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Warning: This story contains Suggestive themes, lots of alcohol, drugs, and maybe some dark themes. You have been warned. It shouldn't get too bad, though, so I hope you enjoy.

Outlet: Letting the Feelings Go.

Chapter 1: Zack

Second Class SOLDIER Zack Fair had found that when life got him down, the best place to mellow and grieve was and always would be the bar.

It wasn't anything special, just a small, shack-like building on the outskirts of Midgar made of rough wood and rotting shingles. The exterior looked nothing like you would expect. Hell, it seemed more like a house from the street view. He'd heard of it from his friend when he went through training and the next day he went. The women in it were sluttish and all of the men were drunks but when one ignored those factors, it was a lovely place. He loved its ruggedness, right down to the harsh, sweet smell of cigarettes and the grunt and grimace of men taking alcohol stronger than they could handle. The spiky-haired man, however, could take it all, though he wished he could feel the burn and sting. Maybe then he wouldn't seem so empty. Mako would always be his mood-killer…

This morning when he had woken up and looked in the mirror, he knew something was going to go wrong. Already, his eyes held the slight dullness known to him as feeling hollow. It only escalated as soon as he stepped in the door to Sephiroth's office, if the book to his face said anything at all. Then again, he didn't actually get out of the tense room until that eight foot sword was pointing at his throat. The general always did have a horrible temper and he didn't really mind it too much. The pain, however, started when he found that Genesis was off on a mission and Angeal was in meetings for the day. Nobody wanted him around, it seemed, for whenever he proposed a trip to some place or a night out, his treat, he only got "Sorry Zack, not right now, I'm kind of busy."

So he said fuck it and left on his own.

The highlight of his day, though, would probably have to be when he caught his girlfriend romping around with his best friend…

…In his bunk…

It was entirely safe to say that he was pissed. The broken nose, scratches, and blood on his work shirt were tribute to that. At least he put the other guy in the hospital for a few days. If Seph was pissed at him before, he would probably be turning red by now. At least he had the security of knowing that Angeal wouldn't let him get kicked out. Well, he didn't think the General would let him leave, either but still; it was nice to know that the two cared. Genesis…well, he talked about that damn play too much!

All of this was beside the point, though, because tonight, well, tonight was all about him and the alcohol. Even when the world got fuzzy and the bubbly feeling in the pit of his stomach came to an all time high, he drank and drank to his heart's content. At some point of time, he remembered talking to some guy who had slumped to the bar for a few minutes. He did look kind of familiar…he just couldn't see whether the hair was black, or brown, or silver, or maybe blonde….Wait, just how many people were there at the front? And why were they talking to him?

Pain lanced through his head and he couldn't help but grip it a little. A headache? Well that was just his fucking luck. Mumbling to himself about how stupid this day was, he looked up again only to meet a black spot in his vision. It was fluxuating, getting smaller then bigger before soon, all he saw was black. His body slumped off the barstool and onto the floor.

Sephiroth, Genesis, and Angeal could only look down in slight annoyance at the snoring puppy before he was slung across a shoulder and taken to one of their apartments.

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