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My name is Lizbeth Selena Unser, I'm 21 and still a Daddy's little girl, who obeys the rules. I just can't go against my dad. Plus, he's a cop so that doesn't help too much. Chief Wayne Unser is his name and is the chief of police of the Charming, California police force, so, I'm lucky..Not. He won't like me do anything without his say in it. Like my first car, I had to get a dented up used car that smelled like piss in the inside, for him to be fine with it.

I have brown wavy hair about to the middle of my back with blue eyes and slightly pale skin while my curves are in the right places on my five foot four body. My dad says I look like my Mom.

Before I was born and when my parents met, my mom would hang out with a girl named Gemma and Gemma's boyfriend John Teller and another guy named Clay Morrow. Mom was the type of girl to break the rules while Dad was the type of guy to obey and set the rules. So, it's soft of a miracle how they got together. Sadly my Mom.. she died in a car crash when I was 13. My Dad was never the same, but, he tried his best to be there for me and take care of me.

I had just got off the plane, after sitting on it for three or four hours, back home to Charming from a College in Oregon. I sighed taking in the sights.

"Good to be back home."I mumbled, walking to the curb to look for my dad. When I heard a horn blowing, I look to my left and saw my Dad driving his unit car.

He stopped infront of me got out and hugged me as I hugged him back. It felt good being in his arms again after four years of College.

"Hey there Lizbeth." He greeted, pulling away from kissing my forehead.

"Hey daddy." I said back, with a bright smile.

Dad put my luggage in the trunk before getting in the driver's seat so, I could relax in the passanger's seat.

I laid back in the seat, with my eyes closed.

"So, how was College?" Dad asked with his eyes on the road when I opened mine.

"Good. And don't worry, I didn't screw anyone, nor did they screw me." I told him, with a small smile.

"Thank God. Last thing I need is, a grandchild at my age." He said, as if I wasn't there. He did that to me a lot. Sometimes the things he would say were a bit harsh. Okay, he wouldn't do it a lot. He was old so, I would just excuse it.

I was about to say something back when the roar of a motorcycle engine cut me off.

I looked out my window to see a guy with longish blonde hair on a motorcycle, with a shirt and a leather kutte with 'Sons of Anarchy' across the back.

Dad stopped at the red light, not looking at the guy. But, he saw me.

"Hey Chief! That your new wife?" He asked, referring to me.

"None of your business, Teller." Dad told him, using that harsh tone again.

"I'm his.." I was cut off, by Dad pulling off fast when the light turned green.

"Dad, what's wrong? I was trying to talk to him." I asked, looking at Dad with confusion in my eyes.

"I don't want you around him. Him and his family are not the best people to run into and I want you to be safe. Understood?" He asked, his knuckles turning white from him gripping the wheel so tight.

"You said, Mom used to hang out with those kind of people and you married her. What's wrong with me jus.." I was cut off again.

"Understood?" Dad exclaimed, making me shut my mouth. He was scary good at that.

"Crystal." I whispered, before looking out the window.

Dad pulled into the driveway of the house, and it was still the same from when I left it for College. Even, my old dented used piss-smelling car was still there,

"You didn't try to sell it or anything?" I asked, think he would have gotten rid of it. I seriously needed to get a job so I can get a better car.

"No. Figured you might need something to drive when you came back." Dad told me, walking past me heading to the front door with my bags.

"Yeah but at least, you could have tried to fix it up." I said with a small pout, making him chuckle as we walking inside the house.

I went upstairs to my room and saw pictures of me with friends and family along with Heavy Metal posters on the walls, even some Rock. I may be a Daddy's Girl, but, I love loud music. A trait and one of many that I got from my Mom.

As I was unpacking, Dad knocked on my door.

"It's open!" I exclaimed softly, folding and putting my underwear in the dresser drawers when he opened the door holding a box. When my eyes saw the top of it, it said 'Bella Misc.'

"I thought you might want some of your Mom's things. You and her have the same taste." He told me, as I took it from him and saw it on the bed.

"Thanks." I said with a soft smile, causing him to nod and leave the room closing the door behind him.

'Hopefully, we don't have the same taste in husbands.' I mused inwardly, finishing up the unpacking.

One hour later

I finished unpacking everything so, I got to open the box and begin looking through it finding some old pictures and books. But, one book sparked my interest. I reached in the box and pulled out a Black leather book with engraved on the cover,

'The Life of Bella Daniels..'

I grinned laughing, knowing that I had found Mom's diary from when she was younger.