This Eternal Love of Ours

Chapter One: Meet

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Andy couldn't be more relieved when his professor dismissed him. It's not that he didn't want to be there, it was actually his favorite class. For some reason though, today he just felt… restless. There was this feeling in him that screamed for him to go outside and discover whatever life-altering thing was going to reshape his life.

As he strode around campus, not entirely sure where exactly he was going he began to think about where his life was headed. He was in his last year of graduate school and soon he was going to have to get out into the real world and apply everything he had been learning. While this prospect absolutely fascinated him, he was filled with fear. The real world was something completely terrifying and new for him. He wasn't sure he was ready.

Before he knew it he found himself in front of his favorite coffee shop. It was a little, slightly remote joint off campus that just drew him in. He went to the counter and ordered his usual, looking around the shop for a place to sit. He was more than a little perturbed that his favorite spot was taken by two middle aged women gossiping about their husbands and children. His thoughts were interrupted by a voice behind him.

"I take it they're in your seat." The voice was smooth and foreign and Andy thought it was beautiful. He turned around to get a better look at who was speaking to him.

"I'm Miguel, and that's my favorite seat too. It's the best seat to—"

"See everybody else around you", Andy finished. "My name's Andrew".

"Well, Andrew, do you want to sit with me?" Miguel asked, pushing out a chair with his foot.

Andy sat down, a funny feeling sneaking up on him that maybe this man before him might have something to do with his destiny. They sat down and talked for about half an hour, getting to know each other.

What Andy learned was that Miguel was a substitute at a local high school, who was waiting for a permanent position to open up. He was an only child, and liked movies and music and reading. He was brilliant, Andy decided, and as they departed (Miguel's lunch break was over and he had to get back to his class), Andy merely waved and managed a meek "See you around". It was Miguel who voiced the hope Andy was afraid to.

"Can I meet you here tomorrow, Andy? Maybe the same time, or a little sooner so we could get the good table?" The hopeful look in his eyes was too much for Andy to say no to even if he wanted to.

"Sure, Miguel, I'd like that."

"Good." With that, Miguel smiled and walked out of the shop, leaving a very confused Andy in his place.

Had they been flirting? Andy knew he was certainly taken by Miguel, but was Miguel gay too? They had certainly gotten on well enough, but that didn't mean that Miguel thought of him as anything more than a friend—even if he was gay. Still, had what they set up for tomorrow been a date? Andy shook the thoughts from his head, unwilling to allow himself hope that Miguel was as into Andy, as Andy was into Miguel. He refused to allow himself to even presume that Miguel was gay—Andy had made that mistake too many times before. The best thing to do was to just wait and see what tomorrow brought.


When he got to the coffee shop the next day, Miguel wasn't there. Andy panicked slightly. Maybe it was just a joke, and Andy was falling for it, taking it too seriously. It took all his strength to sit and wait and not just get up and leave. But he couldn't. He was pulled to Miguel—it was that simple. He had to wait for Miguel, on the off chance that he would come. Andy waited for what felt like hours, but in reality was only eight minutes. The jingle of the door opening caught his attention as his head whipped toward the entrance.

In walked Miguel with a smile lighting up his face that was contagious. Andy eagerly waved at him, feeling too dorky for his own good, while Miguel laughed and walked over to him. His laugh was deep and rich and Andy decided that it was worth the stress of not knowing if he would show up or not.

At first talk between the two of them was easy and light. Miguel explained that the reason he was late was that he was waiting for a student to finish up a test, and Andy shared stories about his classes and professors. Then, things got heavy. The two of them opened up to each other, though nether could explain why it took two days to share what they had kept bottled up for years. Andy learned that Miguel's father was an ex-military drunk who beat him when he was a child, and his mother had died when he was young. As Miguel recounted certain "episodes" his father would have, Andy tried his best not to tear. Miguel's strength was astounding to Andy, and his courage to speak about his childhood traumas had touched him. When Miguel finished recounting the last encounter he had with his dad before leaving for school in America, he looked up. The look he gave Andy was intense—it seared into his soul, yet it wasn't accusatory, it was merely comforting, understanding, and desiring Andy to open up. Andy stared back at Miguel with an equally intense look—offering comfort, empathy, and passion. Later, Andy would swear that the air sparked between them. The moment was broken suddenly when Miguel cleared his throat and looked down at the table.

"Listen, Andy this was fun, but I have to go."

"Oh." Andy replied, hoping that the disappointment wasn't too evident in his voice.

"I have to go back to school." Miguel offered.

"Yeah, I understand" Andy said, looking down at the table while Miguel got up and began to head for the door. Maybe he had been too intense. Maybe he had imagined the look Miguel was giving him. Then again…

"Wait!" Miguel turned around, a look of hope etched across his features. "There's a party tonight, um… I know it's just a college party, but I was wondering if maybe you might…want to go with me… like maybe as my um… date?" The words were out of his mouth before he had a chance to stop them. He was about to take it all back, to laugh it off when Miguel spoke first.

"Yes! I'd love to! Where is it and what time?" Andy looked up in shock. Had Miguel just agreed to go on a date with him?

"What if I picked you up about nine?" Andy braved.

"Sounds perfect. I'll give you my address."

By the time they had exchanged numbers and addresses, Miguel was going to be late. As he sped off in his car, Andy sat back down at the table, replaying the events of the last two days.

He couldn't believe his luck.


Andy showed up at Miguel's promptly at nine. Andy had never felt this nervous for a date in his entire life. He sat in his car for a good five minutes before gathering up the courage to walk up to Miguel's door and let the date begin.

When he put his fist up to knock, the door opened, and Miguel looked out at him, eyes bright, and looking more relaxed than Andy had ever seen him.

"I thought you were never going to get out of the car" Miguel said. "I thought maybe you would just drive away." Andy put his head down, thoroughly embarrassed of his little display in the car. Miguel just laughed and put Andy out of his misery by changing the subject.

"At least we don't have a time limit tonight," Miguel said. "No pesky classroom to get back to." Andy shook his head eagerly in agreement. As Andy headed to the car, he was stopped by Miguel's hand on his shoulder.

"Andy, listen to me. If you're that uncomfortable we don't have to do this." Andy couldn't believe his ears. Did Miguel really think that he didn't want to be here, when in fact, he was just nervous about not being able to show Miguel a good time?

"Miguel, I want to do this." And with that, he grabbed his hand as they walked the rest of the way to the car.

The drive to the party was as comfortable as their previous conversations in the coffee shop, but once they arrived at the party things got awkward again. Andy didn't know if Miguel was open about his preference, and if Miguel expected him to continue holding his hand and showing affection. Instead, the two of them walked into the loud room standing close to one another, and looking around for a good place to stand. They tried to have a conversation, but the party was too loud for that, so they stayed at the party for about two hours, the air awkward between them as each was clearly out of their element. Neither knew the boundaries of the other and were unsure what would be okay or not. Miguel tried his best to make Andy feel comfortable that he was having a good time, while Andy was just trying not to let his uncomfortable feelings ruin Miguel's night. Finally, Andy spoke up.

"Do you want to get out of here, maybe see a movie or something?" Miguel could not answer fast enough.

"Yes, please!"

So, Andy and Miguel headed back to the car and once alone again in the comfort of the drive to the theatre they again slipped into easy conversation. There was so much to learn about each other that there wasn't a silent moment the entire car ride. When they finally arrived at the theatre, the two walked inside, hands lingering but not touching, and went inside their theatre. They were the only ones inside the theatre, and the two of them spent the duration of the movie laughing as loud as they wanted, and yelling at the screen. About half way through the movie, Miguel reached over and held Andy's hand. They stayed that way until the end credits.


Once back at Miguel's house, Andy parked the car and turned to face Miguel.

"Andy, you seem to have a problem getting out of the car when you arrive at my house. What's wrong?" Andy turned to Miguel, incredulous that something could be wrong after the great time they had had at the movies.

"I just don't want this night to end. I would bring you back to our coffee shop, but it's been closed for hours. I just wanted you to have a good time." Miguel rolled his eyes and got out of the car. "Come on."

Andy reluctantly followed Miguel to his doorstep while Miguel unlocked the door and opened it. After stepping inside he turned around.

"By the way Andy, I this was one of the best first dates I've ever had. Thank you." Before Andy knew it, Miguel had kissed him on the cheek and had walked inside, shutting the door behind him. As Andy turned away, he heard a yell coming through the door.

"You better still be there at the coffee shop tomorrow. By leaving me with a first date as fun as this one you're obligated to take me on a second. It's the rules."

Andy swore of his hatred for breaking the rules, and laughing, drove back to school, eager for lunch tomorrow and the promises it held.

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