Hey everybody.

I really thought you all deserved some form of communication with your AWOL authoress, hence this brief-ish update.

Long story short, life has been crazy with a capital kuh. Like, my average chapter's about ten pages long, right? I could easily fill up that space and more telling you about what's been going on lately. Oh, the insanity.

Here's a little summary if you're interested (and if not, skip this paragraph). My family moved into a new house fairly recently on an extremely tight time limit, which meant stuffing everything we owned into various boxes and taking it away. Due to this random frenzied packing spree, about half my belongings were misplaced and are still MIA, including my notebook containing all of my chapter outlines for both fanfiction and my original fiction. I'm still pretty bummed about that. Anyways, I started typing what I remembered from it into my computer in hopes of being able to rewrite it even better than I had originally. Ironically I was about three-quarters of the way through this process when we realized that apparently something had happened to our computer while we were moving, causing the hard drive to totally crash and steal my chapter again. The computer monitor itself died shortly after this; it took us a while to get them fixed/replaced. The next couple weeks or so flew by, and between getting extremely extremely sick & completely-out-of-it-to-the-point-of-hallucinating-and-hearing-voices-in-my-head for a while and then being worked to exhaustion on a daily basis from the ridiculously large amount of courses and jobs I'm taking on this semester, well, I find myself yet again sitting down for a break between my duties to realize that, once more, I haven't come anywhere near meeting the goals I set myself for updating this story.

So I guess what I really wanted to say was sorry, again, and please don't lose faith in me, again. I'm ever so slowly starting to get the hang of juggling this messed up life around so that I can actually do some things for myself, like writing, every now and then, and I will be placing first priority on writing this upcoming chapter so that I can get it out to you as soon as possible. But unless my notebook suddenly makes an appearance, it could be a little while longer.

While I'm here; First off, thank you so much to all of you. I try to reply to every review you guys send me, to try and show you just a smidgen of the happiness it makes me feel inside, but I know I miss someone occasionally. I hope you can feel the waves of gratitude I'm sending to you right now. That includes my anon reviewers too. Thank you for sharing in detail both your insight on the story and my writing. You have no idea how I felt when I read that I gave you hope. You give me hope too, and not just the person reading this right now who knows who they are even if I don't, but ALL of you do! The fact that there's still people out there reading fanfiction and taking the time to interact with the author in such a personal way as a review is just plain amazing.

I'd love to write some more to that effect, but I have to be off now or else I'll be late for band rehearsal. I hope you all have been doing wonderfully in your own lives; hopefully we will be able to get in touch through the next real chapter soon.

In the meantime, peace, and keep being the fantastic people you are.