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Prologue: Escape

It was very cold.

That was my first thought when I awoke. My vision was blurred from misuse and my senses were taking their time to warm up. But I knew instantly that something was wrong. As my sight grew clearer, my greatest fears were confirmed.

I was in a cage.

But it's impossible, I thought to myself. I cannot fit into a cage. I peered through the bars of my enclosure. Numerous other cages, one stacked upon another in an orderly fashion, lined the walls. I could not see the other occupants in their cages, as they were either covered or enshrouded in darkness. Somewhere in the room, something was wheezing, sounding as if it was nearing its final breath of life.

Solemnly, I withdrew my eyes from the scene outside and into my own personal prison. All sides were made of a sheet metal, explaining the chill that awoke me just moments before. There was not much room. Heck, if I tried to stand up, I would probably bump my head.

Just then, I heard footsteps walking across a tile floor. The other occupants took notice of this new sound. Groans and cries for food, water, other essentials could be heard as it walked across the room. Suddenly, the door to my cage opened and two bowls were placed before me at the entrance. I tried to say something, but I could only manage a whimper.

"Shut up, you mangy mutt," a gruff voice responded, and my cage door was shut and locked with authority.

Mangy mutt? I thought angrily. I had been called many things in my life. But mangy mutt? For a moment, I refused to go anywhere near the bowls that sat before me. However, my stomach pained me with hunger and my mouth was dry. Reluctantly, I gave in to my body's demands and crawled over to the bowls.

The first bowl was filled with some sort of kibble. I recognized as the sort of food that I fed my Skitty at home. Somewhat disgusted, I turned away from the first bowl and turned to the second. It was filled with water. I crawled over the bowl, hoping to quench my thirst.

I gasped and recoiled in fright. No way! It cannot be… I looked frightfully about my cage, as if afraid that someone else had noticed me. With utmost reluctance, I leaned over the bowl again.

Staring back at me was not my long brown hair or my green eyes. Instead, brown fur covered my entire face and dark brown eyes stared back at me morosely. In addition, I now had long ears and small black nose. The reality slowly began to sink in. No longer was I your normal sixteen-year-old girl who lived a normal life.

I was an Eevee.

Frantically my mind tried to figure out how I came to be this way. Earlier that morning, I had found a letter from my older brother Kyle on my welcome mat. From what he told me, he worked for a pharmaceutical company that was working on some new cures for diseases. However, he said he couldn't talk much about what he did; it was company policy.

The letter seemed harmless enough: Kyle's company—Gilroy Pharmaceuticals—was looking for some volunteers to test a new product. There was no information about what product they wanted to test on me, but nonetheless, I decided to go along with it and see what they wanted me to test.

I arrived at the company later that afternoon, still contemplating what I would be asked to test. The company was located on the outskirts of the city, about an hour or so from where I lived. The building itself was a large, gray concrete two-story building, not unlike most of the other buildings surrounding it. I walked in and asked the receptionist about the product testing. She obliged and took me to another room. At one end of the room, an old overstuffed couch sat waiting for someone to sit upon it. There was also a small coffee table with a few old magazines to keep someone occupied as they waited.

As I sat there for what seemed like hours, I thought about my brother. I had never really had a great relationship with him. He was always so secretive and untrusting of others. This was especially true after he joined Gilroy Pharmaceuticals. For all my life, I had wondered why he was this way. What big secret could he be hiding from me? I figured that this letter could be him finally opening up to me.

At last, two men in white lab coats came into the room. Both men had surgical masks covering their face, as though they had just left the ER to meet me. They asked me to follow them. Like the lemming that I am, I followed, unaware of what awaited for me. That's the last thing that I could remember.

And now… I looked over my new body. Small paws instead of hands and feet. A mane of brown and white fur around the scruff of my neck. A long puffed-up tail. I had always thought that Eevee were cute, but never had I imagined being one.

Just then, I heard footsteps coming down the row of cages again. Two tall figures stood at the entrance to my cage.

"Here we are sir," the first one said. I recognized him as the one who brought me the food and water.

"So this is it?"

"Yes, Experiment EV-005."

It? Experiment EV-005? I felt my anger building. "Hey," I shouted at them, "who are you calling it?"

For some reason, though, they didn't seem to understand me. One of the two turned back to me and looked into my cage. He wore dark glasses and the same surgical mask that the two men wore who escorted me out of the waiting room. For a minute, he just stared at me, silently. It was very unsettling. Then he stood up and whispered something to his accomplice. He wrote down something on a clipboard before biding his comrade farewell and walking away. Now it was just the two of us, the man with dark glasses and I.

He turned back around and looked at me again. "So, sister…" he drawled slowly.

Sister? No, it can't be. I began to crawl away from the entrance of my cage. You can't be…

He just smiled and laughed. But it was unlike any laugh I had ever heard. Cold and sinister, it seemed to suck out all the warmth left in my body. In an almost calculating manner, he reached up and pulled his dark glasses from his eyes. Now he stared at me with icy blue eyes. Kyle's eyes.

"Yes, Amber, it's me, Kyle," he said coldly, causing me to further draw back away from him. "What's wrong? You're acting like you've never seen your brother before."

I felt a strong pang of anger building in my chest. "You sick bastard!" I shouted angrily. "What did you do to me?"

He simply laughed. "Now, now," he said mockingly, "mean words won't get you anywhere, especially if I can't understand them."

I was confused. He can't understand me. Why…? Then it hit me. It's because I'm a Pokemon. I smacked myself in the forehead with my paw. It should've been obvious to begin with.

"So you've finally figured it out," Kyle continued in the same mocking friendly tone. "I guess you're not as dumb as I thought you were." Then, to my surprise, he reached out and opened my cage door. "Now come, sister. You don't want to be late for your first tests."

I continued to stay pinned against the back of my enclosure, refusing to move. Whatever these tests were, I wanted not part of them. I shook my head.

"You don't seem to understand. You are coming with me." His voice was beginning to shake with anger. It had long lost its friendly tone that may have coaxed someone who was more naïve than I. Once again, I shook my head, refusing to let my brother take further advantage of me.

I noticed a glint of anger in my brother's eyes. I had never seen my brother get angry with anyone, even at home. So to see this flare of anger was a great surprise. "Goddamn it, Amber, you're coming with me!" he shouted.

He thrust his arms into my cage, knocking over the bowls of food and water. His right hand latched onto the scruff of my neck, causing me to yelp in pain. "Let go of me!" I shouted at him, trying to break free of his grasp. He dragged me out of my cage, leaving me flailing in the air.

"NO! I've waited too long for this moment!" he shouted furiously. His eyes burned with such anger it frightened me. At that point, I almost succumbed to my brother's will. There was nothing I could do to resist him. He was going to lead me to my inevitable destruction and there was nothing I could do about it. But deep inside, I knew I couldn't give up. I had to break free from my brother's iron grasp.

I continued to flail around, causing Kyle's to lose his grip on me. Cursing under his breath, he brought his other arm around to get a firm hold. Seeing my chance, I bared my teeth and bit down on his forearm. Letting out a cry of pain, he inadvertently dropped me. Unfortunately for me, I landed on the tile floor below awkwardly. My back right leg was in tremendous pain. Ignoring the pain, I pulled myself to my feet and limped toward the door.

Unfortunately, Kyle was quick to recover and cut off my escape route. "Where do you think you're going?" he asked evilly, as he now slowly stalked toward. With each step he took forward, I stepped. "Come on, Amber. Let's get this over with already." He reached out to grab me, but I was just barely able to sidestep him.

Frantically, I looked around for some way to get past my brother. It was then that I spotted a large lever up on the wall right behind Kyle. Hmm…I wonder what that switch does, I thought to myself. Considering that my options were limited, I decided that it was worth a shot.

I charged at Kyle, much to his surprise. He reached out to try and snatch me off the ground. However, I was prepared for this and jumped, smashing headfirst into his sternum. The force of my attack sent my brother sliding across the floor into the wall. His head jerked back from the sudden impact, knocking him unconscious. As his body slid the wall, his arm caught on the lever and pulled it down.

Suddenly, an alarm went off. All the cage doors swung open, releasing their occupants into the room. Numerous creatures staggered out of their cages, surprised to find that they were, at last, free.

Just then, I heard a groan nearby. Kyle was stirring. Panicking, I looked toward my fellow inmates whom I had just freed. I could recognize many of them, from the yellow fur and lightning bolt tail of a Pikachu to the white-and-red fur and the sharp claws of a Zangoose. "Come on," I shouted to them motioning toward the doors. In my head, I prayed that they could understand me.

Whether the fates were with me at that time, or if everyone just had the same idea, I do not know or care. With one loud unified cry, all of us charged toward the door. Kyle stood up and attempted to block our path of escape. But we were not to be denied. We were more than enough to overpower him, and thus we surged forward, on our way to freedom.

I, injured leg and all, led us through the hell, searching for some exit. We encountered some of those white lab coats again, but we scratched, clawed, and gnawed our ways past them when at last we discovered the exit. As soon as we hit the dark outside world, everyone scattered in many directions. I held back, making sure that every one of the inmates escaped and was on their way. After I had made sure that everyone else had escaped, I ran toward the city, hoping to find shelter for the night.

Just then, I felt a rain drop land on the tip of my nose. Great, I thought to myself. Just perfect. The heavens slowly began to unleash its rains upon the earth, thoroughly soaking my fur.

Running through the unfamiliar alleyways, I searched for somewhere that I could rest. The pain in my leg had substantially increased as the rush of adreniline from the escape wore off. Cursing silently under my breath with each step, I found a large cardboard box next to a trash can. Well, it's better than nothing, I thought to myself. I hobbled into the box, well protected from the rain, and settled down for the night.

It was at this point that the reality of the whole situation began to sink in. I couldn't help it anymore. I broke down and cried, cried more than I had ever cried before. Gradually, my crying ceased and I fell asleep, cold, soaked, and alone…

Things couldn't have been any worse.