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Summary: What would have happened in New Moon between Bella and Jacob, if the phone hadn't rung...?

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Jacob stood staring intently into Bella's chocolate colored eyes.

A swirl of dark emotions swam within his eyes and built up, causing his pupils to dialate.

His finger tips itched to grab onto her skin or clutch her soft tresses between the fingers.

Bella stared back up at Jacob bewildered.

Never had she had this sort of built up quivering emtion, almost like the feeling of a balloon being blown up within her very chest, except when she had been with Edward.

Jacob leaned ever so slowly towards Bella holding his breath.

Bella gasped barely audible underneath her breath.

Jacob suddenly stopped himself short and stood rigid in front of her, his hot breath blowing into her face.

Bella blinked several times before looking back up into his dark eyes that had been on fire, but now were reserved and comforting.

"I'm sorry Bella," he said very slowly.

Something in her made her become angry at her words.

Why should this bother her?

She was done with Edward forever.

He'd said so himself.


He didn't want her.

She looked up at Jacob quickly.

He was turning back away from her when she grabbed his forearm tightly.

"No Jacob..."

He raised an eyebrow leisurely.

"What is it?" He asked in a worried tone.

"I... I..."

"Yes?" He grumbled.

"What I meant was... you could've... continued that." She said a blush coming over her cheeks.

His eyes widened and his pupils grew to twice their original size again.

"Only if you're -abosolutely- sure." He said.

He sounded anxious and nervous now.

"I am." She said trying to feel that she was.

Jacob moved in on her quickly.

He had her backed up against the kitchen counter and his arms were around her waist within milliseconds.

Jacob moved in closer, his lips brushing against hers then kissed down her throat.

Bella's eyes fluttered and she groaned happily.

Jacob tightened his hold around her and lifted her up to a sitting position on the counter.

Now their faces were closer at an even level, he was still almost a foot taller.

Bella opened her legs so that Jacob could stand between them and then surprising both of them crushed his lips down onto hers.

His kiss was different from Edwards definitely.

He was rougher and gruff, as Edward had been more gentle treating her like glass.

She liked being on the recieving end however of this aggressive form of kissing.

Her hormones were quickly spiraling under control and all she could think about was how much closer Jacob could be against her.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and drug him closer up against her.

Their lips moved against one another in a rough, but very satisfying dance.

Jacob's hands moved from Bella's waist up to her chest carefully.

Bella pulled away from the kiss to release a very much needed moan from Jacob's sudden tender, teasing minstrations.

He grinned and fondled her more eagerly making her throw her head back.

Jacob leaned forward and began sexily sucking on her neck then down to the very top of her chest.

She wore a green button shirt that was quickly discarded and Jacob began to kiss down her chest to were her appealing clevage formed.

"Jacob," she said breathlessly pulling him tighter against her and wrapping her legs around his waist.

He grunted in response and moved down kissing her stomach and stopped right at the him of her dark wash jeans.

Bella pushed herself up in midair on the counter with her hands and Jacob made haste of pulling her jeans off of her quickly.

Once her jeans lay next to her shirt on the ground Bella reached down to the him of jacob's tshirt and pulled it up over his head.

Jacob pulled her back to him by her waist and began fingering the top of her underwear with his index finger and thumb.

"Jake..." she moaned again pulling away from his lips.

He smile warmly at her and looked down at her undwear then back up to her.

She nodded.

With his fingers he slid her underwear aside gently and began stroking her folds tenderly.

Bella shuddred and fell against his chest.

She immediately became mortified by her sudden weak spot.

Jacob chuckled and rubbed her harder.

She whimpered then moaned then gasped.

Jacob then slowly inserted his long index finger inside of her causing her immediately to strain against him.

He pushed deeper tenderely and Bella was unable to smother a lusty moan from her lips.

"I love you Bella." Jacob whispered in her ear.

Bella moaned helplessly then replied:

"I luhhv y-you too."

Jacob pulled his finger away and buried his face against Bella's neck.

The both sighed.



Jacob gulped and pulled away.

"Do you... want to? Right now?"

Bella blinked and looked down at Jacob to see that clearly he had become incredibly turned on in the past few moments.


"It's ok if you don't want to." He replied quickly.

"I'm just offering."

She was momentarily stunned then shook her head.

"Yea not now Jacob. I'm not... ready." She said.

"Maybe in the future..."

"How soon?" He wondered aloud.

"Soon." She supplied with a defiant nod.

He nodded and handed her back her clothes from up off the floor.

"I'm uh gunna go to the restroom. To take care of this," he said pointing toward his erection.

Bella smothered a hysterical laugh as he walked down the hallway to Charlie's bathroom.