Negima 2: Our Beautiful Christmas Dream

Chapter 25: Our Beautiful Christmas Dream

As the hours seemed to fly by, Negi still waited for Asuna to come back. But she never seemed to. He started to get worried the moment the clock rang five.

"Asuna? Where are you?" Negi muttered. Nagi came to Negi's side and rested his hand on his shoulder.

"You doing OK son?" Nagi asked. Negi sighed and looked back at the door. Meanwhile, Asuna was still in town with Stephanie as they never left each other's side after they met. In a way, Asuna felt like this is how Valkyrie and Shade were whenever they were together.

"So, anything you wanted to do Stephanie? Just go ahead and ask me." Asuna said. Stephanie wasn't quite sure about it but one look at Asuna's smile made her feel better.

"Well, do you want to sing carols?" Stephanie asked.

"Sure." Asuna said. So, the two looked around for a group of carolers and joined in their song. Stephanie and Asuna stood by each other's side as the song went on. When they were finished, Asuna and Stephanie waved goodbye as the carolers moved on.

"Wow. That was so much fun. I really love to sing." Stephanie said full of excitement. Asuna chuckled.

"Yeah. Me too." Asuna said. The two laughed and Asuna saw the tree in the park was being ready to be lit.

"Hey. You want to watch them light the Christmas tree?" Asuna asked. Stephanie nodded and they hurried over. But Stephanie couldn't see over all the people. Asuna thought for a moment and saw an open park bench close to the tree. When Stephanie stood on it, she could see the tree now.

"Thank you Asuna." Stephanie said. Asuna chuckled and they watched as the man plugged in the plug and the tree suddenly lit up with lights. Everyone was amazed at the sight and clapped.

"It's so beautiful." Asuna said. Stephanie nodded. At Nekane's home, everyone was still enjoying the party as Evangeline sat alone.

"What's the matter love? You feeling all right? Drank too much egg nog maybe?" Nagi asked. Evangeline sighed.

"No. It's nothing Springfield." Evangeline mutted. Just then, Nagi snapped his fingers.

"Wait. I know." Nagi said. With a wave of his hand and a spell muttered quietly, Evangeline suddenly started to glow.

"Wha....What the?" Evangeline gasped. In a flash, she grew up and changed back to her adult self!

" did..?!" Evangeline said. Nagi chuckled.

"Consider that my gift to you Evangeline. A little taste of freedom is something I think you deserve." Nagi said. Evangeline smiled and hugged Nagi.

"Thank you." Evangeline whispered. Chachamaru and Chachazero smiled from afar as Jennifer was stunned.

"Wait. THAT'S what Evangeline really looks like? Wow!" Jennifer said. Meanwhile, Valkyrie was watching a Christmas special on television with Hydra at her side and Fuka and Fumika. Kotaro passed by and shrugged.

"And people think I'M a kid." Kotaro muttered. Hydra groaned as she sat by Valkyrie's side on the floor. Richie laid down by Valkyrie's side and wagged his tail.

"Why am I sitting here watching this? This would easily amuse Val, I'll say that much." Hydra muttered. She glanced at Valkyrie's face and saw little life in it.

"Hmm? Hey. Val? You awake in there?" Hydra asked. She waved her hand in front of Valkyrie's face and saw she had little reaction. Hydra sighed.

"Is she all right?" Fuka asked.

"Nope. We lost her." Hydra groaned. By the fire, Konoka and Setsuna sat with Konoe and enjoyed a cup of hot chocolate. Rosetta took a sip of some as well and her eyes just lit up.

"Oh wow! This is really good!" Rosetta said. Sora tried some as well and she reacted the same way.

"Yeah. You're right Rosetta." Sora exclaimed. Nekane chuckled as she saw Negi getting his things.

"Negi? Where are you going?" Nekane asked.

"I need to know if Asuna is all right. It's getting dark and I'm worried." Negi said. Konoka asked Negi if she could join him and he nodded. Konoka rushed upstairs to get her coat and saw something in Asuna's room. It was under her bed and she reached down to get it. She found her gift to Negi under the bed.

"Hey. Was Asuna looking for this?" Konoka muttered. She hurried and grabbed her coat before joining Negi. Meanwhile, Asuna and Stephanie were riding a horse driven carriage around the park.

"Wow. This is really neat. With the snow on the ground and everything, it really feels like riding a one horse open sleigh." Asuna said. After the ride, Asuna and Stephanie walked around before it started to snow.

"It's snowing." Stephanie said.

"Yeah." Asuna muttered. As Stephanie went ahead of Asuna to watch the snow fall, Asuna had an idea and started forming a snowball. She called to Stephanie and threw it at her the moment she turned around. But due to Stephanie's small size, the ball just flew right over her head leaving Asuna shocked.

"Oh. You want to have a snowball fight? All right. But watch out!" Stephanie laughed. Asuna chuckled and soon they were throwing snowballs at each other and laughing. All the while, Negi and Konoka continued to search long and hard for Asuna. But with no luck, Negi was growing more worried than he was before.

"Negi? I'm getting worried." Konoka muttered. Negi nodded and looked around again.

"Asuna! Can you hear me?!" Negi shouted. Just then, he heard the faint sound of Asuna and Stephanie laughing.

"Wait a minute. What is that?" Negi thought. The two hurried towards the sound and Negi was soon greeted by a snowball to his face.

"Where did that come from?" Konoka said. As Negi wiped the snow off his face, they all looked closely and they saw Asuna and Stephanie.

"Asuna?" Konoka thought. They were both sure that they found Asuna and smiled.

"Asuna!" Negi and Konoka called. Asuna stopped in place and turned towards their voices.

"Huh? Negi? Konoka? Why are you guys out here? What about the party?" Asuna asked.

"The party's not the same without you Asuna. What's going on?" Konoka asked. Asuna introduced them to Stephanie and they introduced themselves.

"But why are you out here Asuna? It's going to get really cold tonight." Konoka said. Asuna looked at the nearby clock and yelled. She sighed and groaned.

"It's too late. Negi? I had something for you for Christmas. But stupid me had to go and lose it!" Asuna sighed "I've been trying to find something else, but everywhere else is practically closed down by now." Suddenly, Stephanie started to feel that it was her fault that Asuna lost track of time.

"Asuna? Please forgive me. If you were trying to find a gift for your friend, I just ruined your last chance. I'm so terribly sorry." Stephanie said. She started to sniffle and cover her face with her hands. Asuna sighed and approached Stephanie.

"Hey. Take it easy. I don't blaim you for anything." Asuna said. Stephanie glanced at Asuna's face and saw her smile.

"I mean it. I really had fun being with you." Asuna said. Stephanie started to smile again and Asuna rubbed her head. Just then, Konoka snapped her fingers and reached into her coat pocket.

"Asuna? Is this what you're talking about?" Konoka asked. She took out the present she found beneath Asuna's bed and Asuna gasped.

"Yeah! That....That's it! How did you find that?!" Asuna exclaimed.

"I found it under your bed before Negi and I went out to find you." Konoka said. She handed it back to Asuna and Asuna sighed with relief.

"Thank you so much Konoka. I was really worried about this." Asuna said. Konoka giggled and Negi sat by Asuna's side on a bench. Konoka figured that Asuna would like some alone time, so she and Stephanie went looking around the park.

"Negi? Here. I want you to have this. It...It's probably not much." Asuna said. Negi took the present from her and unwrapped it. It was a small box with a small object inside. It was a turtle dove, the real mate to the pair she received at the toy store.

"Oh. It's a turtle dove." Negi said. Asuna nodded as she showed him it's partner.

"Yeah. I remember this old man telling me that....if you share one turtle dove with another, it's a sign that you'll be best friends forever. And that's what I'm hoping we'll be." Asuna said. Negi smiled and Asuna and Negi's eyes met.

"Thank you Asuna. Actually, I have something for you too. I kept it with me for when we would find you." Negi said. He reached into his coat pocket and gave Asuna a gift wrapped up in paper and a bow on the top.

"Oh. Thanks Negi. What is it?" Asuna asked. She tore the paper off and inside was a photo of him, Asuna, Konoka and Chamo.

"Hey. What do you know? It's all of us together." Asuna said. Just then, Asuna felt something taped to the back of the frame. She flipped it around and saw a small ring.

"Wow. What's this?" Asuna asked. Negi smiled.

"Put it on. I think you're like it." Negi said. Asuna took the ring off the back and put it over her finger. On the ring was a small snowglobe and inside was a pair of bells, much like her hair bands. It seemed to glow like the sunlight against the snow.

"Oh Negi. It's so cute. Thank you." Asuna said. Negi smiled and Asuna did as well. Just then, they noticed that the lamp post above them had a mistletoe hanging overhead.

"Look Negi. Mistletoe." Asuna muttered. Negi and Asuna glanced at each other's faces and leaned in for a kiss. When they kissed, both of them blushed as Konoka watched from afar with Stephanie.

"Aren't they cute together?" Konoka thought. Asuna and Negi met up with Konoka and Stephanie again and started heading back for Nekane's home. When they returned, the party was back in full swing again and the three were shocked to see Evangeline as her adult self.

"What the?!" Asuna exclaimed.

"E...Evangeline?!" Negi shouted. Evangeline smirked.

"What's wrong professor? Never thought you'd see your little student like this?" Evangeline asked. Negi, Asuna and Konoka shook their heads without a word. Just then, a knock came at the door.

"Now who could that be?" Nekane asked. She went to the door and opened it. There stood a man dressed in a suit and wearing glasses on his face.

"Excuse me. I'm looking for my daughter Stephanie. Have you seen her?" he asked. He looked past Nekane and saw her standing with Negi and Asuna.

"Stephanie! There you are!" he called. Stephanie gasped.

"Dad?!" Stephanie said. The two rushed to each other and hugged tightly.

"Stephanie, I'm so sorry dear. I really never wanted you to run from me. You mean too much to me." he said. Stephanie looked at her father's face and she smiled.

"Oh dad!" Stephanie exclaimed. She cried as she hugged her father tighter. Nagi chuckled and stood by Negi's side.

"I know Negi. I wish you could see your mother just like Stephanie wanted to see her father. But I know....that she's always watching you Negi. Always." Nagi said. Negi smiled and leaned against his father's side. Suddenly, they heard sleigh bells ringing on the rooftop and hooves clacking on the rooftop.

"Hey. Did you guys hear that?" Rose said. Grace and Karula nodded.

"What's that?" Asuna said. Everyone suddenly heard a deep "Ho Ho Ho!" coming from the roof above them.

"Huh? What's that...?" Tina asked. Setsuna gasped with her eyes fixated on the roof.

"Wait a minute. That laugh..." Setsuna said.

"No way. It....It couldn't be...!" Hydra gasped.

"But it is!" Sora exclaimed. Down through the chimney came a jolly old man in a red suit, cap and a bag of toys flung over his shoulder. It was none other than the big man himself, Santa Claus.

"Santa Claus!" Valkyrie and Rosetta exclaimed.

"Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas one and all!" Santa laughed. Shade gasped and stood right up in her seat.

"Is that....really you Santa Claus?" Shade asked. Santa nodded with a wink and reached down into his bag. He pulled out a gift and gave it to Shade.

"For you my dear. Merry Christmas." Santa said. Shade took her gift and looked at it. When she unwrapped it, she saw it was a gold medalion with her name enscribed on the front.

"Wow. It's.....It's beautiful." Shade said. She opened the inside and she saw a picture of her friends inside.

" did you...?" Shade asked. Santa chuckled and asked if anyone knew of a Henry or a Mr. Nicholas. Satomi and Chisame gasped.

"Wait. You mean to tell me that...." Chisame stuttered. Santa laughed and winked at Chisame. He started to cast magical dust around himself and transformed into Henry, the kind store owner that Asuna met when she was a child, Mr. Nicholas and even the kind old man Nekane met at the fountain.

"No way. It was YOU Santa. I just knew it!" Rosetta said. Santa laughed as he turned back to normal.

"You were right Rosetta. You were right." Santa said. He stayed for a while and handed out presents to everyone in the room, including Evangeline and all of Class 2-A's new friends. Santa laughed and joined in their fun as they all sang carols together and Christmas cheer shined through the night, especially from within the hearts of Negi Springfield and Asuna Kagurazaka.


Ater the end appears, everyone from the story, Negi, Class 2-A and Kotaro, Jennifer, Chachazero, Tina, Stephanie and her father, Tommy, Valkyrie, Sora and Mitsuki's friends and Santa all glance at you and shout "Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!" as loud as they can with Richie letting off a loud bark and everyone laughs.