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Summary: Jacob and Bella compromise

Chapter 9

Far Far Far Future

Jacob rolled off of Bella gasping and sweating.

Bella lay on her back, sweating and gasping, but with a wide ear to ear grin on her face.


"Yea, I know." He said with wide eyes.

"That was the best ever." She said smiling.

Jacob suddenly became very quiet and very still.

"Jacob?" Bella asked rolling over to him.

He looked at her expectantly.


"What's wrong?" She asked rubbing his chest.


She narrowed her eyes.

"Jacob I know you better than you think. You got all quiet and still, it's not like you. What is it?"

He smiled.

"I'm going crazy over here." I said impatiently.

"Well it's just really ironic because, what I was thinking... and what you just said... proved what I was thinking is true."


He laughed and wrapped his arms around me hugging me.

"I just was thinking -please don't freak out on me- what it would be like -in the far far far future- if we ever got... married."

I raised an eyebrow at him.

"Oh yeah?"

"Yeah... and it was ironic because when I was thinking that, you said: 'I know you better than you think' which is how it's suppose to be between two people in love... who want to get married."

"Jacob what is your point?"

"That is the point!"

"No it's not. You want to propose to me... in the far far far future?" She smiled mocking me.

I pretended to snarl and bite her.

"Ok fine yes I do want to marry you Bella, but like I said in the-"

"Far far far future." She finished.

He nodded and began stroking her hair.

"Would you marry me in the far far far future?"

Bella turned around and looked at Jacob.

Then nodded.

"Yes. I would."

He smiled.

"I love you, a lot."

"I love you more than a lot." He growled back fondling her naked breast.


"What?" He grouched as she flung his hand away.

"As if I haven't done worse." He said sarcastically.

Bella cracked a grin.

"You're obnoxious."

"And you're my fiance."


"I'll go tell Charlie the good news."

"Jacob Black-"

He chuckled and sat up in the bed.

"No, but I should go and see what Sam wants. I heard him howl about an hour ago."

"Bye." Bella said leaning up to kiss him.

Jacob reached around and smacked her lightly on the butt.

Bella squealed and pushed him away from her.


"Sure, sure." He picked up his clothes, dressed and went out the window.

Bella fell back onto the bed smiling thinking about what her far far far future might hold with her life with Jacob.