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Warning: This story contains Suggestive themes, lots of alcohol, and maybe some dark themes. You have been warned. It shouldn't get too bad, though, so I hope you enjoy.

Outlet: Letting the Feelings Go

Act II - Best Days Ever: Angeal – Picnic

"Zack! Catch!"

The second turned sharply as a white disk flew right towards his head. It was easy enough to catch when the speed was slow and his thinking was fast. As the plastic touched his hand, he spun and flung it back towards another random person. The wind ruffled his hair lightly and he smiled.

Today was the most wonderful day for a picnic, one that was currently taking place in the grasslands outside of midgar. A few of the Seconds and Firsts had decided that some recreation time was due and with Sephiroth's approval, they lugged out a few blankets and baskets, filled to the brim with picnic food. The location had been unanimous among them, in their minds had sprung up an image of the beautiful, grassy hill with a lake in the valley and mountains in the distance. It was perfect, considering the sky was blue and there wasn't a trace of clouds anywhere. Even the lake sparkled a brilliant blue, the SOLDIERs being able to look--even at its deepest point--to the sandy bottom beneath. Some had even taken the initiative to strip down and jump in, an event that sparked more and more interest as the sun became high in the sky. Water fights ensued.

Slowly, the spiky-haired Second turned to look over at the area his friends were currently occupying, a small smile quirking his lips. Genesis, as always, had his nose stuck in a book, lounging back and lying on a blanket. Beside him was Sephiroth, alert and watching around even though he didn't have to. Angeal was….nowhere to be found?

The frown that marred his features was short-lived as strong arms wrapped around his waist. The teen only had seconds to think before he was hoisted up on a strong, broad shoulder he only identified as Angeal's when his body was soaring for the refreshing body of water. A shocked look of betrayal, mocking and playful overtook his face as his back splashed into the cold lake, soaking his clothing through and flattening his hair. For a few seconds, he sank, frustrated at not having the upper hand until a devious smile was shown to those who were swimming beneath the liquid glass. As if he were an Olympic athlete, Zack approached the edge of the water towards the laughing man he knew as his mentor; taking swift advantage of the opening by wrapping his small hand around the strong ankle he knew had to be Angeal's. With one swift, powerful jerk of his arm, he brought the well-built body crashing down into the water beside him, the final reserves of air in his lungs escaping as bubbles when he laughed. The laughing ceased, however, when he finally realized that it was Genesis, not Angeal, who had come down beside him.

In an instant, he was out of the water and running, dashing around people and picnics alike to escape the furious brunette behind him. The First's sword was brandished over the air, a snarl marring his features. Back at the lake, Angeal laughed even harder and Sephiroth couldn't help but snicker at the antics of his SOLDIERs. When he had dragged Genesis over to see whether Angeal was alright, they never expected Zack to retaliate in the way that he had. The black-haired First had immediately lost his calm exterior and busted into laughter, grasping at his stomach when he could no longer stop. Some of the other men paused to see what the commotion was about, giving odd looks to the normally composed man before realizing that the General was there with them. After sweeping the area in search of enemies, he sighed and resigned to the small laughter bubbling in his chest and up his throat.

Eventually, the sounds died down, and the two caught their breath. Zack and Genesis had a brief, slightly dangerous sparring fight before they were broken up. Genesis went back to his tree to fume for a while. Zack trotted back over towards the lake, still dripping slightly. A sheepish grin was on his face.

"Heh, guess I got the wrong person." The second stated, scratching the back of his head and causing Angeal to burst into snickers. The spiky-haired teen punched him in the arm. "Well I wouldn't be in this mess if you hadn't of thrown me into the water in the first place!"

Sephiroth snorted. "You should have looked before you grabbed the wrong person."

Zack didn't really have a reply. However, his stomach spoke for him by growling loudly. "I'm going to go get something to eat!" He then bounded over to the picnic basket situated beside the leather-clad time bomb who still happened to be angry.

Let's just say that Zack ended up wearing his food instead of eating it.

A few more similar incidents occurred. Angeal finally got what he deserved and was shoved into the lake. Sephiroth stayed relatively dry. Zack avidly avoided Genesis, much to his agreement. Genesis proceeded to read more of his interesting book. A few of them participated in some of the horribly planned out picnic games, winning a few and failing at others. One in particular (The three-legged race) gave Sephiroth and Zack the most trouble. The assumption was that the two couldn't properly work together but then they proved that wrong in the relay race. For a few hours they sat and talked about nothing in particular, staring at the sky above. By the close of the day, they were all well-relaxed and exhausted, wanting to be back in their apartments so that they could actually have some peace and quiet.

Though as they walked through the door, Angeal pulled them all up to his apartment again. He used the "I thought we could all use a shot" excuse, though it worked well enough. Like a few days previous, they found themselves strewn out on the small circle of couches with some alcohol in the middle, on the coffee table. Genesis lightened up a little on Zack as he downed his first three shots consecutively. Zack, in turn, downed three shots and challenged him to a drinking contest. Competitive by nature, the brunette had no choice to accept and soon, they were making fools out of themselves. Angeal looked at Sephiroth and engaged him in light conversation for a while. Another hour passed. After his tenth shot of hard Vodka, the Second slumped against his mentor's side and snored loud and obnoxiously. Genesis snorted and slurred out a 'I knew he couldn't hold his liquor' before promptly doing the same, though it was on Sephiroth's shoulder and he didn't snore outright.

Angeal, who had taken it easy, looked over at his superior. "Did you like the picnic? I found it to be quite an enjoyable experience."

The silver-haired man nodded. "I didn't think it was too horrendous. Funny, if anything and we didn't get attacked. Definitely one of our better days."

Angeal toasted him to that. It was absolutely one of their best days.