Danny sat on the roof of the op center wondering for the millionth time as to where his Sammy could be. He had searched all over the New York state area in search for her but so far nothing but then a week ago he had gotten a voice message from her telling him that she loved him, the reason she hadn't been in contact was her parents and there was something important she needed to tell him.

Suddenly his thoughts were shattered by the ringing of the doorbell he was about to yell for someone to answer it but then he remembered that the house was empty. His parents had gone out to get materials for their latest invention and Jazz was at a psych lecture. Sighing he phased through the various levels of his house stopping at the front door. He opened the door to reveal a tall black woman dressed in a brown pencil skirt, tucked in white blouse, brown jacket, and black heels; hair held back in a tight bun but loose bangs framing her pretty face.

"Can I help you?"

"Yes I am looking for a mister Daniel James Fenton," she asked.

"I am he; please come in," Danny said opening the door wider. He turned around as she came in and led her into the kitchen.

"Please sit. Is there anything you would like to drink?"

The woman promptly sat down at the kitchen table and requested water. Grabbing two glasses of water he set one down in front of the woman and the second in front of himself as he sat opposite of his guest.

"My name is Ms. Sandra Fey. Mr. Fenton I would like to inform you that you are now the custodial guardian of one Seph Shadow Fenton."

Danny looked at the woman confused, wondering who she was talking about.

"Um, excuse me but I am not quite sure who you're talking about."

"I am talking about him," Sandra reached down to her left and lifted a baby carrier revealing a small infant.

"According to my paperwork his name is Seph Shadow Fenton; date of birth: August 25th 2008, time: 9:10 pm, weight: 5 lbs 3 oz, height: 57 cm, eyes: blue, hair: black, mother: Samantha Elizabeth Manson and father: Daniel James Fenton."

Not taking his eyes off the sleeping infant his mind drifted to his night with Sam about 9 months ago. He wondered how in the world he could be a father at 18. What if he did something wrong or he messed up. He wasn't exactly the most responsible person. But all those doubts vanished when the boy opened his eyes to reveal icy cerulean eyes tinged violet and his little hand rose and clutched to Danny's pinky; gripping it tightly. Immediately he knew everything would be okay but it hurt him that Sam had not told him, that she had kept the fact that he was now a father, that he hadn't been with her during the pregnancy, to comfort her, to see his son being born.

"Mr. Fenton," Sandra interrupted Danny's thoughts, "I now ask you will you take full custody over Seph?"

"Yes, of course," Danny said without hesitation. Even though he had only seen the child for a few moments he instantly loved him and felt the need to protect him from the world. Even if it seemed Seph's own mother did not desire him; Danny did.

Without a second thought Danny signed the papers legalizing the fact that he was now in custody of Seph Shadow Fenton.

Ms. Fey left and it was when Danny was left with his infant son that he wondered if Seph had inherited his ghost powers and why did Sam not want to be in her son's life. He came to the conclusion to call Sam and test his son's DNA for ectoplasm later.

Picking up the phone he dialed Sam's cell number hoping she would finally pick up the phone.

"Hello," answered a solemn voice, "who is this?"

"Um Daniel Fenton; can I talk to Sam Manson," he asked.

"This is Mrs. Manson and no you cannot."

"Well could you at least tell her I called?"

"I cannot do that either Daniel because she is...well... Samantha i-is dead."

"Wait but-what about Seph," he asked glancing at his son.

"She lost too much blood having Seph and she obviously didn't want Jeremy or I to have the child so she gave him up to you... Now please do not call this number any more Daniel as we wish to have no part in Seph's lifeā€¦ it's much too painful."

Leaving Danny to process that information Mrs. Manson hung up. Grabbing Seph's carrier Danny numbly climbed the steps to his room. Gently setting the carrier down on the floor, the teenage boy collapsed onto his bed silent sobs shuddering through his body.

What was am I going to do without you? I told you before I couldn't live without you so what's keeping me here?

Just then a cry of protest pierced the air. Rising he saw the infant flailing in his carrier; clearly upset at being confined. He got up, released his son from his carrier, and sat down on his bed holding Seph to his chest.

"All better now?"

Seph just snuggled closer into his father's embrace; a content smile on his face.

"You know you look so much like her," he stated seeing Sam in Seph every time he looked at him.

Oblivious to what was going on, the infant just blinked his eyes sleepily; before his breathing quieted and he fell asleep.

Gently the teenager laid his son on the bed before curling up next to him; wrapping his arm protectively around the infant. This is who he had to live for, he was the only part of Sam he had left and he would protect him with his life.