The Passionate Beat


Chapter Eight: The Final Chapter


Author's Note: A HUGE thank you to Tifa-san for betaing this for me, I really appriciate it! So without further delay, everyone please enjoy the final chapter of The Passionate Beat


After that faithful night at the café, things couldn't have been better for Demyx and Zexion. Now officially a couple, neither of them had ever been so happy. Though they had a lot of differences, they complimented one another perfectly. Demyx seemed to be able to get the silver haired teen to mellow out, while Zexion was working on getting the blond a little more organized and less scatterbrained, though the effectiveness of that was still up in the air.

As the months when by, Demyx and Zexion only grew closer, and when exams were finally over and the winter break began, a nervous and twittering Demyx asked in a shaky and uncharacteristic voice if Zexion would like to go with him to Twilight Town to meet his sisters, Zexion was taken aback. Sure, he had spoken to the two girls on the phone, but he had never had the privilege of meeting them in person. After Demyx had found out that his parents would be out of town for the entire holiday break, it gave Demyx a wonderful excuse to introduce his boyfriend to the only blood family he had left. How could Zexion say no to his boyfriend when he looked so adorable when he had asked him? And it was hard to say who was more excited Demyx, or the girls.

So that was where they were right now. Zexion just parked in the parking lot in front of a large brick apartment building. "Is this the right place, Dem?" the younger teen questioned, switching the ignition off to his borrowed vehicle. Thank heavens Lexaeus hadn't planned too much this weekend, so he let Zexion borrow his truck. Not hearing a response from his blond boyfriend, the pewter haired teen looked over to the passenger seat, only to see an open door. Allowing himself a slight chuckle, Zexion got out of the truck, deciding to leave their bags and gifts in the truck for now before he circled around the vehicle and closed Demyx's door before following the path up towards the entrance of the building where Demyx had obviously gone.

"We're here, Zexy! We're here, we're here, we're here! I can't believe that we are finally here!" The exuberance in Demyx's voice only drew a larger smile on Zexion's face as he came to stand beside the man who was dancing on the spot. After the three hour drive with the excited man, the pewter haired man was used to just how happy his boyfriend was about this visit.

Letting out a laugh, Zexion smiled up at the taller man. "How long has it been since you saw them last?" Without thought, Zexion's smaller hand slipped into Demyx's, trying to calm the jumpy man down as they waited for an answer to the intercom.

"About four months. But I can't believe that we are going to spend three full days here!" As soon as the door made a loud buzz, the blond squealed, pulling his still smirking boyfriend behind him. There was no way that Zexion was going to be able to calm Demyx down right now; it was a lost cause. He was way too excited. Not to mention that he was absolutely adorable like this. The pewter haired teen just allowed himself to be pulled up the two flights of stairs and down a long corridor. Zexion was slightly nervous for this meeting. After all, these were the two that knew Demyx the best, and most likely put him under the most scrutiny. And despite the constant reassurance that Larxene and Naminé would love him, the DJ still had a few reservations about getting to know them.

The entire way through the building, the cute rambling of Demyx's smooth voice filled the air, a sound that Zexion had come to find very soothing. He was just going on about little nothings regarding his sisters, and their boyfriends and how much they were all going to love him. As they turned another corner, a distinctly feminine voice cried out Demyx's name. The call earned another loud squeal from the blond as he ran towards the slim blond female that stood in the hallway, uncaring of just how hard he was pulling on Zexion's arm as he dragged him down the hall. Not that Zexion minded.

Like hitting a brick wall, Zexion collided with Demyx's back as they came to a complete stop as the blonde girl ran up to them and wrapped her arms around Demyx.

"Oh! Demy! I'm so glad that you're here! It's been forever! You have to tell us everything! How's school? How's Axel? And Riku? And the twins? And Zexion! We need details!!" The girl started rambling off quickly and it was all that Zexion could do to not only keep up with her questions, but Demyx's own responces that he was spewing off. It was then and there that Zexion decided that those descended from Demyx's bloodline obviously didn't breathe when they spoke and were excited.

"Would you two shut the fuck up? I'm sure that Mrs. Hensink upstairs is probably trying to have sex, and hearing you two going at it like that is definitely not a turn on. Trust me." A third voice joined Demyx's and his sister's, and Zexion got his first look at the triplets all standing one another.

"Aw, Larx, you know that the sound of my voice can send you straight to orgasm." Demyx' smirked, still holding on to the long haired blonde girl, who Zexion could only assume was Naminé. It surprised the slate haired teen just how much the three of them looked alike, but after his first initial shock of seeing them all together, the DJ began to notice the small differences. First of all, Demyx and Naminé both had light straw coloured hair; while Larxene's was more golden. There were other things too. Larxene and Demyx were both tall and lean with bright green eyes, while Naminé was smaller and thin with expressive blue eyes. And while each had very unique facial structures, many features were shared between the three, such as their mouths, noses and chins.

"Oh, yes Dem. All the time. Your pre-pubescent squeak of a voice is the source of all my fantasies. You saw right through me." The eldest cackled, and it seriously scared Zexion. And with that comment, Larxene walked over to her brother and sister and enveloped both of them in her long arms. Despite everything that they had been through in the past, Zexion instantly could tell that the three of them were extremely close. After a few moments, they all broke apart and Zexion could feel everyone's gaze shift over towards him. And that was just slightly unnerving for him. "And seeing as you didn't share the womb with us, I'm assuming that you must be DemDem's new boy toy." The smirk on Larxene's face didn't help calm him down either.

"Oh, Lari, don't be cruel. You're scaring him." Naminé laughed, causing Larxene to wince at the nickname. The smallest blond then turned to Zexion. "It's great to finally meet you in person, Zexion. I'm Naminé." The petite girl smiled and held a hand politely out for the pewter haired teen to shake.

"Likewise." He nodded with a slight smile, suddenly feeling a little shy. Especially with the way that Larxene's laser like gaze was sizing him up. That lady was just a little unnerving.

"Um, why are we still in the hallway?" Demyx questioned with a light smile as he reached down and took a hold of his boyfriend's hand once more, giving it a small squeeze as if he could feel the uneasiness that Zexion was experiencing. The girls both burst out laughing before ushering everyone inside. The apartment they stepped into was quite large, and that took Zexion by surprise. Then again, it was a three bedroom from what Demyx had told him. He listened to the triplets chatter on about anything and everything as Demyx helped him out of the heavy winter coat that he wore, handing it to Larxene to hang up before handing her his own. Sparing a moment to look over at his boyfriend, Zexion allowed himself to smile at the obvious happiness that shone in those gorgeous green eyes. There was definitely something there that was normally wasn't. It had appeared as soon as Demyx had seen Naminé in the hall.

"Luxy! Marly! I'm back!" Demyx cried out into the apartment, before bounding off to find his sisters boyfriends, forgetting that his hand was currently entangled with Zexion's. Once again, Zexion found himself being pulled along behind his boyfriend into another part of the apartment, letting out a light chuckle at the excitement in the blond's voice. At least this time the trip was only a short one, so Zexion didn't feel that he had to worry about his shoulder becoming dislocated this time.

"Bloody hell, who let this git out of the asylum?" A smug sarcasm came from one of the two men that occupied the living room the couple had just entered. Once he got his bearings again, the DJ took a look at the people that occupied the living room. The first man, the one that had spoken, was sitting on the floor, digging through a large cardboard box. He was tall, with closely cropped blond hair, a goatee to match, and piercing jade eyes. Because of the accent, Zexion could only assume that this was Larxene's boyfriend Luxord. And suddenly he could see why they made such a good couple, even visually. The second man's appearance however somewhat surprised Zexion. Standing only a little taller then Demyx, the man who was apparently Marluxia was extremely slim, with hair longer than Zexion's own, in the oddest shade. It was a very light reddish brown that almost made it look pink.

"We were wondering when you would get here," Marluxia laughed, turning back around to face the large bare pine tree that stood in the corner of the room. "I think that this is about as straight as I'm going to get it, Nams."

"It looks great, Marly!" Demyx exclaimed with excitement. "Guys, this is Zexion!" Without any other warning, Zexion found himself pushed in front of the blond and fully in the line of sight of the other two men.

"Um, hi," he said timidly. For some reason, he was finding it a little more nerve-racking to meet the boyfriends then the sisters. But surprisingly enough, both had turned to him and smiled. After exchanging pleasantries and handshakes, Zexion took a small step back behind Demyx as his sisters came into the room, Larxene carrying two large bowls, Naminé a tray with several glasses of different colours on it.

"So are we going to start decorating this bastard?" Larxene grinned, placing the bowls on the coffee table as Naminé set the tray down next to it.

"I can't believe that you waited for us to get here before getting your Christmas tree. I mean, Christmas is only a week away." Once again, musical laughter fell from Demyx's lips and the sound brought another smile to Zexion's lips. "Sora and Roxas have had a tree up at Zexy's for a month. And no one is even going to be there to use it over the holidays." Tugging slightly on Zexion's arm, Demyx pulled his boyfriend over to a box, before sitting down in front of it, Zexion followed suit, and as he knelt down, his eyes came in contact with Demyx's. The world seemed to stop for a moment as a million happy things flowed between them. Everything was so perfect in their lives right now.

With a slight blush, Demyx finally tore his eyes away from his boyfriends, feeling giddy. It had been a long time since he had been this content. After everything had happened, the blond feared that he would never have found happiness again. How could he have been so lucky to find someone as wonderful as Zexion? They were so different, but that was what was so good about their relationship. They complimented each other perfectly. And by the knowing smiles that he had received from his sisters, they knew how happy Demyx was and were glad for that.

"I'm so glad that we are here," Demyx whispered as Zexion sat down against his side, giving the musician the opportunity to wrap an arm around Zexion's smaller shoulders.

"I am too," Zexion replied with a small smile, feeling a tingle under his skin wherever Demyx touched him. He had never seen Demyx so happy.

"Look at you two over there. All cuddly and cute together." Naminé broke the connection that they had forged. And at the loss, Demyx just laughed before sticking his tongue out at her.

"I know, it totally makes me want to hurl too." Larxene smirked before reaching into the large box in front of her boyfriend. "Now let's decorate this goddamn tree before I shove it up Marly's ass."

"Hey!" the pink haired man said, indignantly. But from the playful gleam in his eyes, Zexion could tell that this was a regular thing for them. This made him wonder how the reset of the afternoon was going to go.

They worked in a relaxed atmosphere, everyone horsing around and getting to know one another. Zexion discovered that Marluxia and Larxene were best friends and had been since junior high. That was how that he and Naminé got to know one another, though at first Larxene was totally against her sister dating her best friend, but after catching them in bed together, she figured that they might be good together, not to mention kinda hot together, so she gave them her blessing. The pink haired man was studying botany right now and was working as a florist to put himself through school. Zexion found himself having a lot in common with Marluxia and promised to keep in touch with him through Naminé and Demyx.

Luxord was a unique individual to say the least. Not only was he a dealer at the Twilight Town Casino, he was an awesome slight of hand magician that often preformed at the casino. He had met Larxene one night when she had been at the casino, drunk as a skunk, and punched him as she accused him of cheating. Apparently it was love at first strike and they had been together ever since. Needless to say, they obviously had an interesting relationship and were good for one another.

"So, Zexion, I have a question." Naminé smiled as they hung plastic snowflakes on the bottom branches while Marluxia and Demyx hung them off the higher ones. Over on the couch, Larxene and Luxord argued over if they were going to put the glass snowmen on the tree this year or not.

"What is it?" the pewter haired teen asked. He couldn't believe how easily it was to converse with everyone here. It was almost eerie.

"Me and Larx can't figure out which of you is the bottom in your relationship. And Demy hasn't exactly been forthcoming with information on your sex life." The youngest triplet spoke in such a casual manner, it was as if she was talking about the weather or some other mundane thing.

The question completely caught both Zexion and Demyx off guard and caused both to blush profusely and halt their movements. The younger teen tried to cover his embarrassment by coughing, while Demyx just began mumbling and stuttering on about nothing of importance. Their reactions drew loud laughter from the other four, while Zexion tried to look anywhere but at any of them.

"I've been wondering that too, Nami! I wonder which one of these two would grow enough of a pair to be dominating enough to top," cackled Larxene, obviously amused by the sight of her brother being so uncomfortable. And something told Zexion that she wouldn't settle for of an answer of 'it's none of your business'.

"Well, you see…um…me…ugh…well…" Demyx continued to stutter as his face grew brighter and brighter by the second, while is boyfriend chose to stay quite and not make eye contact.

"Oh my god!" exclaimed Naminé, dropping the snowflake that had been in her hand, only to slap her hands over her mouth in shock. "You two haven't had sex yet!"

Indigo eyes practically bulged out of Zexion's head at the words that sent Larxene into a new round of laughter that was echoed by Luxord. Marluxia smirked with a gleam of smugness in his eyes. Somehow, the DJ realized that the pink haired man had known that fact all along and was waiting to see how long it was going to take the others to figure that out. Looking up at his boyfriend to see how he was handling this new information and outing, Zexion was startled to see that the blush had completely drained from Demyx's face, replaced by a ghostly shade of white.

"Demyx?" Zexion questioned before he watched those bright aqua eyes roll back into Demyx's head as the blond fell unceremoniously in a heap towards the ground and it was only through the quick reflexes of the pewter haired teen that enabled him to catch Demyx before he hit the floor in a dead faint.




"I'm so sorry about my sisters, Zexy. I forget sometimes just how little they draw the line at asking questions about." Demyx chuckled sheepishly as he ran a towel over his damp hair, watching Zexion come out of the bathroom. After Demyx had passed out, everyone had taken a little pity on them and dropped the topic of their sex life. In fact, they almost acted as if the question had never been asked at all. The tree had gotten decorated with lots of laughter, carrying on, and even Marluxia getting several ornaments being hung off him, but nothing else was said regarding the matter. After the tree was finished, the six had gone out for some dinner and had come back to watch a few movies before calling it a night, or as Larxene said 'time for everyone to go have sex'.

Zexion smiled lightly at the apparent worry in Demyx's voice. "It's alright, Dem." Sitting down beside his boyfriend on the bed, Zexion placed a hand on the blond man's thigh. "You did warn me, remember? And besides, if I recall correctly, Fujin told you that you weren't as dominating as my previous boyfriends at dinner with my parents the first time that you met her."

Blushing deeply, the musician dropped his towel to the ground. With a light chuckle, he remembered the girl who looked so much like her brother, but had a very interesting speech pattern. "More like 'Dominating? No? Disappointed.' I'd rather deal with that then the bluntness of Larx and Nami." Wrapping his arm around the smaller teen's shoulders, Demyx pulled Zexion close to his body, burying his nose in the silky hair that covered the top of his boyfriend's head, taking in the deep cherry scent.

Moving his arms so that they now wrapped around the taller man's chest, Zexion let out a content sigh at the warmth that he felt while being held like this by his boyfriend. In all honesty, he had never been happier. He had never thought that he would have been able to look for, let alone find a boyfriend that he cared so much about in such a short amount of time. Now, even after only three months, Zexion couldn't imagine his life without Demyx anymore. And although they had never vocally expressed those feelings for one another, the slate haired teen knew that Demyx returned those feelings just as strongly.

"Zexy…" Demyx whispered, breaking the comfortable silence that had fallen between them.

"Hmm?" mumbled Zexion, taking in his own deep breath to fill his own senses with the light smell of cucumber and melon that surrounded Demyx. And that long, pale neck was looking very enticing right now.

"Which one of us will top when we finally do have sex?" The question was asked with a quiet and shaky voice, and Zexion could feel the body next to him becoming warm with embarrassment. He had been expecting that question for a while now, was actually surprised that Demyx had been able to ask the entire question the first time, despite his nervousness. He had expected his boyfriend to twitter and stutter over it for an hour at least.

Zexion just chuckled at the blond. Demyx could be so naïve and innocent sometimes to a fault, but that just made him all that much more endearing. "You will." Zexion answered the question almost as quietly as Demyx had asked it, and from the way that the body in his arms tensed up at the words, the blond had definitely heard him.

"M...m…me? Bu-bu-but…" the mumbled stutters that fell from Demyx's lips were so adorable, and it was just the reaction that Zexion had been expecting. Lifting his head off of Demyx's shoulder, the DJ looked up into wide aqua eyes, not surprised to see just a little bit of fear haunting the normally serene orbs.

"But what, Dem?" His own eyes sliding closed; Zexion leaned up and placed a single gentle kiss against parted lips. At first, Demyx wasn't the least bit responsive, but as soon as the younger teen began to pull back, the blond leaned forward to return it. Pulling away after only a few seconds, Demyx reached up and placed a hand against his boyfriend's cheek.

"I can't top." His voice was still shaky with fear, and it caused Zexion to let out a single light chuckle.

"And why is that?" he questioned, needing a good answer before he would go back on his decision.

"Because!" when Zexion only raised an eyebrow at Demyx's response, the musician knew that that wasn't going to be a good enough reason for the pewter haired teen. "I've never topped before."

"So?" the younger teen replied. And before Demyx could stop him or protest in anyway, Zexion stood up and pushed his boyfriend backwards n the bed a little, then turned and straddled the surprised blond. "Neither have I," as he lowered himself down so that he was now resting on Demyx's firm thighs, both men let out a gasp as their bodies came into contact fully.

"So, how come you aren't going to be topping?" The breathlessness of Demyx's voice was no longer being caused by just nervousness as he reached down and grabbed hold of the thin hips to hold them still, well at least for now while they were having this conversation.

Resisting the urge to roll his hips downwards, Zexion moved his hands up to rest on Demyx's shoulders, using them for support. "Demyx, I love you." Zexion hadn't been meaning to say that, but now that he had, something about it just felt right, being the right time, place and moment to say those words for the first time.

Zexion's words brought clarity to Demyx's clouded mind. And it was amazing the rush those four little words could give a man. Breaking out into a wide grin, Demyx looked up into his boyfriend's indigo eyes, glad that Zexion had his long fringe tucked behind his ears tonight, to give the older teen a full view of his boyfriend's gorgeous face. "I love you too, Zexy," replied Demyx, elation filling his entire being. Their lips met again in a light kiss, yet for some reason, Zexion wasn't deepening it, and all Demyx wanted right now was to taste the smaller man. As the pewter haired teen pulled away, the musician looked up at him with a confused expression.

"You have the potential and passion to be an incredible top, Demy. I would be honoured to be your first bottom." The husky words were whispered into Demyx's ear, and they sent a chill of anticipation through the blond's body, something that Zexion felt from where their bodies were touching.

"You think so?" Demyx questioned timidly as Zexion finally lost some of the control that he had been trying to maintain and rolled his hips harshly down onto Demyx's, and both of them could feel the arousal of the other through the boxers that they both wore.

"I do." He nodded. With another roll of the hips, the tenuous hold on restraint finally snapped as their mouths crashed together in time with arms pulling their bodies even closer. No more words were spoken as mouths slid open to allow tongues access to the other, taking in familiar tastes and flavours. Not wanting to take too much control of the situation, Zexion allowed Demyx to set the pace of their movements against one another. With only two sets of thin boxers separating their lower bodies, both men could feel just how aroused their partner was. It was like this was their first time they had wanted to do something like this, the situation had just never presented itself. With Demyx's hectic schedule, along with Zexion's classes and the fact that he was now DJing twice a week at the campus club, it left little time for the two of them to get intimate. Usually both of them were too exhausted after foreplay to continue any further. But the want, need and lust were definitely there.

Pulling away, but allowing their noses to stay press together, Zexion let his heavy breaths warm Demyx's lips, while the blond's did the same to his. Their eyes met, and right then and there, the DJ knew without words that they were going to let nothing stop them tonight. Frantically needing to feel bare skin, hands hastily pawed at the hem of the blond's plain white shirt, wanting it off. He needed this.

Demyx laughed a little at the action before finally giving his boyfriend the aide to remove the cloth from his body. "You know," he whispered into the dimly lit room. "You don't have to rush. I'm not going anywhere." Running a hand through the smooth hair, Demyx looked deep into those violet eyes. Amongst the love, lust and passion that he saw there, there was also a light glint of mischievousness, which just affirmed that the schemer was still alive and active.

"I'm horny, you're hot and you're finally aware that you're going to be the one to fuck me. I think that I have waited long enough," smirked the DJ, leaning back so that he could remove his own shirt and threw it, along with Demyx's across the room. The blond couldn't help but stare at the slim body that was right there in front of him. Pale skin was drawn tightly over lean muscles, dark nipples standing out in great contrast against the milky flesh. A hand moved up from where it had been stationed at Zexion's hip to roam along the smooth back, pushing their chests close together and drawing hitched breaths from both of them.

"Are you sure you want me to top? I mean, you seem to be the more dominating one." Demyx gave a small smile of his own to the smaller man, trying not to moan out uncontrollably at the feeling of their obvious erections rubbing up against one another through the silky boxers.

The smirk that was on Zexion's face only widened at the comment as he gripped his boyfriend's shoulders tightly. "Who says that you have to be a top to be dominating?"

The whispered words caused Demyx to groan loudly before crushing Zexion's lips with his own once more. Could this day be any better? With a singularly violent thrust, Demyx found himself pushed backwards to end up on his back on the mattress, giving Zexion better access as he still straddled the older man. Their mouths never parted, tongues being sure to claim ownership of the other, moving against one another at a furious pace.

With a loud sucking sound, followed by an equally loud groan, Zexion straightened himself up, gazing down with a smile at the flush face of his blond boyfriend. Making sure that every ounce of Demyx's concentration was on him, the pewter haired teen lifted himself off of Demyx, but remained kneeling beside him on the pullout coach that was serving as their bed for the next couple of nights. In a move that Demyx should have been expecting, the blond suddenly found himself laying there completely naked, his boxers joining his shirt god knows where. Hissing as the slightly chilled air now assaulted his body, the older teen couldn't help but blush even deeper when he realized that he was laying there completely nude, fully erect and under the intense violet gaze of Zexion. It wasn't as if Zexion hadn't seen him like this before, it was just that it never had been when Demyx had been this positive that they would be having sex.

Without a sound of warning, Demyx let out a yelp of surprise as he felt warm lips being pressed just below his bellybutton. "Zexy!" he breathed out the name with an air of arousal. Hands flew so that they were both buried in slate coloured strands, massaging his boyfriend's scalp as his fingers flexed with each movements that Zexion made.

Smirking against the skin beneath his lips, the younger teen loved the way that the skin tightened with anticipation with each inch he traveled lower on the slim body. Hell, even Zexion was turned on so utterly and completely that he was debating taking Demyx dry without any preparation to himself. Though, thinking of the inevitable pain that was sure to accompany that, as well as wanting to make sure that Demyx enjoyed everything his first time topping with no sense of guilt, prevented the slight haired teen from doing just that. But that didn't mean that this was going to drag on all night. Zexion had been waiting for this for a long time now and planned to take advantage of it.

Demyx was starting to get frustrated when Zexion's lips just taunted him, moving slowly down towards his hardened shaft, but going way too slow. Letting out a small growl that seemed completely foreign when it fell from the blond's lips, he tried to guide his boyfriend's mouth down to where he wanted it. That only caused the younger teen to chuckle against the warm flesh, talented pink tongue poking out and leaving a small trail of wetness in its wake, lapping up the salty taste that reminded Zexion so much of the ocean. Not wanting to deny his lover of anything for too long, less the blond stop all this right now, the DJ allowed his head to be pushed down so that he was face to face with Demyx's hard cock.

Feeling the warm breath on his sensitized member, the blond gasped at the heat that radiated through his whole body from that one particular spot. Resisting the temptation to close his eyes, Demyx forced himself to keep them open in order to watch every move that Zexion made. He took in a sharp breath as he felt his boyfriend's mouth descend upon him, thin lips wrapping themselves around the base of his head, as a hot and dexterous tongue worked at the tip. Slowly at first, the skilled organ pressed against the tip, tasting a flavour that was uniquely Demyx.

"Oh, god!" Demyx cried out, clutching tightly at the hair in his hold as Zexion went to work on his cock. At first his objective was just to torture him with intense pleasure, so his movements were slow and deliberate. He lapped at the head of Demyx's penis, being sure to push hard against the tip to ensure he got as much of that amazing taste as possible each time. It was absolutely intoxicating. Bringing a hand up to wrap around the base where his lips had yet to cover, his thin fingers wrapped tightly around the hard shaft, stroking it gently up and down in time with the laps of his tongue. And judging by the loud groan that fell from the musician's mouth, this new action was Demyx approved. As his hand began to pick up a bit of speed, Zexion created suction in his mouth, sucking hard at the reddened head in his mouth drawing some salty precum from the slit.

Continuing his oral assault, Zexion began to take more of the shaft into his mouth, pulling back every few seconds to set a nice pace of bobs up and down on Demyx's arousal. Another cry of his name followed by the tightening hold on his head gave Zexion the sign that the blond was enjoying this. And if his mouth hadn't been otherwise occupied, the younger teen would have smirked. Pushing down further and further each time on the warm hardness, it didn't surprise the pewter haired man in the least when he had to remove his hand from around the base when his lips began to push against his fingers. Ensuring that his tongue remained pressed along the under side of Demyx's cock, the pewter haired teen began to hum each time his lips descended and allowed the penis to disappear into his mouth.

Heavy breaths fell from parted lips as the blond struggled to keep his eyes open to watch his lover working his erection with his mouth. The sight of Zexion's hair moving along his flushed cheeks as he bobbed swiftly up and down, the sight of Demyx's own cock glistening with saliva every time the DJ pulled up, the vibrations that were sent through his entire body with each note that Zexion hummed all were adding to arouse Demyx's further. And he didn't know how much longer he would be able to hold out.

And as suddenly as everything had begun, the heated moisture that had been surrounding the older teen had disappeared. Whimpering at the loss, Demyx forced his lover's face up to meet his eyes, a shiver running down his spine as soon as their eyes connected. "Why'd you stop, Zexy?" whispered Demyx, his voice cracking do to the extreme state of arousal he was in.

Stretching out so that he was laying along side of his lover, Zexion smiled and placed a few gentle kisses along the pale column of Demyx's throat, another moan escaping at the new sensation. "I want you as hard as you possibly can get when you are inside me. I want to be able to really feel it." The words were said with his lips still pressed against the blond's Adams apple, but despite being slightly muffled, the elder teen heard each and every word crystal clear. And it sent another shudder through the musician's body. With hands going from hair to shoulder in 0.6 seconds, the blond pulled his lover up to eye level quickly, lips parting before touching to allow to dancing together, the taste of his own precum invading Demyx's mouth, but that was quickly masked by Zexion's natural hazelnut flavour. And as he felt Zexion's groin rubbing against his bare thigh, the blond suddenly realized that Zexion was just as naked as he was. Which was a good thing if this was going to go this far. Though he hadn't actually been expecting this…

"Zexy…I…condoms…lube…" groaned Demyx, thought becoming more and more difficult by the second as whimpers left his boyfriend's mouth at the friction his body so desperately craved.

Flushed cheeks turned to look back at his lover before dry lips broke into the smile that Zexion only wore when there was a scheme in play. "Check under the pillows." The breathless words were followed by a gasp as the tip of his erection was pressed firmly against the bone of Demyx's hip.

Not wasting a single moment, Demyx reached up under the plain white pillows, surprised when his fingers brushed up against a box, then a tube. The blond still didn't hesitate when he pulled them out. "Someone came prepared," laughed the musician as he picked up the tube of lubricant. Zexion only smirked as he stopped his thrusts against what his body was telling him to do. "Roll over for me," Demyx continued his voice still all husky.

The pewter haired teen then chose not to ignore that order, but shivered, loving the commanding tone that the blond's words held. He rolled over so that he was facing away from the musician, but let out a surprised yelp when he felt Demyx's arm hook under his knee and lift it up into the air. A small pop followed that and instantly the room was filled with the smell of vanilla and chai, a special lube that he had found and bought for the exotic smell. It completely amazed the younger teen how much a little push in the right direction could make Demyx so open to the idea of topping. A long moan fell from parted lips as Zexion felt slick fingers run along his crack, at the same time as warm lips attached themselves to the side of his neck. A slight shiver of anticipation ran through the smaller man as the hand and digits coated his entrance, running over the puckered hold but never actually dipping inside.

Zexion began to try and thrust his hips backwards onto the welcome hand, but each time that he pushed his body towards it, Demyx pulled the finger away slightly, just enough to keep it from entering Zexion's body. And if the frustrated growl that the pewter haired teen let out was any indication, he was getting a little anxious. That caused Demyx to chuckle against the flushed skin. "Just because you are a dominating bottom doesn't mean that I can't be in a little control too." As soon as the word 'control' fell from his lips, the blond forced a single finger passed the tight ring of muscle and into the warmth of his boyfriend's body. A cry of surprise filled the room as Zexion got used to the intrusion, unsure of if he was more turned on by the action itself or Demyx's forceful words.

It took only moments before the DJ began to rock against the stationary hand, wanting and needing it to go in deeper, to fill him. And with the quickening thrusts, Demyx understood exactly what Zexion was trying to do. Who was he to deny his lover such a pleasure? Remembering the shock and pleasure that Zexion had obviously gotten from the sudden penetration of the first finger, Demyx chose to not inform his lover when he was going to add the second. Making sure that the leg was still held up high to give that small extra bit of stretching, the blond inserted an additional two fingers without warning, knowing that the younger teen could handle it.

"Demyx!" Zexion cried, not expecting three fingers so fast. He wasn't hurt, the burn that he felt from being stretched so suddenly was a welcome one, an erotic one. And when the musician began to nip and suck alternatively at the sensitive skin at his neck, the teen could not contain the urge to moan loudly or to thrust down on the fingers until they were buried inside him up to the knuckle. He had waited too long to feel this. And as the fingers began to move in and out at a moderate pace, spreading wider each time that they pulled backwards, Demyx could hardly believe just how responsive Zexion was to his actions. The slick warmth was an incredible sensation for the blond as well, and if it was this tight around his fingers, he could barely imagine how tight it would be around his cock. the thought made his erection twitch in anticipation, and despite his earlier reservations, the older man could not contain the excitement that was filling him, knowing that he was about to take Zexion in a way that he had never taken another person, and that surprised the blond.

Allowing his fingers to push in and probe around for that spot, Demyx kissed along the lightly tinted skin of Zexion's neck in time with the whimpers that the pewter haired man made. Just as he made his way from to the juncture of neck and shoulder, and lips were pressed against the firm muscle, Zexion jumped, groaning louder as the blond's fingers finally found that small bundle of nerves. Laughing lightly at the reaction of his boyfriend, Demyx continued to stroke that spot lovingly, enjoying the reactions that were falling freely from the parted lips. "That feel good?" whispered the older teen, wanting to soon move on and get some of that pleasure for himself.

"Gods, yes!" gasped Zexion, completely out of breath. "But, dammit Dem, if you don't hurry up and fuck me, I'll flip you over and rethink my decision of letting you top." The voice held a slight growl in it and it drew another chuckle from Demyx.

"Alright." He grinned, pulling his fingers out from inside Zexion's body. And as he looked down the pale expanse of his lover's body, something hit Demyx. He didn't want to do it this way, at least not for their first time. He wanted to be able to see Zexion's face. "Zexy…how…" Letting the raised leg be lowered, Demyx just stared at Zexion.

Still panting heavily, the slate haired teen rolled over so that he could look at his older lover, only to smile when he saw the worry on the blond's face. Reaching a hand up to cup Demyx's face, Zexion leaned up and placed a single gentle kiss against his lover's mouth. "You want to know what position?" the kiss caused Demyx to roll back onto his back.

The blond flushed even more at the bluntness of Zexion, and the fact that he seemed to be able to read Demyx's mind. "Yeah."

With that small smirk still firmly in place, Zexion reached down and pulled a red foiled package out of the box, tearing the foil and removing the rolled up rubber from inside. Feeling the intense aqua gaze on him the entire time, the DJ placed it on the tip of Demyx's penis and with expert preciseness, rolled it down along the length, drawing a sharp breath from his boyfriend. "Well…" he began, popping the cap back off the lube and pouring some on his hand. Before the smell had even fully hit the blond again, he hissed at the feeling of Zexion's hand wrapping around his erection and stroking. "I think that that should be my decision."

At this point, coherent thought left Demyx, and he nodded to whatever it was that Zexion had said, as long as he kept right on doing that. But as suddenly as it had started, the hand disappeared from where it had been delivering so much pleasure, as well as that comfortable warmth that had been resting next to him. Forcing his eyes to focus through the haze of lust that had clouded over everything, Demyx let out a strangled moan as he watched his lover place a knee on either side of his taller body. "Oh, god, Zexy!" Demyx whimpered out, reaching up and taking a hold of Zexion's hips, holding them tightly as Zexion began to slowly lower himself lower and lower.

With a loud cry of his own, Zexion finally felt the firm shaft pressing against his stretched hole. With a final look down at his lover, and the pure ecstasy that was plastered all over that serene face, the younger teen knew that he was making the right choice. Knowing that neither of them would be able to hold on too much longer, he sunk down, the stiff erection penetrating deep inside of him, meeting little resistance as the slate haired teen slid down until he was basically sitting on Demyx's lap. Both men let out a loud groan at the connection as the younger teen leaned forward to brace his hands against Demyx's shoulders.

Heavy breaths fell from both of them as they were both sitting perfectly still. Demyx knew that he didn't want to hurt Zexion by moving too soon, but the tightness he was experiencing was a completely different sensation that he ever could have imagined. The tightness was quivering and constricting around the base of his already sensitized cock, and it just about sent him right into orgasm then and there, and when he thought about that ring of muscle squeezing up and down his entire shaft, it didn't help matters much.

Zexion couldn't believe just how large Demyx felt inside him, how full he felt. It was overwhelming his senses, and from the tight grip that continued to hold tightly on his hips, the blond was experiencing the same pleasure at the moment. It took several long moments before Zexion to adjust to the intrusion, but eventually he made a tentative roll of the hips, pushing his knees down on the mattress so that he lifted off of Demyx's erection slightly before sliding right back down. The blond used this as a sign that Zexion was now ready, at the next roll; he met the thin hips with a thrust of his own. Gasps and hisses were what sounded through the room as pleasure flooded their veins and dictated their movements.

Torn between being gentle or pure fucking, Demyx watched his lover closely for a sign. Each time he put a little bit of force behind a thrust, he watched for a sign that Zexion was enjoying it, and he wasn't disappointed. His slate haired lover cried out each time, driving his hips down towards the blond's, loving the feeling of friction between them, and knowing that he only needed Demyx to get in a little further to make it back to that spot. And as if that was all the motivation that he needed, the younger teen's speed picked up, and that was all that Demyx needed to tell him that this was not the time for care and gentleness, but right now was all about the extreme physical pleasure. The slow love making would have to wait until the next time, and there was definitely going to be a next time.

As he continued thrusting up into that constricting heat, Demyx brought his gaze down to rest upon Zexion's flushed face, pleasure covering every inch of it. As if he sensed being watched, the DJ's eyes opened and indigo met with aqua, forging a connection that was stronger than even the physical between them right now. Each man's eyes were clouded with lust, but deep inside those hazed irises, both were able to see a glimmer that shone brighter than anything that either of them had ever seen before. Love.

That set both of into an unmatched pace, racing towards completion. A stuttered cry told the blond that they finally had formed the correct angle, so that with each thrust the blond made into the smaller body, the head of his arousal grazed against Zexion's prostate. Needing just a little more stimulation, the younger teen lifted his hands off of the blond's shoulders, though it did nothing to hinder their movements. One hand trailed up along Zexion's body, coming to rest on his chest, while the other wrapped itself around the long shaft that bounced between them at every movement.

"Holy fuck, Dem!" the hoarse whisper cut through the sounds of whimpers and moans that were filling the room as Zexion's mind was assaulted by those few extra sensations of pleasure. The hand at his chest instantly went to a pert nipple, fingers pressing hard against it and rubbing it in harsh circles, while the hand at his erection, still slightly moist with the lube that he had used earlier began to stroke up and down at a feverous pace, keeping in time with the thrusts of his lover. Nothing in the world had ever made him feel as complete as he felt at this moment, and that was something that Zexion would never trade for anything else.

Knowing that he wouldn't last long, Demyx gasped when he caught sight of Zexion riding him had as he jerked off while playing with his nipple. That almost sent him over the edge right there. The heat that surrounded his stiff member spread throughout his entire body, reaching to all of his extremities and filling them with warmth that he would have never thought possible before now. And despite his earlier reluctance to top, the blond was glad that he had listened to Zexion. Something about this just seemed so right. And with a final cry of his name falling from the pewter haired teens lips, combined with a tight clenching of the ass around his cock, Demyx knew that he wouldn't be lasting much longer at all.

When he felt the man beneath him renew the vigorousness of his thrusts, the slate haired teen began to clench tighter and the thick length that was buried inside of him, increasing the speed of his pumping fist to match his lover's movements. And that little extra sensation was all that was needed to send Zexion into oblivion. Unable to create actual words, the teen cried out incoherently as his body was thrown into orgasm, driving him down violently onto the body below him, shooting his seed onto Demyx's pale chest. White spots danced in his vision as the powerful sensation flooded his entire being, every part of him shaking uncontrollably at the sheer force of his orgasm as he rode it out. And as he whispered Demyx's name continually, Zexion felt the last of his strength shoot out of his body in one final sticky white stream before he collapsed, breathing heavily onto the blond's chest.

At the tightness that constricted even more with the arrival of Zexion's orgasm, Demyx found himself losing control as well. He continued to thrust into the spent teen above him, unable to control his actions. Heat flooded his entire body before being directed to, and gathering in a pool in his groin, before being ripped from him in a single burst. His vision went black for several moments as his hips jerked unconsciously as he released into the protective latex. It felt as if he had released everything that he possibly had in him into the condom and it was all he could do to keep himself from blacking out completely as he felt Zexion fall onto his chest, uncaring of the cum that was splattered there.

Silence fell over the room as they laid there, both too completely spent to even think of moving. The only sounds for a long time were just those of their heavy breaths.

"Amazing," Zexion whispered, breaking the noiselessness after he finally caught his breath, still not making any attempt to remove Demyx from his body.

Demyx just chuckled, wrapping his arms around Zexion's sweaty back and pulling him close. "Yeah, it was."

"So, what did you think of topping?" There was a smirk apparent in the younger teen's voice as he nuzzled his cheek up against the warm shoulders of his lover.

The comment caused the blond to blush even though he was already fairly flushed with exertion. "It…well…it was incredible, Zexy," he spit out after a moment of stuttering, and the answer drew a chuckle from Zexion. "But do you ever think that you will want to top me?" The question was asked in a timid voice, and it made the slate haired teen smile.

"Of course I will. But tonight, I think that I will leave all the topping for you." Lifting his head off of Demyx's shoulder, Zexion looked up to meet the small smile of his lover's. "So, are we almost ready for round two?" With a roll of his hips, the DJ earned a groan from the blond, who crushed their lips together instantly in response. After all, the night was still young, and what better way to spend it than with the man that you love?

The sun was shining on the crisp cool morning, and it was all made bright by the contentment that just radiated off the young man that stood in the kitchen of his sister's apartment as he hummed out a pleasant tune and waiting for some coffee to finish brewing.

To say that Demyx was happy would be the understatement of the year. Things finally seemed to be working out in his favour, and there was nothing that he wanted to do to screw it up. Zexion was like a gift from above. That amazing personality and sharp wit, his ability to take all of Demyx's insecurities and make them seem insignificant, along with the attractive packaging and everything else that went with it brought a wider smile to the blond's face. And with everything that had happened last night, it had just made those feelings multiply tenfold. Demyx had known that what he had felt for the younger teen was indeed love for some time now, but wasn't sure if the emotion was reciprocated. For Zexion to say 'I love you' first had been pure euphoria. And the sex, well, there were just no words to describe that, it had been all that Demyx could have ever asked for.

A warm pair of arms wrapped around Demyx's chest from behind, startling the blond as he reached to get a couple of mugs from the cupboard. Squeaking out in surprise, it wasn't until he felt a body press up against his back, a cheek lying against his shoulder that he understood what was happening. The surprise melted away instantly as it dawned on him who was there. "Morning, Nami. Morning, Larx." Demyx smiled, not turning around but know that both of his sisters were there.

"You seem to be in a good mood this morning.' Larxene smirked, leaning backwards on the counter beside her brother, while Naminé just continued to hold Demyx from behind.

"I had a good night." The smile never left Demyx's face as he kept right on pulling things out of the cupboards about him, getting a plate together to take into Zexion who was still, understandably, in bed.

"From what I heard, you had a good night three times last night." Naminé smiled, nuzzling against the warmth of Demyx's back.

"Three? You sure, Nami? I could have sworn that it was at least four from DemDem and five from Little Zexy. And I can't believe that our sweet and innocent Demykins was the one to do all the topping last night. I never would have thought he had it in him." The smirk only widened on the eldest's face as she spoke in a casual manner.

The words instantly threw a deep blush onto Demyx's face as he sputtered, trying to come up with a reasonable excuse. Stupid apartments and their thin walls. His reaction only brought laughter from the two girls.

"You really are happy, aren't you Dem?" Larxene questioned in complete seriousness once their laughter all died down.

Stopping his gathering, Demyx turned to look at his older sister, Naminé still attached to his back. Though Demyx suspected that the youngest had probably fallen back into a light slumber. That girl could fall asleep anywhere. But he broke out into a wide smile at the question. "Yeah, Larx. I really am. I don't think that I have ever been this happy in all my life."

Just looking at her brother, and the truth that was shining in his intense green eyes, the eldest know that this was all that she could have asked for her little brother. Reaching over, she pulled Demyx in for a hug, effectively pinning him between his two sisters. "Good. Zexion is too innocent and harmless for me to sick Axel on. Though remember, Axel will be keeping an eye on you for us," she whispered, feeling Demyx wrapping his arms around her too.

"I didn't expect anything less," he chuckled, relishing in the feeling of being held between the two of them at the same time.

"Never forget. We will always be there for you, and will love you no matter what." Naminé's muffled voice came from behind him, though it was said in a very sleepy way that didn't convince Demyx that his sister was completely awake.

"I know. I love you guys too," he whispered, trying not to get overcome by tears of joy.

So much had happened to him in the last couple of months, starting with the night that he walked into that club with that driving beat, Zexion passionately spinning the records in that cloak of his. And although their relationship hasn't exactly gotten off to the right start at first, they had made it through and Demyx couldn't have imagined ever being this happy. But he was willing to see if he could be even happier in the future. As long as that future held Zexion, he was sure that it would be possible. Provided that he had his friends, family and Zexion, Demyx knew that he would be able to handle anything and everything that came his way. He had all that he ever needed.



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