The Passionate Beat


Chapter One

Warning: I don't own the characters, the game, or Squeenix…so I don't make money off of this…which is a shame.


"Good morning, Atlantica! The time is currently 6:35am, and we are looking at another wet, cool day here down under, so make sure that if you have anything planned, you bundle up before heading out." The cheerful voice blared through the radio, earning a groan from the human sized lump hidden by a mountainous blue pile of blankets. As the voice continued on about local news, a pale arm snaked out of the warm haven, searching out a way to shut that annoying voice up. Come on, who could be that chipper at that hour? In a mechanical motion, slender fingers began to grope around the bedside table.

As the bodiless voice continued to drone on about the local varieties of kelp and which of the two had the most pungent odour, the questing hand finally located the small black electronic, and without hesitation, the hand slammed down on the top in a mission to bring silence back to the room. With a resonating thump, quietness encompassed the room. For all of five seconds. The perky voice was back, this time going on about a week old case that involved an innocent bystander being attacked by a half asleep friend with an alarm clock.

A frustrated whine came from under the large duvet, before the midnight blue comforter went flying through the air, falling onto the floor revealing the former occupant to the bright morning sunlight.

A young man with sleep tousled dirty blond hair was the bed's only occupant, sitting there in just his boxers, cooler air nipping at his arms and chest. Another whine fell from his lips. Consciousness still had no hold over him, and so he was unable to form actual sentences. With great effort, he was slowly able to pry one eye open to look at the obviously broken alarm clock.

9:53 am. Dammit, that meant the time was going too fast and with the buttons on top not working, it meant that he would need a new one. Great. The annoying voice now was going on about the effects of jokes on freshly awakened subjects, and the young man couldn't help but wonder about the news reports. They seemed a little odd.

Reaching over and pressing the snooze button again, a growl was earned when it once again shut off for only a couple of seconds before switching on once again. Strange… Now almost fully awake, he reached over and pulled the plug from the wall, just needing to get rid of that damn voice. But now that he began to actually hear the stories on the news, he started to get suspicious. Especially when the next report was that of Red Eyed Tree Frog Man's secret identity being that of an Incan Emperor that had just been turned into a red-eyed tree frog. As the plug came free of the socket, a soundless existence became his new best friend, and he blindly patted around the bed, searching for his forgotten blanket in an attempt to get back to sleep. Anytime before 7am was way too freaking early. No sooner had the missing duvet been found, the damn voice continued on with pointless news reports.

"Shut up!" he whined, picking the radio up and holding it up to his ear, hoping to hear the spirit possessing the alarm clock. Nothing came from inside the small box, but he could swear that he could hear muffled laughter from behind him. Wait, behind him?

The young man quickly turned around in his bed, coming face to face with the source of the muffled giggles. There in the doorway stood four men, all grinning.

"Holy fuck, Dem!" the one with bright red spikes howled with laughter. "I can't believe how fucking long it took you to get it! Shit! I could have sworn that you would have gotten it as soon as Riku said 'Atlantica'." The silver haired male only smirked at the sound of his name.

"Screw you." Demyx groaned, reaching onto the floor and grabbing his comforter and pulling it back over his head in an attempt to block out the laughter of his so-called friends.

"Come on, Demy! You know what today is!" an exuberant brunet exclaimed, before dashing into the bedroom and jumping onto the bed and trying to wrestle the blanket from him.

"Umph!" Demyx groaned as me felt the weight of the flying brunet land on his back. "Sora, get off!"

"Sora, you heard Demyx. Come back over here." Riku sighed, leaning up against the doorframe, losing his smirk and the chuckle from his voice. Sora's grin grew at the sound of the older teen's voice. He then launched himself up off the bed and ran over to Riku and latched onto his side.

"That's a neat trick, Riku. You didn't even need to bring out the whip or the Scooby snacks." the smallest in the room spoke up, smirking at Sora.

"Shut up, Roxas." Sora growled, sticking his tongue out at his twin brother, which in turn started a raspberry war between them.

Axel rolled his eyes before he walked into the bedroom and ripped the comforter off his bedridden friend. "Come on, Demyx. It's your birthday. We told you that we would be here early to take you out." Axel grinned at the glare he got from Demyx, who was sitting in the middle of his stripped bed clad only in blue boxers with little yellow fish on them, and a severe case of bed head.

"Why did I give you a key to my apartment again, Ax?" Demyx moaned, rubbing his eyes with the heel of his palm in an attempt to rid his eyes of the remaining sleep.

"In case of emergencies. And you wanting to sleep your 20th birthday away counts as an emergency," smirked Axel as he ignored Sora and Roxas, who had stopped their raspberry war, and had now moved onto a bitch slap fight, not caring that Riku was standing in the middle of them.

"But did you have to bring tweedle dumb and tweedle dumber?" growled Demyx as he ran a hand through his messy blond locks. The twins suddenly stopped their bickering and turned to look at him, each with a wicked grin plastered on their faces.

"Get him!" Sora cried out, pulling his brother along with him as they ran and pounced on the unsuspecting Demyx. And rather than starting another fight between themselves, Sora and Roxas relentlessly began to torture the birthday boy by tickling him.

"Ack! Call them off! I give up! I'll go! Just call them off!" he squealed in a very unmasculine voice, laughter seeping in as he tried to escape from dexterous fingers.

Riku just chuckled. "You've got to give in and apologize or else they will go on all day." And from the sound of his voice, Demyx could tell that Riku had experience in this field.

"Oh, and they may or may not have had sugar this morning in the form of ice cream for breakfast," Axel smirked wickedly.

"You two are cruel bastards!" Demyx all but screamed as one of the twins found a particularly sensitive spot behind his kneecap. As he laughed, the two older youths just smirked as they watched, not the least bit interested in trying to dive in and stop the insanity that was occurring in front of them. And with good reason too, they both had been in Demyx's position before.

"I'm sorry!" Demyx bellowed, and instantaneously, the twins stopped before getting off the bed in perfect unison, straightening their clothes and walking back over to the older boys.

"Hurry up and get dressed, Demy! We're gonna have fun today!" Sora grinned before reattaching himself to Riku's side.

Demyx groaned at this statement, because it was well known that Sora's idea of fun often wasn't what others could consider fun, such as the day he had surprised the group by taking them down to the museum for a Plumbing through the Ages exhibit.

"Don't worry, Sora didn't plan out today," Riku commented as if he could read Demy's thoughts.

"Axel did," Roxas said with a smirk just as Demyx began to let out a sigh of relief, which he promptly began to choke on. If there was anything worse then Sora planning a fun day, it was the pervert king himself. The last time Axel had planned something for them to do, they ended up at the museum after hours for a History of the Dildo exhibit.

"Do I even want to know?" Finally finding the energy, Demyx crawled off the bed and drug himself over to the dresser to retrieve clothing. From his friends he received one smirk, one nod, one shake of the head and one shrug in the way of answers. Not very helpful.

"You just worry about destinkifying your breath and putting on clothes other than those positively adorable fishy boxers," Axel grinned and spoke as if he was talking to someone who just turned 2, not twenty.

"Underwear is optional!" the twins exclaimed in unison as Demyx rolled his eyes with a laugh, an action mirrored by Riku.

"I'm going to take a shower. And before you ask, no, you may not join me, no, you can not watch, yes, I will be locking the door, and no photography allowed," Demyx told the four males before any of them got a single word out. The statement caused all four of them to quickly close their mouths and start pouting.

"No fair!" Sora and Roxas whined, as Demyx walked passed the group towards the bathroom.

"And no sex in my living room while I'm in the shower!" Demyx called over his shoulder with a grin, closing the bathroom door behind him. But, as if he could sense the lecherous grins that spread over both Axel and Riku's faces, he quickly opened the door back up to amend his statement. "Wait! No sex in, on or around my apartment when I am in the shower."

"Man, he sure is cranky before he has a shower in the morning," Riku grumbled, pulling himself and Sora into the living room, before flopping down on the tattered couch.

Axel just laughed. "He always has said something about the water being a way to revitalize or something. Actually, it's kinda weird." He followed Riku and Sora, Roxas coming with him as he sat down on the mismatched chair, Roxas sitting beside him on the arm of the chair.

"Riku…" Sora whined, laying belly down on the couch, his face turned up towards him.

"Yes, Sora?" Riku answered in a very bored tone.

"I'm horny. Why did Demy tell us no sex? Doesn't he realize that boys like us have needs?" His blue eyes attempted their best puppy dog look as they met Riku's aquamarine ones. Hoping that Riku's resolve wasn't that strong today, Sora rolled over to lie on his stomach, leaving his face very close to Riku's lap.

"Sora's right, Axel. Demy is being mean. We need to have some sort of release. Who knows what will happen if we don't get something?" Roxas purred with a smirk as he crawled onto Axel's lap, effectively straddling the redhead.

"Demyx said that because the last time he left us alone, you talked me into fucking you on the kitchen table," Riku answered Sora's question, despite the distraction the teen was attempting by nuzzling his face in Riku's jean clad lap.

"And we broke the coffee table, Roxy. He's just trying to protect his furniture," Axel added while he was still coherent as Roxas continued to wear his devilish smirk as the blond slowly began to rock his hips down. It was all that Axel could do to not moan out as he could feel himself growing hard.

"So, do me on the floor. Surely we can't break that, and you know you want to," Roxas whispered, his lips brushing lightly against the lobe of Axel's ear, his small pink tongue darting out occasionally to play with the small fold of skin. The blond accentuated each word with a thrust of his hips, and even through thick jeans, the sensation of their erections rubbing together was enough for Axel to almost lose his resolve.

"Sora…"Riku moaned out, feeling the sensation of Sora's tongue work on his cloth covered cock, leaving the front of his jeans moist from the saliva. As Sora continued to work on the outline of his now hardened dick through the denim, Riku's hands buried themselves deep into his thick cinnamon-coloured spikes.

"Please, Riku, I need something more to hold me over for now. I wanna feel you inside me," he pleaded, mouth still pressed against the silver haired youth's lap.

Across the room, Axel wrapped his arms tightly around Roxas, bringing their bodies closer together. "Fuck, Roxy," he groaned as the boy riding him began to squeeze his legs tighter around his hips.

"Axel." Roxas ground out the boy's name, throwing his head back and grinding his own hips down more fiercely against Axel's, causing a gasp of pleasure to escape parted lips. The sensations radiating in his groin was getting to be too much for Axel to handle.

He reached a hand up to gently brush over his partner's t-shirt, lightly hitting the overly sensitive hard nipples that were obvious through the thin cotton. The action caused the redhead to moan deeply, sending vibrations through his body which Roxas also felt, letting out his own gasp of pleasure.

Sora continued to torture Riku through the fabric of his jeans. He was focused solely on the area of the tip of the cock, and every time he did something that Riku liked, he could feel long fingers pressing down firmly on his head, pushing his mouth closer to the stressed denim.

"Keep going, Sora," his husky voice whispered, trying to buck his hips up, but firm hands against his body prevented it. The entire front of his jeans were now moist with saliva, but Riku couldn't care less, he was only focused on Sora's tongue, which dexterously lapped along his zipper, and his hardened length. With Sora using only his tongue, the action caused the older teen's eyes to slide closed as his head tipped back, a contented sigh falling from between parted lips.

"It's really salty, Riku," Sora whispered, a grin on his lips. "I bet you wanna cum, don't you?" the tone of his voice was full of seductiveness, and it was all that Riku could do to not pull the younger boy up and fuck him senseless, but Demyx's warning echoed in his barely coherent mind.

"Fuck!" Axel cried, from the chair, bucking his hips violently against Roxas'. "We'll deal with Dem later, I'm gonna fuck you hard," the redhead grunted, reaching down to unbutton both sets of jeans.

"Axel lost!" Sora and Roxas exclaimed at the same time, each jumping up from his position on his partner's lap, meeting in the centre of the room. They grasped hands, jumping up and down a few times before looking at each other's partner.

Both Riku and Axel were panting heavily from arousal, but managed to glare at the twins through the haze of passion.

"Sora, if you don't get your ass back over here and finish what you started, you will not get laid for the next month," Riku growled, his glare fixated on the brunet.

"Aw, Riku. You wouldn't be able to hold out for any more than two days, and you know it," Roxas grinned, and winked at him over his twin's shoulder.

"I don't know what I lost, but if I don't get something soon, I know a set of twins who will each lose something dear to them." Axel's voice was filled with more contempt than Riku's as he began to run his own palm over the strained material of his jean covered erection.

"Eep!" squeaked the brothers, as the brunet used his hands to cover up the brown spikes, while his brother instantly cupped his hands over his crotch.

"What's going on in here?" Demyx came down the hallway with a smile on his face and a towel around his shoulders.

"We're going to help you pack!" the twins exclaimed, running up to the oblivious blond, each grabbing an arm and dragging him into the bedroom against his will. Once the three of them were safely in the bedroom, Roxas slammed the door and locked it, before both of them leaned up against it, panting, but with smiles on their faces.

"Do I want to know what you two did this time?" Demyx grinned, sitting on his bed, using the towel to dry his hair.

"No," they just smirked, leaving the door and walking over to the closet.

"So, what exactly are we packing? How long are we going to be gone? What exactly are we doing? And where are we going?" Demyx questioned in rapid fire.

"It's a surprise!" they answered, finding a bag and then throwing random articles of clothing into it. Every once in a while, the two would lean their heads together and start to whisper before looking back at Demyx sitting on the bed and then erupting into a fit of giggles.

"Um, is it safe for me to be in here?" Demyx continued, cautiously. The twins just turned their heads towards him, moving in such unison it was actually quite frightening, before giving him matching mischievous smiles. "Help! Run away!" cried Demyx, as he jumped up and grabbed his towel before running out of his bedroom and into the living room. When he got there, he was surprised to see only Axel sitting three, a scowl on his face.

"Um, where is Riku?" asked Demyx, lifting his towel back to his hair, attempting once more to get the moisture out of his blond locks, as he sat down on the now empty couch.

"Bathroom. He's using your hair dryer to try and dry his jeans," Axel grumbled, shifting uncomfortably in his seat.

"What exactly happened while I was in the shower?" he inquired, a little cautiously. "First the trouble mint twins are acting like they just let you loose to the bears. Now Riku is drying his pants off, and you can't sit still and you look like you're ready to kill someone. What's going on?"

"You and your stupid no-fucking-in-your-apartment rule," he snarled, pressing his palm down onto his crotch, a hiss escaping his lips as he made contact. "I am going to kill him. Wait, first I'll fuck him and then I'll kill him."

Demyx tried to swallow the giggles he felt rising, but judging by the glare Axel sent his way, some escaped. "They got you both all hornied up to see who'd cave first, didn't they?" It was Demyx's turn to smile this time. When the only response he got was another growl, he knew he was right. "Who lost?" As wrong as all this was, he had to admit, he wanted to know which of his friends had given in first.

"I believe that would be both of us." The snarl in Axel's voice drew lots of giggles from Demyx this time, despite knowing how incorrect it was to do so.

"You lost, didn't you, Axel?" Demyx couldn't hide the grin that overtook his features even as Riku walked out of the bathroom, a frustrated scowl on his face and a large wet spot still on the front of his pants.

"Putting heat on it wasn't exactly my most well thought out plan." Riku's mood was no better than Axel's, and that earned another round of giggles from Demyx. "Oh, shut up. This wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for your fucking no sex rule."

"Hey, you were the ones who decided to give them the sugar before noon. So you should have expected something like this," Demyx argued, the grin still on his face as Riku retook the seat next to him on the couch.

Before either could let out their groan, the twins emerged from Demyx's bedroom, dragging the duffle bag behind them. "We're all ready to go!"

With a small sigh, Demyx stood, up still unsure about all this. "So where are we going?"

"Surprise!" the twins grinned evilly before heading out the door and presumably down to where Riku's car would mostly likely be waiting for them.

"Fine." Demyx smiled. "I'll agree to being kidnapped on one condition."

"What's that?" the older two abductors asked in unison, still both sitting in their spots.

"I outright refuse to sit with either of the twins. So I want automatic shotgun all day. And seeing as it is my birthday, I get what I want." He smirked, causing everyone to laugh.


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