of you would want to miss this field trip." Negi said.

"We will sir." they all said. Negi chuckled. And just like last year, that's exactly what the girls did. They got their slips taken care of and they were all sent in. The girls took the time to pack some things for the trip and soon they were all set. That night, Negi called Nekane.

"Hello sister. Guess what? We're coming back for the holidays. I got your letter today. And, well, my class and I are all eager to come." Negi said. Nekane smiled.

"That's so wonderful Negi. I was wondering if you ever got my letter. Well, we'll be waiting for you as we did before. I can't wait to see your smiling face again." Nekane said. Negi nodded.

"Likewise here Nekane. Good night." Negi said. He hung up and turned to Asuna. She was in her bed with her legs beneath the sheet in her pajamas. Konoka was in her bed in her pajamas as well.

"She's excited, isn't she?" Asuna said. Negi looked at her and nodded with a smile. Just then, Chao came in.

"Hey guys. Thanks again for letting me stay here until we get to Nekane's." Chao said.

"No problem. Our place is your place. By the way, how did the dean ever get a message of what we were doing to you?" Asuna said. Chao smiled.

"Well, he used his time traveling magic to tell me so. Isn't it that easy to do?" Chao said. Asuna and Negi looked at each other and Negi shrugged.

"In any case, we're glad that you're with us again Lingshen. I know we'll have a great Christmas together." Negi said. Chao smiled.

"Yeah. Me too Negi." Chao said. After they finished packing, Negi and the others went to bed for the upcoming field trip. Meanwhile in Wales, Nekane was sitting on her porch with her hands resting in her lap. She looked up at the first star in the night sky and smiled.

"'s going to be so wonderful with you here. I just know it." Nekane thought. A tear leaked from her eye as snow began to drift down and Christmas carols were heard.